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The disaster took a huge toll on the city's medical facilities—many of the city's hospitals were damaged or destroyed, including UC Medical Department’s dispensary clinic at Montgomery Street and the Park Central Emergency Hospital near Golden Gate Park. Since it had consolidated its instruction in its building at Parnassus in 1899, the California College of Pharmacy suffered relatively minor damage, limited to cracked plaster, broken glassware, and ruined chemical supplies. The Dental Department’s losses were far more severe, for all of its clinical instruction was carried out in the Donohoe Building near downtown.
The Affiliated Colleges buildings had symbolized generous state support of ample facilities and educational reform.
The sudden destruction of Dentistry’s entire clinical program in the earthquake and fire forced the faculty to consolidate its programs in the easternmost college building, which it shared with Pharmacy. The UCSF School of Dentistry was the first dental educational institution to be established west of the Mississippi River.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The Western Neighborhoods Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of western San Francisco neighborhoods. With the city's water supply severely crippled, several fires burned out of control, destroying thousands of buildings. The injured were evacuated to the Presidio’s Post and General Hospitals in the far western portion of the city.
The Affiliated Colleges are visible in the background.In just three cataclysmic days, San Francisco reverted to that sort of civic chaos reminiscent of the gold rush days of the nineteenth century. Although instructional facilities had suffered little, the economic impact on the trustees and faculty was devastating, for hundreds of downtown drug stores were destroyed.

The entire clinical teaching facility that had recently been equipped with new chairs, fountain cuspidors, the prosthetic labs and furnaces, and a surgical amphitheater was reduced to charred rubble in the earthquake and the resulting fires. Preparing for the reopening of the Affiliated Colleges in autumn of 1906 was difficult because for the first time the consolidation of outlying facilities created compression at Parnassus.
Rooms that had housed spacious basic science labs and lecture rooms were refitted to make room for dentistry’s labs, furnaces, and infirmary facilities. Since 1881, the School of Dentistry has evolved, thrived and witnessed a number of notable events.1881 - Dental College organized and established by the University of California Regents September 7.
Total casualties were officially estimated at (nearly 700 persons with 352 missing) but the actual death toll probably stood in the thousands.
The antiquated City and County Hospital, which had survived relatively undamaged, was quickly overloaded with patients. In the months following the earthquake, as the Dental Department combined all of its instructional programs at Parnassus, the inevitable problem of competition for space materialized. On the ground floor the chemical, metallurgical, dental technic and prosthetic labs were relocated, along with lockers, lavatories and furnace rooms.
Within a week, over 100 refugee camps were set up throughout the city and more than 40,000 people took shelter in Golden Gate Park, where improvised outdoor hospitals served the sick and wounded, and outdoor kitchens were set up to feed the public. Army, a self-appointed Citizen’s Committee of Fifty took on the task of managing the provision of sanitation, food, clothing and adequate shelter for the city’s newly destitute and homeless population.
The second floor was dedicated to the bacteriology and histological labs, and lockers for women students; the third contained lecture halls, a faculty room, and a museum and library. Despite fears of meager interest, the school receives an overabundance of applicants, including many who have been practicing lay dentistry for years in the gold-mining camps.1882 - The first class of 25 men and one woman begins study.

The Affiliated Colleges, located in what was once the far western section of the city at the end of the Masonic streetcar line, were now much closer to the center of the San Francisco population. Some medical care was available in the semi-permanent camps, where supervised sanitation, outpatient medical care, and tent hospitals were arranged.
To serve the urgent dental needs of the San Francisco refugees, the entire first floor was remodeled to house clinic facilities, including surgical and extracting rooms. Making use of the planned adjacent facilities of the medical school, dental faculty performed “the more serious operations” in the new University Hospital adjoining the college building.
The buildings house the School of Medicine, the College of Pharmacy and the College of Dentistry.1906 - The dental clinic moves to Mount Sutro after earthquake and fire destroys its home downtown. Unfortunately, these massive changes compromised Pharmacy’s main lecture hall, an arrangement directly opposed by the Pharmacy faculty. The dental clinic helps minister to the city's refugee population, camped out in a tent city in nearby Golden Gate Park.1914 - Guy S. In a revealing episode, President Wheeler stepped into the dispute and ruled that space would be made available for the needs of Dentistry. Fleming, DDS, becomes dean of the School of Dentistry.1950 - Three-year graduate program in oral surgery established. Dean Bertolami establishes programs to encourage applied research and technology transfer as a critical component of the UCSF School of Dentistry's mission.1995 - Creation of the School's first endowed professorship (Lee-Hysan).

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