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The drill marks the first time that the four academic units at the Health Sciences Campus and the hospitals will exercise response plans together at the same time. Earthquakes have rattled a few local nerves lately, so a new exercise to test earthquake preparedness at the USC Health Sciences Campus (HSC) next month seems fortuitously timed.
All emergency response departments and schools at HSC will participate in a three-hour disaster drill simulating a major power outage due to an earthquake on Nov. Nearly 200 employees will be involved in the drill, which will also test the campus Community Emergency Response Team and USC Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Team.
Drill organizers have been convening monthly since July to prepare departments for purchasing supplies and setting up their own departmental operation centers (DOCs), as well as opening the campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Keck Hospital of USC.
The campus EOC and the Keck Medical Center of USC Command Center will open at Keck Hospital, and more than 10 DOCs will set up in the Center for Health Professions parking lot at the corner of Eastlake Avenue and Biggy Street. The drill marks the first time that the four academic units at HSC — the Keck School of Medicine of USC, the USC School of Pharmacy, the USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, and the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy — and the hospitals will exercise response plans together at the same time, Goldfarb said. First virtual reality festival takes the technology into new realmsFrom improving memory to designing cities, one of the first student VR clubs in the nation stretches the limits of the movement.

Coming into its own: New drone video shows USC Village progressConstruction is in high gear on the $700 million project that will change how Trojans live and learn. On Wednesday, May 21, after 40 hours of budget hearings, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved (15-0 vote) the $8.1 billion balanced city budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015.
This bulletin is the first step in monthly education process where EMD will be providing the City of Los Angeles with educational information, drills, and exercises. It is impossible to predict when or where an earthquake will occur, so it is important that a family begins to prepare ahead of time.
Take the car keys away from someone who is about to drive impaired and assist them in getting home safely. The meetings will take place in the John Ferraro Council Chamber, room 340 of Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N.
The LAPD funeral procession for Officer Christopher Cortijo is scheduled next Tuesday, April 22. Spring is in the are and our April calendar is full of great events happening in Council District 2 and beyond.

Everything you need to know about Council District 2 from the office of Councilmember Paul Krekorian. USC Dornsife student develops philanthropic startupThe East Asian languages and cultures major simplifies — and personalizes — the process of donating to charity through his app Drops.
The committee will hear from multiple city departments and take public testimony on how Los Angeles can best implement a spending plan to ensure continued economic recovery and greater fiscal responsibility. The route will begin in downtown with the procession going first to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Los Angeles and proceeding to Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills after the services. If a family is prepared for a major earthquake, they are most likely prepared for other possible disasters.

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