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From all UC campus locations, access subscribed, peer-reviewed journal, e-content using the UC-eLinks symbol in the specialized Earthquake Engineering Abstracts, (commercially available on the CSA-Illumina platform), or, more broadly, in Google Scholar. William Godden’s Structural Engineering Slide Library is the product of 30 years of teaching structural analysis, structural design, and architectural engineering to students in Europe and the United States. Oct 21, 2011 BERKELEY, Calif — Another earthquake has jolted the San Francisco Bay area The U. We live in Earthquake Country where the land beneath us moves, controlling where we have mountains and valleys, and shaping our lives. Just like the peel is the outer layer of an orange, the earth has an outer layer called the crust. We feel the ground shake when stress underground causes a fault near us to rupture, so that the two sides of the fault slip abruptly past each other. If a fault extends to the surface, it not only ruptures the ground, but also breaks pipelines and closes roads! That’s why you need to have food and water for a few days, and know how to use a temporary toilet. Visit the earthquake trail near Point Reyes Visitor Center to see where the San Andreas fault moved a fence 16 feet in 1906 and learn other cool facts about earthquakes.
The different types of waves generated by the earthquake are P-waves or primary waves and S-waves and or secondary waves.
Next, the S-waves arrive and shake the ground both horizontally (side-to-side) and vertically (up-and-down), causing far more damage to buildings.
The horizontal component (side-to-side movement) of the S-waves causes more damage than the vertical component (up-and-down motion).
However, newer buildings in “Earthquake Country” are designed to withstand this shaking component without killing people.
Watch the USGS simulation of an earthquake on the Hayward Fault (make take a minute to load).
For example, the largest earthquake in terms of deaths was the January 23, 1556 earthquake in Shensi, China, where approximately 830,000 people were killed.
Scientists who study earthquake physics, called “seismologists” measure the horizontal and vertical accelerations, the shaking velocities, and the displacement of the ground in earthquakes. On April 18, 1906 San Francisco, California was near totally destroyed from a great earthquake and an ensuing devastating fire.

The 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance has been formed to help coordinate the activities between organizations throughout Northern California planning to commemorate the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference, convened jointly by the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, and the Seismological Society of America, will bring together leaders in the fields of seismology, engineering, and disaster management. The original full versions of the articles published in the 1906 Special Edition from the California Geology and Mineral Information Service magazines have been reproduced digitally and available for download below.
A list of subscribed e-journal titles and assistance with UCB proxy or VPN connections are provided by the UC Berkeley library. It is important for us to learn what causes earthquakes and how we can keep our ourselves and our families safe during an earthquake. If the rupture extends to the surface, we see a fault scarp where the fault has moved (called surface rupture).
When the fault breaks, it snaps and causes ripples in the ground that we feel and call an earthquake. You will feel them first as compress and expand the ground in the same direction that the wave is moving. This is because buildings are designed to stand up and resist gravity, a vertical acceleration. In spite of this, the buildings can still be heavily damaged and may not be able to be used for days, weeks, or even months after the earthquake.
It is also why we need to have a home hazard hunt and fix the hazards we find, particularly in our bedrooms where we may be asleep and not be able to Drop, Cover, and Hold. Magnitude, a measure of the energy released in an earthquake, wasn’t used as a measure of size until the last 100 years or so. A light bulb has only one wattage (it’s a 100 watt bulb, for example), but the INTENSITY of light you see varies with how close you are to the light bulb. There are many exhibits, tours, lectures, conferences, work shops, new publication releases, etc.
The Alliance brings together policy makers, scientists, engineers, historians, teachers, and emergency responders to explore the lessons learned from this earthquake and ways to minimize the impact of future earthquakes on the San Francisco Bay area.
These institutions will be focused on integrating disaster mitigation efforts to create strong communities in all earthquake vulnerable areas.
Professor of structural design at the University of California, Berkeley, College of Environmental Design and General Manager of the Earthquake Department of the Pacific Fire Rating Bureau in San Francisco, Karl Steinbrugge’s work included engineering investigations of potential earthquake damage to structures as well as field studies of earthquakes and their effects around the world.

Because faults are weak zones in the rock, earthquakes tend to occur over and over on these same faults.
The horizontal components of shaking (just as with wind) have the potential to cause more damage. An earthquake that had a surface-wave magnitude of about 8.7 occurred on June 12, 1897 in Assam, India. Similarly, the intensity of shaking will vary throughout our Bay Area from each earthquake! The Alliance plans to provide guides and brochures to the entire collection of centennial events as well as marketing and overall coordination of public relations for the wide range of planned activities. Professor Godden added images of seismic retrofit projects on the Berkeley campus (Barker Hall, Central Dining Facility, Seismic Replacement Building, Barrows Hall, and others).
The collection features more than 16,000 images of earthquake damage between 1886 and 1990, the largest image collection within NISEE’s earthquake image archive. Strike-slip faults have horizontal slip: the rocks around the fault can be weakened by the fault slip and eroded into long valleys. 10, 1899 in Yakutat Bay, Alaska (with no reported deaths), while an 8.6 surface magnitude earthquake occurred on March 28, 1964 (nick-named the Good Friday Earthquake) in Alaska, killing only 131 people.
Coulter was an artist and journalist best known for his authentic portrayals of sailing ships and everyday dock life in the San Francisco Bay area during the time before and after the great 1906 earthquake and fire. Foremost among Coulter works on display at the exhibit will be the oil painting displayed to the left titled San Francisco Fire, 1906. The artist’s vivid portrayal of the fire that burned for three days destroying thousands of buildings was sketched during repeated trips on the Sausalito Ferry during the evacuation of the city.
Coulter later completed the painting on a 5- by 10-foot window shade he salvaged during the fire. Poster prints of Coulter’s San Francisco Fire, 1906, will be sold at the exhibit.Although Coulter paintings continue to turn up in homes and institutions around the world, the whereabouts of about two-thirds of his works are unknown. The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is spearheading a quest to locate Coulter works that have disappeared over the years.

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