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The reality based shows like Doomsday Preppers tend to cast some of the people in a crazy light. However, due to these movies and TV shows bringing these issues to the forefront (albeit in a skewed way to boost ratings…nobody wants to watch a TV show on a guy who spends 10 dollars a week on water gallons and canned goods.
Folks: these days, if you take the media seriously, you might become a loonie too, over-worrying, not worrying enough. I don’t watch much TV or go to the movies but I have a good idea what goes on in those shows. Like some of you, my wife and I both grew up with gardens and canning in our families so having a good quantity of food in the house has always been normal to our way of life. I had a few pieces of camping gear with me when I went off to college, and a fairly complete tool kit in the trunk of my car. My daughter and I just decided yesterday that prepping is the way she, my grands and I should go. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
The blackout at Sunday’s Super Bowl shocked celebrities at the game, as well as stars watching from home. Michael Strahan: Someone needs to tell neworleans you can have hamsters running wheels to generate the neccessary power. James Van Der Beek: Cutting power to half the Superdome so you can catch the end of the game after your 7pm show isn’t technically illegal, is it?

Evan Rachel Wood: This is the second time i have seen the power go out at a sports event this week. Jamie Kennedy: Looks like I’m not the only one who has technical difficulties #livebaby!! Joel McHale: When the people inside the SuperDome realize that only half the stadium has warm nacho cheese, it will descend into utter chaos. Dax Shepard: I sure hope none of the cheerleaders were mid-aerial when that blackout occurred. Yeah, it’s misleading, I think, since it could mean that the aforementioned fellow who throws a couple extra gallons of water in his basement can instantaneously be thought of in the same light as a guy who builds a bunker in the woods and stocks up for doomsday. I’ve just lived long enough to see store shelves bare, gas stations completely out of fuel. If anything media related has caused me to prepare more it’s the news reports of the government, and their complete and total failure at accomplishing anything other than running this country into the ground.
If it stimulates some people to plan for emergencies, then I think the shows have done some good.
We have satellite and a DVR, the only way to watch TV, so it is easy to set it up and watch it when time is available. I have friends who proudly confess to not watching TV, but spend hours in front of a computer screen. I see enough of a stigma in it that people could actually talk themselves out of a perfectly sound idea because they didn’t want to be thought of as a wild-eyed survivalist waiting for the four horsemen.

Once the bastion of serious outdoorsmen, it’s now littered with zombie-specific ammo, Bear Grylls knives, and five-gallon buckets of freeze dried food.
When I was home on leave I would get up at 0′dark 30 to help make bread as my grandmother did not have the strength to knead the dough. I find that I learn or think about a different aspect of survival after every show or book or season of growing stuff.
Don’t be dragged down by what over-the-top skewed portrayals may be out there; because you know what? But how does all of this effect our personal decisions, how does it steer how we prepare for the worst, if it does at all? Ain’t nothing wrong with learning from mistakes, even if they are cinematic or scripted in nature. I’m fine with being lumped in with loonies if it means my family is well taken care of during an emergency. Fortunately our pantry was able to provide him enough food for a couple of weeks once delivered.

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