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Backpacking, the form of outdoor recreation where gear is carried on one’s back, is a rewarding pursuit.
This entry was posted in Recent Articles, Survival Gear and tagged gear, ultra-light backpacking, hiking, backpacking, backpack on July 23, 2015 by Rebecca Maxwell. When you want huge accuracy improvements beyond a free-float handguard, the obvious upgrades are an improved trigger and target barrel, but it is the barrel which can net the biggest benefits.
For this build, I used a number of Mega Arms products including the MTS Modular Monolithic AR15 V2 Upper, Tactical Trigger, Grip Charging Handle, and the GTR-3S Billet Lower. The Black Hole Weaponry barrels with fit and install perfectly in place of or as any other standard AR barrel and are available in all the standard contours and gas system lengths.
As surmised by the Burris Fast Fire II mounted in the photos, my intent is not for this gun to be a bench mounted 100 yard tack driver, however it can be.
If I need a little extra range than what a red dot con provide, I may slip on a 1-4X scope such as the Hi-Lux CMR scope I am reviewing now. Simply put, the Black Hole Weaponry barrels are an exceptional value for upgrading your standard AR’s accuracy. This is my second 3-land polygonal rifled barrel and I am now officially a fan of Caudle Polygonal Rifling.

The Black Hole Weaponry barrel is Mid-Length and mounted to a Mega Arms MTS Mid-Length Monolithic upper. I have another rifle with the same setup and its accuracy and clean running nature continues to impress me. Probably a shame to just have a red dot on this barrel, but it is an outstandingly fast shooting competition rifle in this configuration. In addition to the impressive and consistent sub-MOA accuracy even as the number of rounds increases on an uncleaned barrel, the polygonal rifled barrels are clearly cleaner running than any other barrels I own, plus they are much easier to clean.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It is not uncommon for backpackers to carry 40 pounds or more of gear that includes a sleeping bag, a tent, food, fuel, a cooking stove, toiletries, and clothes.
The majority of mods come from Forge Craft, with an extra set of mods that I've picked and thrown in on top. The best part is that you can slip one of their standard sub-MOA barrels on for $247.50 with your choice of contour. Black Hole Weaponry makes exceptional barrels and they are now in the process of updating their website from its current state to reflect their true capabilities as a premium barrel manufacturer. Thank you for the review I will be ordering one from them just getting some facts to make a choice between which profile to get.

Black Hole Weaponry also offers fluting and finish upgrades which I may explore in future builds. The barrel is made from 416R stainless with a Rockwell of 27 and features 3-groove polygonal rifling. To assure the hammer and bolt were all slicked up for lube-free operation, a FailZero M-16 Bolt Carrier and Hammer kit group was installed. They sell barrels direct to customers, however they are primarily an OEM barrel supplier for many AR brands you know for upgraded premium rifles that punch tiny groups. As you are seeing in my latest trend of articles, I am building a number or different task focused high end ARs.
The challenge in typical ultra-light builds is that they usually sport a pencil profile barrel which do not hold accuracy during sustained fire. This setup provides heavy barrel accuracy with pretty good heat management all while allowing the complete build to remain a feathery 6.45lbs.

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