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Area 51 has long been a mecca for alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists interested in uncovering its deep, dark secrets. Basing her premise on Area 51 history as well as an interview with an unnamed former engineer who worked at the base, she believes it was not aliens at all who touched down, but rather a Nazi-inspired Soviet spy plane.
To truly understand where she’s coming from, it’s important to understand the main purpose of Area 51.
In the 1950s, the base was associated with the Atomic Energy Commission which used the nearby Nevada Test and Training Range to test atomic bombs. To be sure, the CIA, Lockheed and Pentagon worked together at the base to develop spy planes such as the U-2 and A-12 Oxcart, while also reverse-engineering Cold War Soviet aircraft. According to Jacobsen, Stalin used captured Nazi aircraft designs to create a new class of planes. In this inter­view Grant dis­cusses Pres­i­dents and UFOs, his take on the gov­ern­ment coverup and his new book Area 51 and Gov­ern­ment Informants.
Cameron com­pleted a col­lec­tion of hun­dreds of car­toons about UFOs which was set up to help to tell the 50+ years of this strange phe­nom­ena.
He has lec­tured widely in Canada, Europe, and the United States on the 1975 Car­man flap, the Cana­dian government’s early inves­ti­ga­tions into fly­ing saucers, UFO dis­clo­sure pol­i­tics, the Rock­e­feller UFO Ini­tia­tive, and the Pres­i­den­tial UFO connection.
In Sep­tem­ber 2005 he was denied access to the United States to lec­ture on UFOs and why the gov­ern­ment has cho­sen to with­hold the truth.
At present Cameron is sort­ing through almost 100 FOIA requests from the Clin­ton Pres­i­den­tial Library in Lit­tle Rock, Arkansas, related to the UFO related actions and poli­cies inside the two Pres­i­den­tial terms of Bill Clin­ton. This entry was posted in Alien Presence on Earth, International Guests, Past Kate Valentine UFO Shows, UFO Disclosure, UFOs and Famous People, UFOs and the Government, UFOs and the military and tagged Grant Cameron by UFO Kate.

If you check notify me of new posts or sub­scribe to this blog you will get the mp3s deliv­ered to your email inbox. As a result of the remarkable work he accomplished during the program he was awarded the highly distinguished Legion Of Merit award for providing critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of the U.S.
Joe retired from the Army in 1984 but continues to provide Remote Viewing services via his company Intuitive intelligence Agency (IIA) based in Virginia. Joe currently teaches an Introduction to Remote Viewing course at The Monroe Institute (TMI) In Virginia US.
A new book claims that all presidents since the war, have known about alien visits to Earth. Actresses Lucille Ball and Shirley MacLaine, who were in a party together with actor Reagan, claimed Reagan told them that a UFO initially blocked his road to the party. President Harry S Truman had allegedly formed the Majestic 12 in 1942, a committee of scientists and military who secretly cover up extraterrestrial activities. Late in the Second World War Dwight D Eisenhower supposedly met with Winston Churchill to discuss a close encounter of RAF reconnaissance aircraft with a UFO near the English coastline. Fire Fighter Catches Ghost On Camera In Haunted Gary, Indiana Paranormal Geeks Radio Tonight! They show that the Clin­ton admin­is­tra­tion was very inter­ested in the phe­neom­ena and actu­ally tried to force out some of the hid­den info­ma­tion to the pub­lic.
What are  these mysterious objects of unknown origin?  Where do they come from and more importantly…Why are they here? He has successfully demonstrated remote viewing on television around the world live and filmed more than half a dozen times.

He also has over 30 years’ experience as a professional remote viewer which was primarily why I picked him to work some of the more advanced enigma operational type targets and cases you are about to read in the book.
These memos are just part of multiple pieces of evidence uncovered by Larry Holcombe in his new book.
He explained that evidence is enormous that no reasonable person can deny the existence of extraterrestrials. President Bill Clinton has once said that he attempted to get UFO information that was withheld from him. He has taken part in numerous private and public demonstrations of Remote Viewing, often volunteering his skills towards projects such as the recent award winning 2014 IRVA Warcollier Prize. President Richard Nixon reportedly authorized a UFO documentary to use secret video of an alien craft landing but was stopped by intelligence chiefs.
President Barack Obama said in March 2012 landing at Roswell, New Mexico that a€?I come in peace.a€? The site is famous for the alleged alien spaceship crash landing. From 1964 – 1978 he was assigned to various overseas missions all over the world before ending up at the U.S. Due to a number of highly unusual events in Joe’s life such as a near death experience and spontaneous out-of-body incidences he was recruited into the previously discussed and highly classified Star Gate remote viewing program.

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