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They are lifelong acne sufferers that had tried everything under the sun, with little or no lasting results.
The light causes the bacteria to die, which in turn shrivels the pimples, pustules, and cysts on your skin. Consistent use of Blue Light Therapy also helps decrease the amount of oil and sebum on your skin, and has been shown to shrink the pore size in some individuals.Trophy Skin uses a proprietary, custom-manufactured bulb that emits the exact spectrum of light needed to kill acne causing bacteria.
Take a look at the graph, showing the wavelength output of the Trophy Skin device tested by an independent source.

Flexible.Over 20 years of research have gone into the field of Acne Blue Light Therapy, with numerous studies proving how effective this treatment really is.
Trophy Skin has taken those same effective, proven light wavelengths and created the BlueMD for home use. Only BlueMD provides a powerful, safe, and effective blue light acne treatment in the comfort of your own home.Our Guarantee GUARANTEED TO WORK. OUR YOUR MONEY BACK.Trophy Skin is committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction, and unlike most companies, we put our money where our mouth is.

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