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They should make a new one called The Pro Survival Kit with a mini compass, a better min flashlight, Paracord rope, a mini pencil, a few more cotton balls, some bandages ans bands, and last but not least tablets. You don't need a compass anyways, get up in the morning; find the sun, that's east, turn 90 degrees left, thats north, turn around, that's south, 90 degrees right, that's west, now you know.
I've honestly seen and made beater survival kits my self from bits and pieces all around diffrent stores.
You're better off buying good quality items separately and making your own kit that fits your needs. Eating raw eggs instead of cooking them he could get salmonella or any of those viruses and drinking his own piss, why!
I wouldn't buy this kit only if it was for $15, I made my own of every thing that was inside and only cost me $10.
I've had the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit for over a year now and I absolutely love it.
A lot of the comments say you need a compass in the kit but, without a map of the area, a compass does not help to much. Everything is okay i like it except the zip bag, it's its very solid and because of its rigidity it tears at the opening on all bag appeares little holes. I find that the fire rod detaches too quickly and that the plastic bag tends to rip when taking it in and out. I love this kit, but it was missing some crucial components: water purification, compass, candles, and a better knife. Ultimate Survival doesn’t offer a cash prize at the end of the series and the whole thing seems more real than the “reality” that a lot of these shows offer. We talked to Powell, Ogden and Reyes and asked how they got involved with Ultimate Survival Alaska. After watching the last episode, our 7 yr old, Alex, was so disappointed Rudy’s out of the game, he said, “Mom, I can make him a cane to use, so he can keep going”. For all you couch potatoes, yeah some of it might be rigged, however this show is grueling and it’s a really hard journey.
In this week’s Ultimate Survival Alaska doubleheader episode, the teams battle thorns and tundra to claim another win. In leg six, teams are inserted into the heart of Alaskan gold country for some bushwhacking through a thorny gauntlet of devil’s club, a spiky plant that plagues hikers throughout Alaska. Jared’s boat may have sprung a leak mid-river, but with the other teams struggling with their own challenges, Team Military is still able to maintain their momentum.
The seventh leg of the competition takes the teams to Mount McKinley’s remote tundra, known known for being some of the most brutal, inhospitable terrain in Alaska. The team charges on through the tundra, only to be set back again when the Argo runs out of gas. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.
Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science. Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world.
DexShell waterproof socks are ideal for adventurers, fishermen and lovers of water action sports such as downhill or kayaking. The Fusion Shell combines innovative design with modern fabric technology to produce a top-of-the-line snow shell. We spend a lot of time talking about bug out bags, survival gear, long term food storage and weapons here at Survival Cache but we haven’t spent a lot of time debating the Ultimate Survival Vehicle (Bug Out Vehicle). Con’s – If you are the Octomom with 8 or more people in your family this might not be the best choice, take a look at a school bus. There are a lot of people out there who own ATVs and they make a pretty good argument for the Ultimate Survival Vehicle.
This can be your first option and it most certainly will be your last resort regardless of any other fancy options you may use along the way.
Pro’s – Diversity (Can be your everyday vehicle and your Bug Out Vehicle), Good carry capacity, Good range, Decent off-road capability depending on model and set up, Can double as a place to sleep for a small family. Campa EVS (Expeditionary Vehicle System) this state-of-the art vehicle was designed for outdoor enthusiasts, disaster management personnel and military officials who desire a completely self-contained vehicle system. If money is no object to you, then a UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle is what you need to buy. Pro’s – Too many to list, you will have to go to the website and read them for yourself. Con’s – Expensive (a used one is about $600k), At 8 MPG you will be sucking down the fuel but on the other hand you have 2 x 120 Gallon tanks so let them drink until you and your family reach safety. Before you laugh think about this, ? of the earth is covered by water and this is the only Ultimate Survival Vehicle on this list that can traverse most of the earth under the power of the wind, make its own fresh water and has access to an unlimited supply of fresh food.

Pro’s – Make your own fresh water with battery powered desalination, Solar and wind powered energy sources available, Total isolation from people, Full kitchen, As long as the wind is blowing you are moving, good source of fresh food (need to like fish), large comfortable living space, endless range.
Pro’s – This thing is built from the ground up to go anywhere, 46 gallon fuel tank provides a good range (600+ miles), 32 Gallons of Fresh Water, Well thought out living space with the pop up tent camper, Full kitchen, So many off road upgrades that it will make your redneck friends drool. Con’s – Looks like a cargo van, A little to tall and wide for some off road trails, Needs fuel.
If you live in a high threat big city environment and you have some extra cash and a spare parking spot, you might want to look at the Knight XV from Conquest Vehicles. Argo Amphibious Vehicles are legendary in the Northern Territories of Canada and Alaska where water obstacles are a common problem.
The great thing about this option is that they are very affordable as far as vehicles go (you can have an older 2WD or a newer 4×4 depending on your budget), many of us already have one as a primary or secondary vehicle, you can carry a great deal of gear in the back and with a modified compartment kit you can even store equipment in compartments and have a bed set up above your storage area. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. It offers a Black Anodize 440 stainless steel with an extremely sharpened blade, which has some awesome features added to it.
Although, I would like to have a small bottle of peroxide and a bit of cotton for those small cuts you get that you don't want to get infected. The reality competition show features four teams, each based around a particular set of survivalist skills.
There’s not a lot of solo confessionals into a camera and Nat Geo makes a big point of letting us know that everyone stayed out in the wild for the entire three-month shoot and that no one checked into a hotel between legs of the competition. They’ve posted the entire first episode online and you can watch it before it premieres below. If you’ve earned the title, honored the uniform, bled for your brothers, and served your time…you can wear whatever the hell you want, as to not dishonor our Corps; especially if your no longer subject to uniform regulations.
I hate to see him gone, Maybe we will see him next week, I hate to see the team down a member but they may prove to be faster.
In the same way they didn’t let the 2 military members left paddle down a glacier stream that led straight into a moulin. The teams will attempt to bushwhack, packraft and horseback-ride their way to the flags, battling injuries and infighting along the way. After navigating through the thorns, the teams will cross Glacier Creek and trek through historic gold rush territory to reach the LZ at an old mine.
Endurance: First to reach the insertion flag, Dallas grabs two machetes and leads Endurance through a tough stretch of devil’s club.
Alaskans: Arriving second to the flag, the Alaskans have the most experience navigating the thick rainforest. Military: Riding the momentum from their first win in leg five, Military reaches the flag third and marches straight for the peaks above.
Launching into the rapids, the team is far ahead of the others, until Jared’s boat pops, slowing them down significantly. Lower 48: After five tumultuous legs, the team begins this challenge on the brink of collapse. Team Alaska’s bet on their horses pays off, as they pull ahead and reach the flag first, creating a three-way tie with Military and Endurance for first place.
Don’t forget to make your predictions for each leg of the competition on our Survival Competition Tracker. Sweeney’s attitude sucks and made the beginning of the season really crappy to watch. The socks are completely waterproof and offer protection, superb warmth, comfort, and close fit to your feet, in demanding environments. It is made of the typical carhartt Michigan brown duck canvas fabric, making it ver resistent, it?s even waterresistent.
The blade sports an accurately Bowie design with teeth like serrations and a well sharpened gut hook on the top to give the knife a sleek, stylish and fierce look.
While yes a compass or lighter would help it is still an amazing addition to any survivalists arsenal. Its also 52 bucks for some stuff you could buy at walmart or academy for about 20 bucks or even cheaper because im sure most people can find some of this stuff sround their own house. I can't stand his little survival guide filled with a bunch of junk instead of a cotton ball, why don't you use the guide it works, seriously eating raw eggs, dumbass.
Just because it doesn't have a compass does not mean that it is not a bad kit, sometimes compasses are not as accurate in areas with a lot magnetic fields pulling on the dial. I have the Ultimate Serrated knife and Firestarter as well, but I can tell you that the firestarter in this kit works best, as it requires less effort to get a spark and all the sparks go one direction, not everywhere.
The big thing is that it's not waterproof, I recommend replacing this flashlight with the Bear Grylls Micro Torch.

This kit has everything in it to help him get started but with serious stuff in it to get him through tough times. Team Endurance, Team Mountaineers and Team Woodsmen face off against Team Military, featuring former Green Beret Grady Powell, former SEAL Jared Ogden and former Marine recon sniper Rudy Reyes. Really fu:)ing stupid responses from people who haven’t done anything in their life, I also like the fact I can sit down with my ENTIRE family and watch it. With the competition’s halfway mark behind them, which team can maintain their momentum into the competition’s later challenges?
The team powers through the nasty throng of devil’s club, while the team members take advantage of their knowledge of the terrain. Sweeney is fed up with his team’s lack of communication, and with Kasha and Cluck leading the way, the team is surrounded thick devil’s club before long.
Although the vehicle’s tracked wheels are sturdy, it’s not as fast as the four-wheeled ATVs, resulting in the team losing ground to their competitors. Lel, the smallest of the group, struggles to keep control as the team blasts through deep creeks.
Sweeney is reluctant to get into what he considers to be a slow and bumpy machine, and before long, the vehicle gets stuck in the trees. They feature a merino wool inner offering thermal performance in cold and wet weathers and reducing significantly the blistering problem and other foot injuring risks. It?s interior is padded and stores up to 55 records and includes a 15,4" laptop compartment. Only the best heavy duty components are used to give the absolute best off-road performance while maintaining excellent on-road performance. You can see the accuracy of the blade on the grinding line which separated the spine from the infamous blade.
I personally prefer to get a liquid filled compass because you will have a more accurate reading. The features are great, and it is a kit I would recommend for anyone who has a chance of getting stranded. What this kit needs is a hefty survival knife like the Bear Gryls Compact Scout Knife and it needs a button compass. The creator of the race said that ” the race was designed to make all the members in the team have a say-so in the strategies used during the race, but the military will never win because only one person is put in charge and also the military guys tried to conduct the entire race with almost no sleep, causing them to make bad decisions and slowing down duel to fatigue”. Marty tries his luck with his signature gold pan, and Vern cooks the devil’s club into a nutritious stew. Arriving first at the crest of the mountains, they face a steep descent on the opposite side. Tensions run high, with Sweeney complains that riding in the Argo injured his hip and back. You don't always have time or even need to wait until the morning to get where you are going. Bear could have cared for his customers more like checking the actual contents we customers buy on the market. You can see that this not the best survival kit in the world but it would maybe come in handy once you replace and add some stuff to it. They actually travel only a couple of miles per journey, easy to spot if you know the places and have a map.
On the final day, the team comes across an old miners cable strung across a raging river, and taking a gamble, they decide to traverse it. Rather than attempt a long, slow hike down the slope, the team leaps straight down, sliding down the grassy incline on their backsides.
Marching through the tundra on foot, they arrive at the Teklanika River – the powerful torrent that trapped Chris McCandless. The Black ABS material handle features a finger groove design with a short guard, protecting the hands from slipping onto the extremely sharpened blade.
If the MARPATs were so sacred, the Corps wouldn’t DRMO them by the droves whereas anyone can pick them up at their local military surplus.
It’s a dangerous show for our kids because it shows that you can do crazy things and still get out ok… I wanted it to be real, so desperately that I ignored the signs (first season : “they’ll have to paddle 200 miles downstream” 200 miles ?? Recommendation: Keep to correcting boots walking out of the PX on their haircuts and belts. As time ticks off the clock, Endurance faces the threat of elimination as they desperately search for a way off the high mountain.

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