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They will climb rugged mountains, navigate down glacial rivers, fight hunger, deal with hostile predators, and endure nasty weather.
They will have 10 legs within a 3,000-mile expedition, and each will feature a daunting navigational task to be completed in 72 hours. They will be dropped in the middle of Alaskan wilderness by bush plane, and the race clock will begin. They are eight mountain men, who will be divided into teams, and will face the ultimate test of survival in Arctic conditions. Seavey, 26, knows a thing or two about the wilds of Alaska, which might make he and his brother Tyrell the favorites.
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He’s fallen into water 57 degrees below zero and survived, after having to mush five hours before reaching a heated building. Within the first mile you climb nearly 400 metres where a break in the trees gives you a sense of your accomplishment with views back to the open ocean, surrounding highlands and the Gambo Abbey – The Shambhala Buddhist Monastery.
While much of the hike is through a mixed forest of coniferous and deciduous trees, when you come out at Otter Brook Cove the scenery is world class.
Towering tree covered mountains, rushing brooks and the expanse of the western highlands reaching towards the horizon, getting higher and higher until they reach the “High Capes”, the highest sea cliffs in Nova Scotia at 440 metres – roughly the same height as the Empire State Building.
The trail exits the mixed forest and you pop out of the trees and out onto a grassy knoll with a panoramic view of Pollett’s Cove.
One simply has to experience the moment when you first arrive at the top of this hill, overlooking the vibrant blue waters of the Gulf, the ancient weathered mountains and meandering rivers flowing through this picturesque cove.

Although not quite totally wild, as they are brought in here by the Buddhist Monks in the spring, they do stay here to roam freely for 6-7 months of the year and are the highlight of many peoples visit to the cove. The horses graze the open fields in the cove during daylight hours and at night retreat up the mountains and into the forest for protection against the elements. His knowledge and travel experience has contributed to his success in becoming a college instructor on the subject of tourism at NSCC and is now looking to share his travels through his writing on outdoor pursuits, active living and nature photography from around the globe. John’s Regatta, and One Girl’s Quest for Hotdogs November 21 2014 CharlieHow stunning!

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