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Ultimate Zombie Makeup FX Guide DVDNimba Creations has been producing online video tutorials for 4 years, bringing you all the tips and tricks Tom Lauten uses in the FX make up applications you see on our website.
Now you can own our collection of zombie tutorials on DVD so you can have them ready to watch whenever you're ready to create disturbing, truly professional looking zombies. Using our prosthetics with these in-depth tutorials lasting over an hour, you will be able to create undead effects that are second to none.
Includes; how to apply silicone prosthetics - how to apply gelatine prosthetics - how to apply prosthetics to yourself - how to mix and match prosthetics - ultimate zombie painting guide - using our zombie make up kit - ‘hospital zombie’ FX & clothing guide - our ‘patchwork skin’ zombie FX - how to apply our ‘ripped face’, PLUS an interview with Tom Lauten. For starters, we have to look at how this could happen, because knowing what causes the Zombocalypse is important for surviving it. Toxoplasma Gondii: If its name wasn't unnerving enough, this brain parasite is a real thing that's been known to infect rats.
Cordyceps: As if one mind-controlling parasite wasn't terrifying enough, there's another called Cordyceps that likes controlling ants so it can walk them over to a high spot. Interesting side note: Uncharted developer Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' has something to do with a mutant form of Cordyceps that decimates humanity. The T-Virus: In Resident Evil, the greedy Umbrella Corporation creates the T-virus, which in turn transforms every living soul in Raccoon City into flesh-eating undead. The Rage Virus: If Resident Evil's Romero-esque zombies aren't scary enough for you, the curb stomp-happy infected from 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead should be. Now all we need is a mad scientist to add a few more symptoms to the list, like cannibalistic tendencies and being extremely hard to kill, and we should have a working zombie in time for Resident Evil 6.
Headshot: You might be flabbergasted that I would include something as obvious as the Headshot on this list, but believe me, when you're fighting your way through a mob of feral quislings with no Heavy support and a serious Wide Flow problem, you'd be surprised by things you can forget under such pressure.
These days, zombie movies are such a popular commodity that there's just not enough time in the day to keep track of them all. Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, is a painstakingly compiled compendium of zombie movies and reviews covering the zombie movie phenomena from the black-and-white days of White Zombie up to the modern era of fast-running, flesh-eating infected.
ZED WORD: In updating and expanding ZOMBIE MOVIES for the second edition, what was the biggest surprise you found? GLENN KAY: Well, I'm happy whenever I enjoy something new, like Zombieland (2009) and the TV series The Walking Dead, but I think what really surprised me were some of the smaller, low budget films that didn't get as much publicity.
Not too long after the first edition of the book was released, I saw [REC] (2007) and [REC] 2 (2009) and was completely blown away by them. One of the biggest pleasures of writing this book was that I was able to interview and get into contact with the guys who made these movies. ZW: I noticed that the new edition of ZOMBIE MOVIES has been expanded to contain zombie TV shows (The Walking Dead) and zombie-themed episodes of otherwise ghoul-free television shows (Community). As for the Community episode, it was well publicized, and I thought that it was hilarious - zombie fans who haven't seen it really need to know about it. ZW: Do you think the upswing in zombie popularity is largely the result of the success of The Walking Dead on AMC, or is the upswing in zombie popularity the reason The Walking Dead has been so successful?
With Night of the Living Dead in the late 60's, Romero made zombies into flesh eating ghouls and added a lot of social subtext.
So, while The Walking Dead is an excellent show, it seems to also have come at a time when people can relate to its fears.
ZW: You've watched almost every zombie movie out there save for the most fringe and the most obscure.
GK: I understand that many won't agree with me and it's a bit "out there," but here's where I'm coming from.
Of course, I can completely understand anyone who doesn't agree, and my advice is to ignore the entry if you don't classify it the same way that I do. Look for ZOMBIE MOVIES: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE (Second Edition) out now from Chicago Review Press. I've done a little bit of everything, from a reservist in the Canadian Forces to teaching English overseas to being a chef. ZNIC RSS Feed15 Places to Hide in a Zombie Apocalypse April 15, 2016Tweet What do you think of the list? Are you physically and mentally fit enough to survive in a world where you're what's on the menu?

Once there, it sprouts from the ant's head and releases its spores so it can spread its love over the largest area possible. This might sound like a far-fetched idea, but in reality, there's something called Neurogenesis, and it's all about growing dead brain cells. If you get infected, a first aid kit isn't going to help much unless it includes some Zombrex, but it can help stave off infected wounds, and other injuries.
In fact, just like present day, the world is brimming with a myriad of different flavors of enemies that just can't wait to ruin your day.
Every minute it seems like another zombie movie is unleashed into the video market, and there's no sign yet of zombie popularity slowing down. Recently released in an expanded and revised second edition, Zombie Movies now contains even more zombie movies, reviews, and features. What was the reason for including television shows in ZOMBIE MOVIES and how did you make your selection process? And with the success of The Walking Dead, zombies are going to show up a whole lot more often on the small screen, so it seemed logical to try to include more TV episodes in general. While compiling reviews for the new edition, have you found a general increase or decrease in quality of zombie movies?
I've been pleasantly surprised that so many recent movies have been better than I expected. Romero's original dead trilogy showed people that zombies are malleable and, if used properly, can stand in for a particular social problem or issue.
I think it probably would have done well regardless, but I believe there's a bit more to success than a good product and more variables involved. The zombie is constantly changing and evolving, and that the films themselves can intentionally or unintentionally reflect the fears of a particular era.
Many saw it as a criticism of US government and its continued involvement in Vietnam, etc. So many low-budget horror comedies are made and usually the results are all over the place.
Actually, trying to throw some alternative ideas out there is what's fun about writing about horror flicks. Glenn Kay is also the co-author of Disaster Movies: A Loud, Long, Explosive, Star-Studded Guide to Avalanches, Earthquakes, Floods, Meteors, Sinking Ships, Twisters, Viruses, Killer Bees, Nuclear Fallout, and Alien Attacks in the Cinema!!!! You might not see it at first, but there are many different ways the zombie apocalypse could happen. This thing gets exponentially more terrifying when you realize it has motives for getting inside the rat. This is a real science that's being worked on by men and women in white labcoats, probably in some secret underground facility. When it comes to food and water, staying away from perishables is key, and it's best to stick with watera€”no soda, alcohol, etc. The Ferals are interesting because they're still human, only the stress and lack of human contact has caused their minds to break, causing them to regress to a more primal, animalistic state. To celebrate the release of Zombie Movies (second edition), The Zed Word wrangled zombie fan and former Hamiltonian Glenn Kay into a meaty interview about the changes he made to the second edition and his thoughts on what's behind the current zombie popularity bubble. They also featured impressive use of the found footage technique -- to me, nothing felt forced or awkward, like many films of that ilk do.
I have to admit to being a bit disappointed that the zombie nightmare episode of The Hogan Family (1987) didn't make the cut.
For a long time the big movie studios ignored zombies, and I tend to think it was because they didn't know what to do with them. It took a while to sink in, but I believe more young filmmakers today have latched on to this concept.
During the occupation of Haiti, the customs and religious practices of the country were viewed with fear in the US, and you can see that influence on the films of the 30's.
Not only was it an extremely effective horror film giving audiences something new and horrifying, but it struck a nerve with audiences who related to and felt the same distrust for the government.
Those that haven't experienced it certainly worry about it and everyone has felt the monetary crunch.

The Return of the Living Dead was a surprise smash at the box office, Re-Animator was also an indie hit and there was a lot of anticipation and press about the new Romero movie, Day of the Dead. Nobody shares exactly the same ideas or tastes as anyone else, and without these differences, there would be little point in writing about or discussing movies. This Head is Life Sized, Foam filled, Hand Painted and Hand Haired for the most Realistic Look Possible. Really, humanity is just one renegade virus or overbooked Hell away from being violently thrown to the bottom of the food chain.
You see, Toxoplasma Gondii wants to get inside the rat so it can make the rat trot on over to a cat, which will then eat the rat, thus infecting the cat.
This facility could be anywherea€”it could be in the middle of an empty desert, or even right under your house. Anyone who's seen movies like Zombieland is fully aware of some of the more obvious tips one should keep in mind whilst fighting for their life. Zombies aren't conversationalists brimming with personality, so for a time I'm not sure that anyone knew how to get around this problem. A lot of people aren't just making simple, old-fashioned zombie movies anymore; they're experimenting with the zombies themselves (their characteristics seem to be ever changing) and using them to make a personal statement. I tend to think that Night and Dawn (with its critique on consumerism) reached the public at exactly the right time.
We've all witnessed the levee failures in New Orleans and saw how quickly things can fall apart.
It's a good thing, then, that I've prepared a glossary of the terms, tips, and tools that could very well save your life.
Rules like the Double Tap and Limber Up could save your life one day, and here are a few more.
I'm really looking forward to catching up with part 3 (which I'm told has a more comedic slant) and, when it's released, part 4. I really enjoy movies that have extra layers and depth, and it seems like a lot of today's writers and directors understand this and are applying it to zombie-themed entertainment.
By the rise of the cold war in 50's and early 60's, aliens took over as villains, which can be viewed as an allusion to communism. I think that during tough times, people relate to grimmer stories, particularly one about a group of people whose lives have changed suddenly and must struggle against insurmountable odds to make ends meet and survive. Romero tradition, this title had many levels to it, and featured a lot of satire and commentary that I wasn't anticipating. I just hope that the book introduces people to a lot of new films so that they can make their own minds up about them!
Kay, I also consider Zombie Jason to be, in fact, a Zombie.The lines can get blurry at times.
A select few of these titles were incredibly successful and came at the Zietgeist, when these fears were at their most rampant - say, the not-quite-a-zombie 50's alien flick Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's funny, I think Romero's Land of the Dead is a good movie about many of the very same things, but it was released just a bit ahead of the curve.
The characters are also very likable, and so by the climax you really care about them and the choices they make. Flash forward a few years, and The Walking Dead has benefited greatly from airing exactly at the right time. The biggest problem is that a lot of programs before the 90's haven't been released on DVD and are nearly impossible to see. The ones I did review were, frankly, the ones that I could find, hunting through what had previously been put out on DVD, VHS or even laserdisc.

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