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San Diego wedding planning and Day of wedding coordination services specifically designed for DIY Brides and their busy lifestyles. The One Pound Wedding has been flooding the news in the wedding industry, so I thought I would share the Scotland couple’s story with my readers!
I also found an AWESOME article to go along with this wedding with some major ideas on ways to practically save on your wedding budget!
A couple from Scotland spent less on their wedding day than most people dole out for their morning coffee. Artist Georgina Porteous, 36, and 39-year-old singer-songwriter Sid Innes budgeted just $1.56 for their big day.
For the reception, the venue was decorated with locally grown flowers, hay bales, and lanterns that community farmers contributed. While cost-cutting measures that Innes and Porteous took for their nuptials are certainly extreme, there are plenty of ways to have a budget-friendly wedding. The dress — If you don’t have a a friend or family member who can lend you a dress (that she probably wore only once), there are a lot of great websites that sell once-worn wedding dresses. The rings — Not everyone is as deft at ring-making as Porteous is, but Etsy has plenty of artisans with similar skills who sell affordable alternatives to typical gold and silver wedding bands. Flowers — In the United States, $1,997 was the average amount spent on flowers and decor per wedding in 2012. Venue — Being able to throw a wedding at your own place or at the home of a friend or family member is the cheapest route, but for those outsourcing to other locations, there are tricks for trimming expenses. The wedding cake — Wedding cakes cost, on average, $560, but you certainly don’t have to spend that much.
Pinterest is the Greatest wedding planning tool to come along since the first wedding magazine was published! First of all, if your wedding planner is not on Pinterest, you should probably find a new one, cause there is probably something seriously wrong with them!
Any good wedding photographer will ask you for a list of must have shots that you want to have taken on your wedding day.
If you are like most brides, many or at least some of your closest friends don’t live near you.
Keeping all of your ideas visually in separate boards will help you to keep things organized! San Diego Wedding Planner describes how to be smart about using Pinterest in all aspects of your wedding! Make sure to pack your regular, non-tinted chap stick to apply throughout the day so your lips don’t dry out, you’ll be smiling a lot! A file or an emory board – there is nothing worse than a chipped nail or a hangnail snagging on your veil!
A piece of SEALED dark chocolate – coco releases endorphins, good for when you get anxious! I always give this to the bride either the night before, or the morning of, when she wakes up. This is the face of the unfortunate realization that your outdoor garden party that you have been dreaming of will now be indoors due to rain… Trust me, you don’t want this feeling to be the one you remember about your wedding day! Make sure you take time with your new husband to really enjoy the party you worked so hard to plan.
I’ve been planning this party in my head, and on Pinterest, since she was 3 weeks old! This past weekend I created a care package for her that included an emergency kit and bathroom basket.
Hi, I'm Courtney and I am a Wedding Planner- no, not like Jennifer Lopez in "The Wedding Planner" movie {I get that a lot}. I am finally getting around to blogging this awesome storybook themed wedding from July in Calabasas. We love traveling for weddings, and this one brought us up to the border of LA and Thousand Oaks to Diablo Dormido, which was absolutely gorgeous.
This day was so super sunny and hot for us while setting up, but it was all worth it for the AMAZING sunset over the canyon- wowsers. We offer a large variety of customizable wedding planning services for engaged couples in San Diego.

This innovative couple was able to spend only one Scottish Pound ($1.56 US) on their entire wedding.
The newlyweds asked their guests to bring food and drinks for a potluck picnic and Porteous’s aunt baked the cake. This will allow you to keep your thoughts organized (a separate board for centerpieces and bouquet ideas).
This ensures that on the day of, when everything is going a mile a minute, your photographer can look at the list and know that you absolutely want a photo of you and your big sister back to back. Organization and Lack of Procrastination are the secret keys to successfully planning a wedding without turning into a…, you know! And even if you do hire a Day of Coordinator to handle last minute situations, they are not able to be with the bride every minute of that day. I give it to the bride, but I make sure that the Maid of Honor knows that she is in charge of it!
Pay an extra visit to your florist and work out changes to your bouquets and centerpieces — adding new blooms in all of your arrangements will introduce a new color throughout the room.
If you spend your whole wedding day directing the photographer and making sure the bridal party makes their entrance on cue, you’ll be missing out on a lot of amazing memories.
Instead of panicking, throw on some cute rain boots, grab a big umbrella, and start posing for some adorable rainy-day photographs. I can’t believe that it has come and gone so quickly, it just doesn’t seem like she is a whole year old!
A real -life emergency fighting, boutonniere pinning, oops-our-DJ-didn't-show-up-but-Courtney-will-fix-it Wedding Planner.
The wedding photographer who captured the festivities bartered his services in exchange for some film editing by Porteous.
An alternative cost-cutting measure is to ask the bakery for a smaller display cake and have extra sheet cakes in the kitchen for when it runs out.
It is a great place to organize your thoughts visually, discover new and creative ways to do just about anything, and to share your ideas with others.
Being able to share visual ideas with your florist will make sure that your flowers are exactly as you envision them. A wedding planners job on the Big Day is not limited to being the guardian angel of the bridal party, there is set up and vendor coordination that will be taking place in various different locations. The Maid of Honor or the Mother of the Bride, who ever will be with the bride more, should be in charge of knowing where this bag is at all times of the day.
Well, do you want to have a nonrefundable deposit down on that cozy restaurant room that fits 75 when your mother-in-law’s additions bump your list up over 200? Instead of overloading your Twitter feed with wedding details, create a wedding-planning blog for those who want to keep tabs on the ups and downs. They want you to love the result (after all, your recommendation hinges on it!), so they’re going to strive to please.
If those tasks seem to daunting, keep it simple: Put your excellent penmanship to use and write out the escort cards, or make your own welcome bags for out-of-town guests with maps of the area and a few local goodies. Honorary jobs are still jobs, and chances are, they’ll have a much better time if you just let them enjoy the party rather than having them stand guard by the guest book.
Even if you don’t hire a day-of wedding coordinator, put a trusted relative or bridesmaid in charge of making sure things go smoothly on the big day. And for those of you around the Southern California area who keep saying that you’ve never felt it so hot as the last couple weeks or so. The cupcakes held fake candles made out of a paper straw cut in half and a little bit of yellow tissue paper stuffed into the end! I would love to help you plan a wedding day that is so much fun, you & your guests will remember it forever. And the affair’s music came courtesy of the bride’s father, who played jazz on the saxophone. Additionally, tying the knot on a Friday or a Sunday is slightly less expensive than on a Saturday. In this post, I’d like to discuss 5 smart ways that you can use Pinterest to be the ultimate modern bride.
It is much easier to post inspirational photos to Pinterest as you see them than to remember them 2 weeks before your big day when you are asked to have the list ready.

Think about adding a bold sash or accessorizing with chandelier earrings to liven them up a bit. And wouldn’t you rather help someone who trusts your abilities rather than second-guesses everything you do?
Her mother officiated the ceremony and a neighborhood reverend donated his services for free in order to make it all official. Sample sales, consignment shops, eBay and e-commerce site Etsy, which focuses on handmade and vintage items, are great options as well. Also, colors of flowers come in many different shades, so telling your florist you want peach colored roses to match the bridesmaids dresses, could result in a orange shade, if the florist does not have an exact visual to go off of. It is also easier to show your photographer a visual example of the style of photographs that you want ,then to try to describe it in words through an email. And I wanted their input, I didn’t want to be one of those brides that just said here’s your ugly dress, now fork over some cash! Turning from just inspirations, into how to tutorials that you know you can’t to forget, into a dialog between you and your vendors.
I pack it full of goodies for the bride for any emergency situation that may arise while I am off doing the other things that planners do. On your wedding day, all eyes (and camera phones) will be on you, meaning your every move is subject to instant Internet infamy. A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve already signed a contract or seen a proof, you will have to pay extra for any changes or additions you make.
There’s no harm in giving a good amount of direction at the outset, but asking for daily progress reports is overkill. Last year, this same time, I remember precisely how hot it was, and if anything this is cooler! After a trip to the carousel in Balboa Park in San Diego, I quickly learned that my daughter shares the love of carousels!
A shared board between your florist, your wedding planner, and yourself, can make sure that no exclusive industry vocabulary gets in your way of achieving your vision! It is also a great way for your vendors to connect before your big day to collaborate on ideas that will transform your wedding into the event that everyone else wants to emulate! That said, this means that one of the parts of your wedding you can plan immediately (or at least talk over with your fiance) is what kind of atmosphere you’d like for your wedding.
But Monday’s weather, though still hot, decided to give me a little break and be a breezy 87 degrees rather than a stale 96. I put popcorn bags filled with the toddler’s version of popcorn – Pirate booty! To share a board with your planner, simply add your planners email address or name to the board settings when you create it.
You can post dress options you like for them, they can post options they like, and everyone feels like they at least have a part in the process. An awesome wedding doesn’t need to cost a ton of money, it just takes creativity and work. Just know that if I am your planner, you will not need to worry about scrambling at the last minute to pack this extra bag.
Do you want an intimate, close friends and family-only affair, or do you want to throw the event of the season for 300-plus people? When you post a wedding element that you would like implemented in your own wedding, your planner can instantly see it and begin working on the details to make it happen for you!
If it seems like too much work, hire a wedding planner to help with some of the details or the coordination of it all! Later, when you’re in the guest-list trenches, this bit of planning will help back up your gut instinct about whether to say yes (or no) to guest-list additions. I am also grateful for the family members and friends who are always so willing to help with their time and talents! And my amazing husband, who was able to get her down for a 3 Hour Nap before the shindig, I can’t even do that when the stars are alined and I’ve found a lucky four leaf clover!

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