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David will be joined by Craig Caudill, founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School, and Clint Jivoin, Survival Trainer and Writer for the American Survival Guide. We’ve boiled down decades of experience to bring to you only the most practical and effective – survival methods, strategies and gear. This training is hosted in the Beautiful Endless Mountains of Wellsboro Pennsylvania – from June 4th through June 7th 2015.
Training Starts August 27th 2015 at 1PM Eastern Time and ENDS on Sunday August 30th 2015 at 2PM.
This training is open to men, women, and responsible, supervised youth (ages 14 and up) who want to learn a wide range of essential survival skills in short period of time. We are limiting class size to ensure that everyone gets adequate hands-on experience and one-on-one time with our instructors. As far as the compass goes ,right hand point at the sun in the morning east left hand west bringing up the rear is the south Come people you can do it your looking to the _ _ _ _ _ .Gerber good Job. Hands down is a pretty well equipped kit, however, most of these tools can be purchased separately in bulk and comparatively at a lower price.
For anyone who spends days and nights camping, hiking or climbing in the wilderness, this survival kits is an absolute must! SOG makes some attractive knives if you're looking for knives with a hammer-pommel like me, although I can't say anything about the quality. And if you prefer a smaller knife with a good hammer-pommel like me, there is the demo 2.0, as well. I have a few SOG knives and really like all of them, but I'm guessing that the Creed, Demo and several other SOGs don't get much mention because of the price compared to similar or superior knives from other manufacturers. I have a SOG Tsunami tanto and will probably pick up a Northwest Ranger (drop point equivalent) if I can find the right price, but that is roughly half the price of a Creed.
One sunny day in Southern California, I began to body surf – catching waves just right so they would carry me in toward the beach. To my shock, I quickly found that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t swim back to land. There are many dangers in our lives that we can’t seem to escape – consequences from bad decisions each of us makes.
Maybe we need freedom from a habit we can’t seem to break, or from some selfish indulgence we won’t give up, or from inner pain from past wounds we refuse to forgive. Each of us is caught in an even greater riptide, a deadly spiritual enslavement from which none of us can break free without the help of the Rescuer coming to our aid. All of us are in the overpowering grip of sin…sin that, if left unchecked, has horrific consequences.
We all choose to do things our way, not God’s, whether we lie (even a small “white” lie), have immoral or lustful thoughts, or simply say some unkind words against someone.  Our sin makes us stand guilty before God. We are in bondage to sin, and no amount of self-effort, good works or even good religious deeds, can set us free and make us “right” before God.
That way is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became a man so He could die on the cross and take on Himself the punishment OUR sins deserved. The choice is yours – keep trying to break free from your evil ways (something you cannot do though your own effort), or let Jesus save you from the sentence you deserve and make you brand-new, from the inside out. Lord Jesus, I believe You died on the cross for me and that You were penalized for my sins so I could be set free.
David your seemed like a pretty great guy on YouTube and I decided to check out your website and I was so glad I did. Gerber has been around for over 70 years and already has a huge presence in the world of knives. But, honestly, with all the vintage bad press and assorted opinions lingering online… I didn’t expect much from this knife.
However when my Bear Grylls knife arrived, I must say that I was quite surprised with the look, feel and overall quality. My only initial complaint… was that the knife was a bit tricky to get out of the package without slicing into the knife handle or cutting the pocket survival guide which is on the back side under the knife. The Gerber Bear Grylls is a medium sized survival knife with an overall length of 10 inches and a blade length of 4.8 inches, which makes it slightly larger than the Gerber Prodigy and a little smaller than the Gerber LMF II ASEK.
The Bear Grylls knife sports a drop-point, fixed blade that is made of high carbon, stainless steel, that is similar to 440B stainless.
The drop point blade design is known for providing strength across the entire length of the knife and for good edge preservation. The knife is made in China, unlike the Gerber Prodigy and LMF II ASEK, which are made in Gerber’s Portland Oregon facility.
I did not sharpen mine right out of the box and was very happy with the blade… but then again, I did not gut or skin any game with it. Like most survival knives today… the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival knife goes from a fine to a serrated edge toward the handle. Serrated blades like this are somewhat saw-like and can cut through a much wider range of materials like, rope, wood, wire and even sheet metal in a pinch. The knife held a nice edge in my torture testing… but after an afternoon of heavy use which included throwing the knife for about a half hour with a reasonable number of drops, the fine and serrated edges needed touched up. Some folks don’t like the serrated edge of the Bear Grylls knife, so Gerber responded by coming out with the Bear Grylls Ultimate in a fine edge (with no serrations). However, if you want added cutting power and don’t want to fuss with sharpening your blade as much, I recommend the serrated version.
The handle of this knife is made of a special injection molded plastic that is covered with a durable, textured rubber. Owners report that the handle is comfortable for extended use without blisters and has a good grip even in changing conditions. The handle made it easy to use the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival knife to cut, slice, pound and chop. With the butt-end of the handle a bit wider it was natural for me to wrap my fingers around the butt-end of the handle to chop. Much like the Gerber LMF II ASEK… the Bear Grylls Ultimate knife also has three strategically placed holes in the handle for lashing this knife to a pole to extent it’s use as a spear.
Then I had some fun throwing my spear at trees… the holes in the handle are well placed for lashing.
There is a stainless steel pommel at the butt end of the handle that is design to hammer, pound, break and smashing things. The knife comes with a very sufficient sheath that is made out military grade, mildew resistant nylon. A real nice bonus of this sheath and knife is diamond sharpening stone that is built into the inside of the sheath.
This sharpener will do a good job at touching up the fine edge of the knife but won’t help you out when it comes to sharpening the serrated edge.
One cool innovation that is included with the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival knife is a fire starter rod that locks firmly into the bottom of the sheath.
So this fire starter is a welcomed addition that is both durable and well designed with a solid handle.

To Start a Fire… Angle the blade slightly and strike the rod to generate sparks in any weather condition. A small but loud emergency whistle is incorporated into the lanyard at the butt end of the knife.  This is a nice feature if you are in trouble or injured, allowing you to make your position or situation known. Honestly, one of the first things I did was take my whistle off because it quickly got in the way of my testing. Regardless, the whistle is a nice bonus item that is well built and could come in handy in a pinch.
A pouch is sewn into the back of the sheath which holds is a basic survival guide that was put together by Bear Grylls. This guide may be the most important bonus offered with this knife because it will aid anyone, even the most inexperienced explorer, in staying alive in a wilderness survival situation. For a knife comparable in quality, style and design to the LMF II ASEK it’s amazing that it’s street price is around $50 on Amazon. Reviews for this knife usually average over 4 out of 5 stars… this is really pretty astounding considering all the bad reviews that are factored into the equation for it’s early pommel issue.
We rate this knife at 4.0 out of 5 stars for value, quality of design, innovation and getting such a great survival knife package to the masses at such an affordable price point! Well… the Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate survival knife is a great choice for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, emergency preparedness, home security and general peace of mind. I remember the first reviews about the knife and was happy to read that Gerber had fixed the problem. I think you might like the BG Ultimate Pro which has a full tang construction….review is coming up soon!
For survival hunting it’s hard to beat a sling or take down bow, but there is one inherent problem with these tools: arrows!!! The cool thing is that you can custom build your own take down arrows easily and affordably at home.
For two-piece take down arrows, simply measure the length of the arrow and mark the half- way point with your sharpie. For three-piece arrows divide the total length (from tip to nock) by 3 and make your marks.
For my YouTube video I made a 3-piece carbon fiber take down arrow (since 3-piece carbon take down arrows are the trickiest to make … but these techniques apply to 2-piece and aluminum arrows as well. To make the cuts square and precise without fraying the fibers of your carbon arrows, it’s best to take your shaft to a local bow shop to make the cuts for you.
If you choose to do it yourself, the most affordable way is to purchase a plastic miter box. Now place the arrow in the miter box with your first mark lined up with the perpendicular cutting slots and tight up against the inside wall. With a glove on your strong hand, grasp the end of the hacksaw blade with the arrow on the blade pointing toward you and with the teeth down. Insert the hacksaw blade in the slot and start cutting back and forth with slow, even strokes and minimal pressure. To construct the safest possible take down arrows that you can, you will need 1 set of special aluminum inserts for each joint and the proper adhesive to hold them in place. I have done extensive research and have only found one maker of the special male and female inserts that you need. Now carefully insert the butt end of male insert into feathered section and press it fully into place using a piece of scrap wood. Then press the next female end into the other side of the arrow’s center section followed by pressing the final male insert into the point end.
Add some bow string wax to your insert and point threads to help keep your arrow sections from coming loose. To be on the safer side we recommend that 3 piece arrows only be used with up to about 40-pound bows and 2-piece arrows on bows only up to 50 pounds.
Once your arrow is assembled, make sure that you flex it a few times to ensure that there are no weak spots. If you construct multiple take down arrows, make sure you keep the sections of each arrow together… using rubber bands works great. To store, protect, and carry your 2- or 3-piece take down arrows on your back or in a pack, you can use a document tube or make your own out of PVC – which we’ll cover in a future video. Now get out and have some fun shooting your take down arrows with your sling, long or recurve bow! Emergency preparedness is not the only good reason to begin buying food in bulk.  First, you can save oodles of money.
Check online for stores in your region.  I seem to recall one called Northeast for New England area. And believe it or not, you can purchase bulk grains online and have them delivered to your door.
Many metropolitan areas have co-ops where you can work a few hours a week in exchange for discounted prices on bulk foods.  These are a great idea and I wish we had one here!
You can also create an informal co-op of your own, where friends with like needs, but not needing them all in 25 or 50-pound quantities, get together and split bags of food and costs.  This is a great option for smaller families where using a 50-pound bag of rolled oats before they get rancid isn’t practical. When wanting to store up bulk flours, be advised that buying  the whole grain is a wiser idea for storage longevity.
Once you grind the grain, oxidation and loss of nutrients starts to happen, so it is really best not to grind much more than you need. Being gluten-free, I buy buckwheat and millet as my staple grains, grind about two gallon bagsful of each and store the ground flour in the freezer to reduce oxidative loss. So let’s say you have observed that your local grocery store has sales on a particular item every 3 months.  Well then, you should try to have enough money on hand to be able to get a 3-month supply of that item! Start small to do without some things so that you can build the buffer you need to reinvest in buying bulk.  Eventually you will minimize your output weekly and be enjoying regularly rotating stores of food in your own home. And a last word on the benefits of bulking up: generosity!  It is wonderful being able to respond to someone’s need for a meal – for new mothers or sickly friends- easily without it feeling like a burden…all because you can pull from things you have stored up in bulk. If you’re really clever, you’ll even bulk up when you cook: doubling or tripling meal preparations so you have extra in the freezer for those days when you’re too tired to cook or have an unexpected guest or when you need to serve someone in need.  Ah, so many ways to make life easier! If you’re nice, he might even let you try stuff out so you can discover which gear is the best for you! Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. It's a worthwhile upgrade to the basic kit, with additional options for shelter, food, repairs, etc. I had some iodine tablets and put them in a baggie, put it with my kit, and boom, problem solved. The whistle is not needed because the one on the zipper is better, and the mini flashlight SUCKS. I have not had to use them, but I know from all my gerber products I own it will serve me well when needed. All things being equal, I'm not sure why the Creed hasn't given the BG a run for its money.

Once you head north of $100, there are better steels than AUS8, and a lot of American-made knives. I swam further and further out into the Pacific, taking a risk in order to catch the best possible wave. The undertow kept pulling me underwater.  I was drowning and could do nothing to save myself!
If someone, a rescuer, had not come to save me from this hopeless situation, I could easily have died. We have all rebelled against God, and as a result we are headed for inescapable condemnations…unless we take the ONLY way out. It would be our pleasure to pray for you and point you in the right direction as you begin the cool journey of living the rest of your life as a follower of Jesus. It is great to see you using your position as a popular YouTuber to witness to others about Christ.
However the knife still carries Gerber’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and I guess being made in China is the tradeoff for getting a knife of this caliber at such a low price point.
Best of all, a serrated blade will often keep cutting long after your fine edge is quite dull.
It felt very good in my hand and is well balanced so that there is very little hand and wrist fatigue during use. Chopping is made even easier because of the placement of the serrated edge… and the mass of the blade. I used this knife in conjunction with the Bear Grylls Scout… folding survival knife for my little bushcraft experiment. Even after over fifteen minutes of use and abuse the knife was still tightly attached to the pole.
This problem was not good for the initial reputation of the knife since some owners reported the pommels falling off even after initial use.
Owners also report “beating the tar” out of the pommel and the Bear Gyrlls Ultimate Survival knife in general taking the abuse quite well. The knife is held firmly in place with an innovative and simple friction thumb lock mechanism.
I was surprised at the tight, precision fit of the rod in it’s storage port and the overall quality of this tool. Some will want to remove the whistle and lanyard as they will have a tendency to get caught when moving through thick brush or densely wooded areas. It’s a real tight fit so it’s not going to slip out and get lost, but you’ll have to work at it to get it to fit in the pouch. My wife and I love to camp and she was looking for a knife to have on her while we’re adventuring in the Mountains of Colorado so I did some research and decided on this one. You see, full length arrows easily snag in brush and tree limbs on the trail, can be easily be bent or broken, and are hard to conceal. With sand paper on a flat surface, square up any imperfections from your cuts and lightly sand the edges. I prefer a dab of 5-minute epoxy because it gives me some time to set the inserts and some grace if I make a mistake. Then, you just grind your own grain with either a hand grinder like these, or an electric grinder like the one I use. Especially I appreciate paragraph about storage, I’ve got tons of practically useful information personally for me. Good, light-weight stuff to take along for planned use, as well as unplanned survival needs. This is hands down one of the most convenient and useful kits out there, whether you're in dire need of help, or are just pretending to be Bear. The one with my kit came with a gnarled up screw that just fell out after opening it and ive never seen it work, no matter what I do. However you can found poles by using informations in priorities of survival, included in kit. TOPS, ESEE, Zero Tolerance and numerous higher-end Ontario models are a few that come to mind. Also I was wondering your stance on Revelation and if it could relate to a survival situation.
Wild’ TV show to put together a hybrid survival knife that is priced low enough to make it hard for a millions of Bear Grylls fans, and the rest of us, to resist.
The knife is three quarter tang construction (similar to the LMF II ASEK) which means that this knife should endure just about any abuse your can throw at it. It makes quick work of touching up your blade and has an elongated, cone-shaped sharpener that makes it easy to sharpen the serrated edge of this blade. It’s taken some abuse and now when we’re in the hills I sometimes end up wearing her knife to which she replies I need to get my own!!
Be especially careful toward the end, since it’s easy to rush it and end up pulling some carbon fibers off your shaft. Third, it can save you money and time by keeping you from running to the store quite so often. Thanks for wonderful information I used to be in search of this information for my mission.
I added an MRE heater pouch (minus the heater card) for a water bag and a couple of water purificaton tablets.
In spite of you are sometimes missin' some things, it doesnt change final feeling of this kit.
This “death” is eternal separation from God, imprisonment in a place of judgement forever – the just result for our wicked choices.
The knife handle is kept tight against the top of the sheath through the use of a nylon strap with a Velcro closure.
Arrow adhesive is quick and convenient, you just have to work fast or your insert could set up before you seat it properly… and those puppies ain’t cheap. The fish hooks are decent enough to survive, and most other items are great, I LOVE the multi tool.
I see this pack as being easier than what you would have to do without it but just about anyone can live with just a good knife, hatchet, and being well dressed. Ill be ditching the light for a compass, and ive tied the lame whistle to the ferro rod (why not, help ive burned myself! If you're hungry you can make a trap by chopping wood, you can make a fire starter out of wood..

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