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Bride’s Vow to Wow Soul-mate, Venue, Flowers, & Music are checked off the wedding planner. The Three StoogesTM characters, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of C3 Entertainment, Inc. This kit came out of the desire to keep stress down, create more time for photos and more time for you to spend with your friends and family – very similar to why I made my family formals checklist. Wedding tip: if you forgot your sewing kit and are getting ready at a hotel, have someone go to the concierge and ask for at least 2 of their sewing kits.
There have been so many times where a pin had broken or was loss in the shuffle of the day. If you have a wedding outdoors or plan to do any photos or video outdoors, especially in Florida, you need this! SuperGlue can actually be used in a pinch to fix broken nails, and stop small cuts from bleeding.
When it comes to calming wedding day stress it’s always good to follow the Boy Scout mantra of “Be Prepared.” No matter how much time you’ve spent meticulously planning out every detail for your wedding day there’s always those unexpected mishaps that just simply happen…like waking up on your wedding day to a forecast of heavy rain, a migraine headache or even the unthinkable zit. By expecting the unexpected on your wedding day, your wedding day emergency kit will have you prepared for those unplanned emergencies in a snap.
Here is our comprehensive list of all the items we could possibly come up with to include in your wedding day emergency kit. Teaspoons (4)– keep these in the freezer, use for an allergy attack of your eyes or swollen red eyes from too little sleep.
Safety pins – for dress alterations in a pinch or to hold a wilting bouquet flower in its place.
Static guard – to keep bridesmaids dresses from getting stuck in all the wrong places.
So when I received an invitation to my cousin’s bridal shower I knew immediately what I wanted to give her. From a chipped nail to blisters in your dancin’ shoes this DIY Bridal Emergency Kit will have you covered.

I keep a basic kit of tried and true necessities that keep the wedding day as stress-free, as comfortable, and to stay as close to our timeline as possible. Brush a good amount between your thighs and breast to keep you cool and not chap up if you’re doing an outdoor wedding or if it is predicted to be a hot day. To me it’s more sanitizing than a stick and can be used by an entire bridal party if someone forgot to pack anything like that.
A good hotel will have your basic necessities (toothbrushes, bobby pins, extra lotion, small sewing kit and shampoos), it never hurts to ask them – especially since you are a guest there. My aunt owns many salons in Naples, I practically grew up in them, you pick up tips and tricks here and there. A make-up artist actually told me that she uses hand sanitizer to clean her brushes between clients on the go, like a wedding. And I just give them to whomever needs it – I will never reuse Chapstick or lip balm once it is used. When gathering items for your emergency kit, be sure to include anything that you know you will need, like an epi pen or any other medications you routinely rely on. From personal hygiene, medical mini emergencies to hair and makeup mishaps and the random miscellaneous must haves.
Hold the back of the spoon over the affected area and massage gently to calm puffy redness and relieve itchiness.
Go for an all natural kind rather than one full of deet so you don’t end up smelling horrible.
Of course you’ve ordered in some brunch for your wedding party while they’re getting ready (hint, hint) but if you’re getting ready early morning and your cocktail hour doesn’t start till 6 – it’s good to have quick grab and go snacks on hand. That is why (even long before I became a planner myself) I always tell newly engaged couples one thing.
I realized I could get way more sticker paper for the money by purchasing the small, individual label size over whole sheets of sticker paper. I do not keep gum because sometimes there’s no where to throw it away and a groom or bride may forgot and be chewing gum at the alter.

You can do the same by swirling your brushes in at least 90% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol), it’s best for 99% which you can pick up online. It goes to fixing every fashion mishap I can think of- minus a broken zipper that needed actual sewing repair. From mouthwash, hair spray and pins to double side tape, these items will ensure you can make it through any wedding day emergency with confidence.
Plus, it actually worked out better for me since I was cutting out different shapes anyway. The clear nail polish does wonders for runs in pantyhose, tears in the veil, or a last minute glue job if necessary. It can also be used photographically as a stand in for jewelry wax or setting up small macro or detail shots. Build your kit with the basics first, then think about anything you fear can happen, then add it in.
Once you’ve decided what should be included in your kit, grab your main gal and your mom and have them take a look to see if you have overlooked anything.
I also saved some money by purchasing travel bottles at the dollar store and filling them with some of the liquid items (mouthwash, nail polish remover, etc.).
The nail clippers can be used to clip small threads or tags in a pinch, tweezers for just about everything else. My husband and I hired a day-of coordinator because I did not want to feel like a producer at my own wedding.

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