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The best and easiest way to cut these costs is by sealing and insulating your windows and doors.
To create a To Do List, first you need to fill out the questionnaire in the Personal Energy Advisor. TXU Energy Solar Club 60SM was specially designed to bring you the rooftop solar experience by producing approximately the same amount of electricity a rooftop solar system would – meaning that solar power meets the daytime energy needs of the average home, and the grid powers the home throughout the nighttime hours. This page focuses on How to Seal and Insulate Your Windows and, depending on which solution you choose, the project will require either a beginner or intermediate level of do-it-yourself skills.

It enables you to add a tip, tool, or project even if it wasn't suggested by the Personal Energy Advisor.
It's easy, and you get all the extra benefits of a TXU Energy online account -- like this convenient To Do List. However, RECs do guarantee that the applicable renewable energy purchased for your plan is generated from renewable resources. Department of Energy estimates that half of your energy use goes toward heating and cooling your home.

But the main thing you need is a can-do attitude - and a strong desire to cut your energy bill.

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