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The infamous Japanese torture film series GUINEA PIG looks to be getting an American makeover thanks to director Stephen Biro, whose Unearthed Films released the originals on DVD (now long out of print). The original series of films started in 1985 and are notorious for some of the most unflinchingly graphic and sadistic dismemberment, mutilation and murder became a cult favourite during the '90s, with bootlegged copies circulating all over the globe. Speaking to Fangoria, Biro said, “Many have tried to copy them, but few have approached their very grim core. Subtly titled BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE, the first AMERICAN GUINEA PIG will be directed by Biro, with cult artist Jim VanBebber (director of DEADBEAT AT DAWN) on board as cinematographer.

There is, of course, the famous story that Charlie Sheen saw the second instalment, THE FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD and believed it to be a snuff tape and reported it to the FBI. Unearthed Films is bringing the white-hot tip of unrelenting gore, unparalleled atrocities and unmerciful slaughter back into the mind’s eye of all the horror fans who dared to see what the originals were truly about”. The make-up effects will be handled by Marcus Koch (THE THEATRE BIZARRE, CIRCUS OF THE DEAD). Whether anyone actually wants this level of depravity in their movies nowadays is open to debate, but there's no accounting for taste.

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