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Of all the two-barrel options out there, we decided to start with Stoeger’s Double Defense. Having accessories in the buttstock is a must for any survival gun, so we drilled some new holes to house not only a caliber conversion kit but also two thermoplastic waterproof tubes that carry everything from spare gun parts to fishing equipment. Sure, we always carry a lighter into the backcountry, but a secondary method is always a good idea. For iron sights we installed an XS Tritium front bead with a Williams base and an XS shallow V-notch rear Express Sight, just in case we needed to follow up a wounded leopard at night.
With the addition of chamber inserts, this gun has the ability to shoot every shotshell from 12 down to .410.
An optic on a survival shotgun might be overkill, but for precise placement of slugs or when using chamber inserts, a quality sight helps find the mark. Way too many weapons to carry comfortably , not to mention the ammo weight , I like the thought of one weapon and light ammo weight that would go much further . Most lions are killed with .22 rimfire handguns and almost all grizzly bear managers prefer an 870 Remington with slugs. I saw a true documentary where a man had just finished cleaning, then loaded his .357, got something to eat, set it on the table, then went to get a drink. I have shot many,many many black bears, and the the old trusty 12ga and for that matter a 20ga does in fact get the job done with great results. You shoot a grizzly with a 280 or a 357 and all that will happen is you will be grizzly poop!
Now the beauty of the GearPODs system is that you can build your own survival kit by selecting from 9 pre-assembled, single kits OR you can select a pre-assembled multi-kit like the GearPODs Wilderness System.
Not only does GearPODs offer pre-made kits… the system is designed for you to build and expand your own survival system to suit your needs. So the ability of the GearPODs system to be customized and be changed and upgraded over time is the true genius behind this line.
The PODs themselves come in 4 sizes and can be attached to each other in any arrangement you choose through the use of these rugged, double threaded connectors and caps.
So let’s take a look at what this kit includes – starting with the Health and First Aid kit.
The GearPODs health kit is a compact, yet comprehensive first aid kit for treating common outdoor ailments and injuries and is kept safe in a Medium POD.
And one of the most helpful features of this, and every other kit in the GearPODs line is a kit inventory… or contents sheet. Another aspect of the GearPODs Health kit, is that even with all of this gear it still has quite a bit more room left in the POD for you to add additional items if you like. Next let’s look at the GearPODs Shelter Kit that provides a basic emergency shelter system to help you stay warm and dry in an emergency. The Shelter Kit includes a lightweight, orange, silicon-coated, ripstop, nylon tarp system, with some nylon cord, 6 line tensioners and a thermal emergency blanket to keep you warm or for use as a large rescue reflector.
The Adventure Tarp System is all packed neatly in an orange stuff sack, with very good directions and illustrations on how to set the whole rig up. First I found 2 trees that were about 8 feet apart that had a nice patch of level ground between them.
Then I rough-measured and cut a length of nylon cord long enough to wrap around each small tree and have enough left over to install the tensioners. Next, I installed the nylon cord with tensioners and strung my line about 3 feet above the ground between the two trees and tightened the cord using the tensioners.
The kit’s instructions with helpful diagrams made installing the center cord and tensioners easy. Then I cut my existing cord into 4 lengths and tied each length to the loop on each corner of the tarp using a bowline knot (which the instructions show you how to tie). Next I made 4 tent stakes with branches using my survival knife and pushed them firmly into the ground. Although a taut line knot is easy enough to tie… just don’t lose your line tensioners and you’ll be fine.
When I was finished with the Adventure Tarp System, it came down in about 2 or 3 minutes and packed up nicely, in the stuff sack and POD and is all ready to go next time. Inside the Cook Mug we have another stuff sack that contains a boatload of quality and useful survival gear as well as a wind shield for the cook stove. In the stuff sack there is a one-handed fire starter… which is similar to a butane lighter without the fuel. Then flick the striker wheel with your finger to get sparks… It seems like every time I use a fire starter like this, it takes me a few tries to light the tinder. Nonetheless… this fire starter works fine with a little persistence and can be a life saver in an emergency. You would use these matches to ignite the solid fuel cook stove tablets since they are not designed to ignite using sparks.
AND for extra safety, the kit includes a Fresnel Lens that can focus sunlight on tinder to start a fire. Also included is a little Mini-LED flashlight with a battery that GearPODs says will last for over 24 hours of continuous use. It’s not the brightest torch we’ve seen, but it is certainly sufficient for a survival situation and we like its long battery life for sure. Next, let’s look at the break-resistant container with fish hooks, a swivel, sinkers, safety pins and a sewing needle.
For a blade, the POD comes with a folding razor blade knife with a pretty sturdy fold-out handle and blade guard that extends the usefulness and safety of this tool.
I’d still want to have a survival knife along… but if I didn’t, there’s a lot that can be done with this blade. There is also a folding jig saw blade for cutting wood or metal, with a similar handle to the razor blade knife. A 30 inch or 76 centimeter long roll of duct tape is included for repairs or emergency first aid. 4 sheets of weatherproof stationary and a pencil with a cap are handy for keeping a journal, leaving a message, drawing plans or maps. Signaling with a mirror is one of the most effective ways to get help since on a clear day a flash from a mirror can be seen up to 20 miles or about 32 kilometers away. This survival guide tells AND shows you how to use many of the items in the GearPODs Survival Pro Kit and, like in the other GearPODs kits, it lists the contents so you can do a periodic inventory to ensure that your kit is ready to go. Once you get the solid fuel going, place the windscreen with the vent holes facing down wind and place your Cook Mug on the stove base. Now to remove your cook mug from the stove, be careful NOT to touch the wind screen… it’s HOT!!!
Also, if solid fuel is not your gig… our you want a backup fuel source, GearPODs offers this denatured alcohol burner system. Another cool thing about the Gear PODs system is that each pod is about the width of a water bottle so it can easily slip into water bottle pockets or into packs.
GearPODs also offers adjustable POD cases in digital camo and black that are designed to further protect your gear and make it easy to strap your PODs onto stuff like bug out bags and backpacks. Surprisingly, there are NOT a ton of reviews or comments on the GearPODs system available… this may be due to GearPODs NOT being available on Amazon until recently. But all of the comments we have found have been very positive highlighting the innovative and well thought-out design, the completeness of each kit, the ruggedness and quality of the pods and gear, and the ability of this system to be customized to fit about any survival need. We took off half a star because the although the GearPods system is nearly perfect in every way, it is not small or pocketable. And it’s great that the GearPODs system is totally modular, so no matter what your budget, you can start building your Ultimate Survival Kit today. The GearPODs Wilderness Survival Kit is great for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits, Get Home Bags, Disaster Preparedness, Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, Backpacking, Extreme Adventures, Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobile, Four Wheeler and Vehicle Emergency Kits. If you want a smaller more basic and pocketable survival kit, check my reviews of the Bear Grylls Basic, Ultimate or Scout Essentials Kits, or the Adventure Medical – SOL Origin Survival Kit. Both entertaining and educational, these Survival Tips playing cards from UST are a great item to keep in your pack, tent, or vehicle. Practical for every day carry and ingenious enough to make MacGyver proud, the Swisscard Lite is designed and crafted in Switzerland by Victorinox, the makers of the Swiss Army Knife.
At just under an inch and a half in length and .36 ounces, the Streamlight Nano LED Flashlight is designed for everyday carry, puts out 10 lumens of focused beam light and runs for up to 8 hours. Whether you are on safari in Africa, in the back country of Alaska or without power for a few days due to a storm, the Powertraveller Power Monkey Extreme will keep your mobile device, smart phone, laptop or cell phone up and running.
Nope, it’s not a fish, it’s a hard-working, compact, innovative, carabiner hand tool with a ton of potential everyday and emergency uses. This little gem is only 4” x 2″ x 3” and weights less than half a pound, so it’s perfect to keep tucked away or stow in your emergency kit or bug out bag until needed. Dear Santa, I would like the Emergency Survival Kit for the Masses, Tactical Belt Clip Survival Tool, Tool Box on Your Key Chain,Credit Card Sized Survival Tool and a Knife sharpener. Awesome ideas Dave, now I’m going to keep looking under my tree to see if Santa gave me a visit.
I can not believe that Christmas is in three days and I hope I get some of these awesome gifts for men for Christmas.
Hey david if i dont want to get the commander 60 from gerber is there a way that i can only get the pack not the blades cuss i have most of them. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube and your e-mag, really love the gear reviews and your amazing website. I am 15 and i lile all your videos and ur tips, I am a biggggg Bear Grylls fan and would like to meet him one day, do you know if one day he would be comming in Canada or if he has an interview on a reality show that i could go see. On top of that I like to buy some of your stuff that you review butt done have the money so do you know when is your next contest? Dominic: Speaking for David, the only recommendation we can give is to search out the outdoor gear stores in your area. Possibly the best blade to date in the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series line, is the early 2013 release – Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade knife.
This blade is one solid piece of good quality, gray coated, stainless steel from tip to butt. The Paracord knife comes with this versatile, kydex-like sheath about 45 inches of orange paracord for the handle, and the Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide. A clip point blade has the spine side of the blade “clipped” off to form a tip that is sharper and more suitable for piercing than most drop point blades, and is strong yet still great for tasks that require more cutting accuracy and precision.
See the difference between the Bear Grylls Paracord knife clip point and the Bear Grylls Folding sheath knife’s drop point? The blade of this knife came very sharp and is easy to touch up with the Bear Grylls field sharpener.
Between the edge and the parpacord handle we have a finger cutout that should help to keep your hand from slipping onto the blade – this area is also call the choil of the knife. The Bear Grylls Paracord knife is very similar to the Bear Grylls compact fixed blade knife… with the big differences being the fine vs. This handle of the Bear Grylls Paracord knife has 5 holes and two large cutouts that enable the primary task of wrapping about 4 feet of paracord through and around them to form the handle of the knife.
Bear Grylls Paracord Survival Knife has 5 Holes and 2 Cutouts to Weave to Weave the Paracord through to Make the Handle.
And then used the holes and cutouts to lash the entire length of the paracord to secure this knife to my pole.

The knife lashes best to a pole that is slightly smaller in diameter than the width of the handle. The lengh the stock paracord was a perfect for locking the knife onto my pole… and should be completely reusable as the knife handle as long as you don’t cut it when using it for other things. Now, it’s also easy to replace the stock paracord with whatever color and length you prefer. I like my knives to be a little less conspicuous, so I replaced the paracord with good old OD Green I guess this lets the cat out of the bag on the vintage of my Marine Corps days. Alright… so, I got two extra wraps around the handle by pulling my mill spec paracord really tight as I wove it around my knife.
However, Gerber completely redesigned the sheath of the Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord knife so these problems no longer exist. The Bear Grylls Paracord knife goes into the sheath only one way and locks firmly into the sheath. The top 4 grommets are strategically positioned so this polymer belt loop in the rear can be removed and repositioned using two hex bolts for: side draw, regular, upside down AND for either left or right hand carry. If you’d prefer not to have the Bear Grylls logo showing when you wear the Paracord knife… you can also attach the belt carry loop to the front side of the sheath, so that the Bear Grylls logo covered by the belt carry loop and facing in. Now replace the stock orange paracord with the paracord color of your choice and you have an excellent, versatile paracord knife package that has the look you want for your gear.
Oh, one last thing with this knife and sheath package… So whether intentional or not, the Bear Grylls pocket survival guide fits snug and perfectly between the belt loop assembly and the  sheath… see?
The pocket survival guide tucks perfectly between the belt carry loop and the knife sheath. For extra security… make sure that you attach the belt loop so that the bolts are below the pocket guide, which should further prevent the guide from falling out. Owner comments are very positive sighting the surprising quality, good edge holding characteristics and the excellent design of the Bear Grylls Paracord knife and sheath. Others mentioned how quickly the bright orange paracord gets soiled… But most seem to agree that this is a knife worth having. We rate the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife at 5 out of 5 stars for it’s well thought out design from tip to butt. Although we also thought the sheath was a bit of overkill at first… we now appreciate it’s ability to safely hold the knife and carried in many different ways.
I admit, I also like that I can cover over the Bear Grylls logo and I have always like it when Gerber incorporates a way for the Survival Guide to be carried along. If you want a comparable fixed blade knife with a solid handle, check out my review of the Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade Knife. If you would like a similarly sized folding knife check out my reviews of the Bear Grylls folding sheath or Bear Grylls Scout knife.
For your convenience I’ve included links to all of the gear that I’ve mentioned, in throughout this review. So… don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for our latest tips and video reviews. While you’re here, don’t forget to Subscribe to our Monthly Survival e-MAG, Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter and get the latest news and be the first to hear about the great gear giveaway contests we have planned. Just wondering one thing : are the knife and sheath solid enough together to be used as a shovel ?
Mitchhells – geared for adventure store at chadstone in melbourne has the entire bear grylls range. Just arrived, it’s everything you described, can easily see it being used as an edc (depending on what I’m doing that day)! It’s a friction-lock system – you just push it into the sheath and it snaps in place and then you just pull it out and it comes out!
Hey David just wondering if you could do a review on the gerber bear grylls parang and compact parang.
As David pointed out, replacing the orange cord with a darker color was the first thing I did as well.
Hey David, great review, now I know whats on my christmas wish list I was having a lot of questions about the knife, thanks for clearing things about it. In a survival or emergency situation you’re going to be burning calories fast – so food will become a critical need to maintain your morale, stamina and most importantly, your core body temperature.
But you can only carry so much food, and it runs out quickly if you don’t have the right tools to catch dinner on your own. First… to store, transport and protect this kit I’m using the Condor Water Pouch (just like the one I used in my recent survival water kit video). It has a large main compartment that will hold our cooking gear and emergency food, and a smaller front pocket that will hold our fishing, hunting, trapping and survival gear. Next we have the Stanley Stainless Steel Adventure Camp Cook Set that holds nearly a liter when filled to the top (although it’s rated for 24 ounces)… AND because it’s single walled, it can be used for boiling water, making stew and cooking whatever you like in the back country. It has volume marks on the side, a flip-out locking handle and a vented lid that can also be used as a strainer. This set comes with 2 nested 10-ounce (or 296 ml) cups that we’re NOT going to use in this kit… so we’ll set them aside.
Now inside our cooker we can fit a 4-ounce gas canister, which is fuel for our mini-cook stove.
With all of this stuff inside, place the cooker lid on top and snap the handle in place to hold the lid tight. To further complete this kit, I found an affordable and compact burner that easily attaches to our stove gas canister and has fired up every time without a hitch. Now let’s take a look at the Hunting, Fishing Trapping and Survival Items that go into the front pocket of the pouch. First, we have a stainless steel, 3-in-1, knife, fork and spoon kit – similar to the one I used in Boy Scouts. And for a fire-starting back-up, I’m including the Exotac Ferrocerium FireROD with a waterproof tinder compartment and a cottonball that I’ve loaded in there. I chose my Old Timer 44OT pocket knife because it’s small, has 4 blades and is great for food preparation, processing game and small bushcraft chores. For a fishing kit… I decided to use the Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit II which includes a nice variety of gear for catching just about any freshwater fish. Also from Uncle Flint’s Survival Gear, I picked up 2 Small and 1 Large Cable Snare, with salt for bait and a useful instruction sheet. You can grab a ready-to-go, tubular sling shot band with pouch (for a few bucks) and improvise a sling shot in the back country. I found the accurate, affordable and small Top SHOT slingshot from Pocket Predator – I’ve added an extra band with pouch and sealed it all in a heavy duty freezer bag for storage in this kit.
Now I can accurately shoot the three piece takedown arrows (with expanding broad heads) that I’m taking along. The SERE all packs up small in a freezer bag (with an extra band) and fits nicely in this kit. If you want to pack more slingshot ammo, and feel more confident with your slingshot shooting than your trapping skills, you could eliminate the snare kit and substitute 150 rounds of .38 caliber steel or lead shot. Regardless of what sling shot option you choose… all the survival, snare, fishing and hunting gear fits into the front pocket of this pouch. We’ve just taken a look at a modular, add-on, hunting, fishing, trapping, survival food kit that you can build for bug out bags, vehicles and home emergency kits that can help you keep calories flowing into your body when you need them most. Be sure to check out the YouTube video for this kit when you have a few minutes to see David assembling it all!
Many years ago Australian Army ration packs contained a sachet of curry powder and it was a welcome addition when the stores issued were multiples of the same ration pack with the same contents.
Well I’m pretty jazzed to get this review of the NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife out to you after a few weeks of research, use and testing. Now the big, huge difference between these knives is the full tang construction of the Ultimate PRO knife vs.
Full tang construction is regarded by most experts as the strongest, most durable way to make a knife. The Ultimate PRO has a drop point blade… which simply means that the spine side of the blade curves down until it meets the tip of the blade.
Drop point blades are common for survival and general purpose utility knifes because they make for a strong tip and tough knife across the entire surface of the blade. Serrations are great for cutting things like rope… and extending the usefulness of your knife long after the fine edge is quite dull. But a serrated edge can get in the way of many bushcraft tasks and make fine slicing, cutting or skinning difficult. My knife came quite sharp enough out of the box to shave hair off of the back of my hand and slice a long thin piece of plastic off of a ball point pen body… similar to the performance of a razor blade. In my testing I was surprised at how well this edge held up while performing many tasks and after some knife throwing and a bunch of drops on rocks and frozen soil.
On the spine side there is a notched out, coating-free striker area for use as the fire steel striker. But this choil’s true purpose is to allow the blade to be sharpened all the way to the end of the edge without interference of the handle or hand guard. The Ultimate PRO Knife comes with a newly designed emergency whistle that seems more durable than the previous one is quite loud and comes attached to the knife with it’s integrated lanyard.
I can confidently say… you should not have any issues with THIS pommel or tang even in hard-use situations. The handle is made up of the knife tang and what seem to be two rugged polymer slabs that are secured to the knife using these 4 star or torque bolts and two permanent metal insets that are inside the two lashing holes at the top of the grip. Most of the polymer handle is covered over with what feels like the same, rubberized grippy material that’s used on just about every other knife and tool in this line. The only noticeable difference between this knife and the original version is the weight of the knife… which doesn’t feel heavy, but actually makes the knife feel a bit more substantial. The knife balances well with the center of gravity in the area of the the forefinger handle cutout. Now in addition to the lanyard hole, we have two additional holes on the hand guard that go through the handle slabs and tang that are strategically placed to help you lash this knife onto a pole to make a spear. The lashing holes also serve another important task as part of the friction lock system that holds the knife in its sheath. And like the previous version of this knife, we have a handle strap with a Velcro-like closure system to keep the knife tight against the sheath when not in use. The sheath is designed for left or right-hand carry and has a hole in the bottom of the knife compartment to allow water to drain through if you go for a swim or end up out in a storm with this knife.
On the back of the ballistic nylon upper part of this sheath there is a nylon vertical belt loop that should work well with belts up to 2 inches wide. Next, let’s look at the carbide bladed pull-through sharpener, which is a better field sharpening solution than the diamond stone sharpener that is on the Original Ultimate Knife sheath… simply because sharpening your knife with this sharpener is easy for anyone, regardless of skill level. The cool thing about this pull sharpener, is that it’s designed to perfectly sharpen the entire fine edge of this knife because of the spacing the choil provides between the hand guard and the edge. For some tips on using the sharpener for your knife, and a full demonstration, check out my full review on YouTube by searching, “Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife Review”. Last but not least, on the front of this sheath you will find a cleverly stored ferro rod, which is positioned right side up… instead of upside down (like on the Original version). This change alone should about ensure that your ferro rod doesn’t accidentally fall out of the sheath and get lost in the wilderness, which COULD happen in the previous version of this sheath.

The ferrocerium used in this rod seems to be pretty high quality, so starting a fire with it was really easy.
WE TOOK OFF A FULL STAR because to make all of these upgrades, the street price of the knife went from sub $40 US up to around $70 US. And honestly, in the competitive category for survival knives… a 4 out of 5 star rating is pretty darn good. SO if you like your current Bear Grylls Utimate Survival Knife… You’re gonna LOVE the NEW Ultimate PRO!!! With its steel upgrade, full tang construction and all the goodies that come with it… this knife is a great choice for those who are ready to upgrade from the Original Bear Grylls Survival Knife. Do a review on the bear grylls parang it’s confusing that they have new and old parangs and some are recalled some are not and if its worth getting for the price.
The new knife off gerber is $105.00 US you said it would be realeased of gerber for $70.00 US is their something that brought the price up? Let’s just say if a person was to choose between Gerber LMF II & this knife, which knife would you prefer? I can’t find it in Vancouver, I can only find the other Gerber survival knives, anyone can tell me where to get it? As you commented re, I was disappointed that Gerber removed the molle loops from the sheath for this knife. My bottom line: I DO recommend this knife so long as the buyer is aware of its cosmetic issues and the lack of molles.
Can you please elaborate bacause I think I’m lost with your explaination on why you removed a full star on its rating. And my comment on the color and design of the handle, I think the reason why they made it to have such bright colors as orange was because in a survival situation (unless you’re in combat and behind enemy lines) you want to be seen right? Using Facebook allows you to easily share this giveaway with others and earn BONUS entries. This Alternate Entry Form is provided as a Courtesy for our Fans and Followers who do NOT have Facebook Accounts.
Having a compass in your pocket is a good idea, but having a compass in the stock is far better. With this addition, lighting a fire is only a strike away with a firesteel inlaid permanently into the forearm. Held in place by a magnet, it is in no danger of falling out from even the heaviest recoil.
Best of all, the sling attachment has a built in bottle opener for when you finally find your way back to civilization.
We picked the Trijicon SRS, because it is durable as hell, has a wide field of view, and, most importantly, has solar backup. I've got the M4 super 90 with a Leupold Lensatic sight and a Sig P226 Navy for my bug out kit. I shot a 10 point whitetail in the chest straight on at about 10 yards with a 44 mag he went down like a ton of brick. As far as mountain lions I have killed my share also, I have killed them with a small caliber rifle as well as a stick and string. You can personalize the look of you GearPODs kit by selecting from 7 different colors of caps and connectors including, black, blue, tan, orange, yellow, red and green. The key to using Tinder Quick with any fire starter is that you need to pull one end apart like a cotton ball. It’s so practical that these sharp and pointy items are packaged in this container so they don’t rip through the stuff sack, or poke things… like fingers when fishing around for gear in the stuff sack.
Each tablet is designed to treat 1 liter of water against viruses, bacteria and other nasty stuff.
Mine came with the mirror side a little blemished around the edges, but this didn’t reduce its performance at all. So it’s not a viable every day carry item unless you carry around something like a day pack with you, everywhere you go. And for a very nice, ready-made kit, that is NOT modular, see my review of the Henry Survival Kit.
Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. Each number card features a different survival tip to help keep you safe during an outdoor adventure, or in the event of a real emergency. So, if you are NOT a serious survivalist or outdoor adventurer, chances are, you’re going to love this kit.
The Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool is a rugged, quality for tool for guys (and gals for that matter) who want to be prepared but don’t want the bulk of a multi tool.
I just picked one up and am really impressed at the quality and usefulness for such a small tool. The flashlight comes with a cool swivel clip for attaching to key rings, packs, clothing and more. Crank this baby for 2 minutes for about 15 minutes of bright flash or emergency beacon light.
Plus, traditional sharpening stones can be hard to use in the field and produce mixed results. Then I ran about 6 inches of extra cord out the butt-end and tied it off to make a nice laynard. Since the metal is exposed on the butt end this knife, you can use it as a pommel to break and smash things. Some mention how goofy they thought the sheath initially was but how it all made sense when they got to using the knife. We love the full tang construction and the well thought out placement of the handle cut outs for the paracord and the added versatility of being able to easily and firmly lash this knife to a pole to make a spear.
I clamped it down and wrestled it out when mine got stuck, but BE CAREFUL, the blade is sharp and it cuts skin easily( I found out the hard way).
I have the compact survival knife and have also noticed how it is not very secure in the upside down carry and that is how I would like to carry it.
I want to replace the paracord but I don’t want to get it off and not be able to get it on very well. I received this product today, I noticed that this product came in a rectangle card board box, rather than in the usual plastic blister packs.
Simply use the knife, or a bastard file to wear down the notches in the blade side of the sheath.
It’s durable, has flip-out handles, is designed for using over an open fire or on a camp stove.
It comes with a protective nylon pouch and is sized to fit snugly inside the pouch, on top of the Stanley cooker pot. It’s durable and fit this kit better than any of the other spork type utensil sets that I own. They even include a list of all the components in this kit so you can replenish the kit after use AND it’s all packed into a durable tin that fits just right in the front pouch of our food kit. I have two similar pouches from a different manufacturer and have done a similar thing with one of them. There were times I wondered if it was a myth that any other type of ration pack even existed. So today I’ll dig in and look at this knife from just about every angle and see if this knife is garbage, good or anywhere close to great.
This knife’s choil has enough space for my forefinger to wrap around for better leverage and control in fine cutting and slicing. These holes perfectly align with 4 raised bumps (two on each side) toward the top of sheath that work together to firmly lock the knife in the sheath when it’s not in use. It’s a great choice for camping, backpacking, hiking, bug-out bags, emergency kits, responsible scouts, for bushcraft or as very nice general utility knife around the home or shop to use every day or have handy just in case. I am wondering if it is possible to remove the plastic knife handle off the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival knife without breaking it and leave it bare metal, (no pun inteneded but still funny) so i can wrap paracord around the handle and still put the plastic handle back on after taking the paracord off, without having to get another knife. All your videos have helped me and my little brother become more educated in survival techniques. The gerber strong-arm is made out of 420hc stainless steel and i hear that it does no have good edge retention,The gerber ultimate pro survival knife has 9cr19mov stainless steel and according to your review it performed very well. This Week I’m Giving Away 15 of My Favorite Survival Books and Our Bonus Prize is a Eton FRX3 Emergency Radio with Solar, Hand Crank and Battery Power with cell phone charger see giveaway rules for details.
Some would suggest an accurate .22 LR or an AR-15 (neither is a bad choice, BTW), but for our money, a jack-of-all-trades gun that does a little bit of everything trumps all. We Cerakote finished the metal, then with file, router, mill, and some ingenuity on hand, we threw everything but the proverbial sink into this build.
I decided to finish my sandwich before gutting him and maybe lucky I did he came to life took down 4 3in trees and took off I tracked him 2 days into a swamp before I got a good broadside shoulder shot. The deck also offers two "In Case of Emergency" cards that can be filled out and left with someone before you start your adventure. The Swisscard Lite easily slips into your wallet, pocket, pack or glove box.  This tool weights only an ounce and is about the size of 4 stacked credit cards. The Streamlight Nano LED is machined out of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum with an tough, anodized finish and is ideal for survival, rescue and everyday use. This Eton light is durable and has convenient, foldable tripod legs for hands free or emergency road use. This charger even grabs power from the sun on less than totally sunny days and charges very quickly.  The PowerMonkey is a packable “must have” for techy adventurers.
You can also lengthen battery life by plugging in your headphones and bypassing on-board speaker.
Filing these down will allow the blade to be inserted and removed easily while still allowing the knife and sheath to be used for upside down carry. If I may offer a suggestion, I think the inclusion of some curry, chilli or other spiced powder is a good idea.
Does this means that this knife cannot compare or can not be on par with these ‘heavy-hitters’? In the package was the knife, sheath with reversible clip and priorities of survival guide. The addition of one or more of these can make some food more palatable or bring a taste difference to a meal if you are eating the same ingredients over a period of time.
I have heard about the Gerber Bear Grylls Paracod Fixed Blade Knife, but i want to know about this one, thank you in advance and have a great day. Any break-open gun is easy to use with chamber inserts, making an already versatile gun nearly unstoppable. The SLPro 2 is tough enough for tactical and law enforcement applications and makes a nice every day carry survival tool. Also, removing the handle slabs with eliminate your ability to use the knife sheath since the handles hold the knife in the sheath via friction.
Grylls initials, I made short work of the orange with some Krylon ultra-flat back camo paint intended for plastyic surfaces.

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