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When it comes to calming wedding day stress it’s always good to follow the Boy Scout mantra of “Be Prepared.” No matter how much time you’ve spent meticulously planning out every detail for your wedding day there’s always those unexpected mishaps that just simply happen…like waking up on your wedding day to a forecast of heavy rain, a migraine headache or even the unthinkable zit.
By expecting the unexpected on your wedding day, your wedding day emergency kit will have you prepared for those unplanned emergencies in a snap. Here is our comprehensive list of all the items we could possibly come up with to include in your wedding day emergency kit. Teaspoons (4)– keep these in the freezer, use for an allergy attack of your eyes or swollen red eyes from too little sleep.
Safety pins – for dress alterations in a pinch or to hold a wilting bouquet flower in its place.

Static guard – to keep bridesmaids dresses from getting stuck in all the wrong places. When gathering items for your emergency kit, be sure to include anything that you know you will need, like an epi pen or any other medications you routinely rely on. From personal hygiene, medical mini emergencies to hair and makeup mishaps and the random miscellaneous must haves. Hold the back of the spoon over the affected area and massage gently to calm puffy redness and relieve itchiness. Go for an all natural kind rather than one full of deet so you don’t end up smelling horrible.

Of course you’ve ordered in some brunch for your wedding party while they’re getting ready (hint, hint) but if you’re getting ready early morning and your cocktail hour doesn’t start till 6 – it’s good to have quick grab and go snacks on hand. From mouthwash, hair spray and pins to double side tape, these items will ensure you can make it through any wedding day emergency with confidence. Once you’ve decided what should be included in your kit, grab your main gal and your mom and have them take a look to see if you have overlooked anything.

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