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This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes. This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.In making the list, the team members drew on their own experiences, as well as advice from the National Hurricane Center, American Red Cross, National Weather Service, the state emergency management agencies for Alabama and Mississippi, and other sources.
A comedy routine which involves a character really having to go to the bathroom, and being prevented from doing so by various plot contrivances. For example: the routine may start with the character partaking in a drinking contest of sorts. Sometimes a Potty Emergency won't end like this, but instead, end with the character fainting or just giving up and going in some random place, damn the consequences. A person trapped in a Potty Emergency can expect to be sadistically subjected to all sorts of "watery" imagery — flowing water, spraying water, splashing water, kids running through sprinklers, water fountains, and worst of all, lemonade.
This trope can also happen on another end of the body, as the effect of food poisoning or a laxative or emetic prank. Sometimes a variant has the character(s) looking for a place to perform some non-potty-related but similarly private activity such as changing clothes, making out, or whatever. Sometimes this is punctuated with the character engaging in a little Calling Your Bathroom Breaks. Iba from Bleach has this problem in an omake where he's running frantically through a marketplace searching for a restroom, and is directed to one by the canine Captain Komamura. In Gintama, Gintoki and Hijikata both have this problem after they ended up being handcuffed together as a result of one of Okita's pranks.
The non-canon short "Konoha Sports Festival" has Naruto trying to go to the bathroom between track and field events that motivates him to go much faster to be done quicker. There's also a scene in the second episode where he has to break off from fighting Sasuke to go relieve himself. Removing an angel's halo in Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan triggers an automatic Potty Emergency. An entire episode of Lost Universe, had an entire episode revolving around the 2 main characters desperately running around the spaceship looking for the only bathroom. Offhand comments by other characters imply that Yue has to run to the bathroom like this a lot. In the Ranma ? episode "Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal", Gosunkugi tries to prevent Ranma from using the bathroom during a potty emergency, but seeing as it is Ranma he's dealing with things don't go so well for him. One case (Episode 156-157) featured Conan, Detective Takagi, and the kids trying to prove the innocence of a man who was handcuffed with Sato in an abandoned building. Kanata spends most of So Ra No Wo To's eighth episode waiting by the phone in case it rings. In a chapter of the Gunsmith Cats manga, Rally Vincent finds herself in this situation while stowed away in Bean Bandit's car. An episode of Those Who Hunt Elves has a variation on this, as Junpei refuses to go #2 until he finds some toilet paper. In a filler episode of Dragon Ball, Goku volunteers to fight the leader of a rival school since the teacher was nice enough to feed him. Tenchi in Tokyo: Let's just say you should never be in the way when Mihoshi really really has to pee. Death Note has a scene involving Misa tied up for investigation, but wants to use the bathroom.
When Misato gets trapped in a lift during a power cut, she starts to need to use the bathroom. In the episode first introducing Asuka, there is a brief scene of Shinji and Pen-Pen doing a Potty Dance as Asuka is in the bathroom. In episode 13 of Nichijou the Professor has a light night Potty Emergency and is too scared to go alone due to stormy weather.
Subverted in the manga of Captain Tsubasa, where Tsubasa's dad Koudai actually got out of the bathroom when Tsubasa scored a goal and his match was being televised.
Futaba has one in Episode 5 of Zouryouchuu!, but can't make her point clear enough due to having lost her voice; in that same season, Mitsuba has a brief one in Episode 7.
In the same episode, Mikoto suffers from a couple after accidentally cursing herself with diarrhea.
In Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiinda Ga, this happens to Mitsuki Kanzaki from time to time because she has been forced to wear a magic chastity belt that can only be opened for three minutes at a time before it automatically reappears on her.
This is how the titular kitten of Chi's Sweet Home got her name ("chi" is the Japanese equivalent of "wee"), as she had trouble realizing where she had to go (the litter box) to safely pee.
The Youkai Fidgephant of Yo-Kai Watch has the power to make this happen to people (first appearance: Episode 8). In Magic User's Club, Episode 3, Sae comes down with a case of this while trapped in a closet. In The Brave Figher of Legend Da Garn, episode 36, Seiji has to pee and calls Da-Garn to find him a deserted island. In Nounai Poison Berry, Chapter 8, Ichiko quietly goes through a case of this—and due to being the "present" part of Ichiko, Hatako also feels it, and is very vocal about it. In Plastic Memories this happens to Isla, at the end of episode 1, after drinking too much green tea. Played for Laughs in episode four of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, which is surprising considering how grim the series is. Sena has a prolonged one in Episode 10 of The Comic Artist and His Assistants while trapped in an elevator.
Invoked by Hana when she forces Kiyoshi to drink tea that will make him want to use the restroom.
When Shingo, Jo, and Gakuto end up locked in their room, a great deal of trouble is had finding a container when the latter really has to pee.
Downplayed example here; a blonde girl from the obscure Mahoutsukai no Tamagotachi, Volume 2, wakes up with one in the middle of the night. Kamisama Dolls: Utao and Moyako both have one in the middle of Chapter 47, during a traffic jam.
In Episode 2 of Strange Dawn, due to being Trapped in Another World that has no human facilities, Eri ends up with a case of this. A Meanwhile strip in an issue of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac had a guy on a date with Devi desperately trying to hold back an attack of diarrhea.
Brittany Diggers undergoes one of these while in a submarine in the first issue of the full color version of Gold Digger. Poor Mace in Dreamkeepers has a mild case when running waters reminds him that he needs to go. This is the running gag for poor Superintendente Vicente in the Mortadelo y Filemon book El Bacilón. A one-off strip in Viz entitled Doctor Poo (sic) featured the Fourth Doctor in a pan-galactic quest for somewhere to defecate.
The teaser for *NSYNC's Superbowl performance was that they were in the middle of going to the bathroom. As waves approach the coast, the distance between the adjacent wave crests diminishes from 1,500km to 5km. Near the coast, waves can reach 10 m in height, and in areas with intricate landscape (wedge-shaped bays, river, valleys, etc.) they can be more than 50 m high. Hey guys, I still haven't setup a generator input to my house as I keep waiting for the time when I'm gonna buy a LP 20-30kw for permanent installation.
I do not want a separate generator panel with specific circuits, I want to have the flexibility to pick and choose any of the breakers in either panel as the situation may need.
I do not care about automatic switching or starting, I just want a box with a big ass lever that selects powerco - off - generator.. If anyone can point me to affordable options for such a switch I'm all ears, but until then I just want to go ahead and wire a basic generator input box to my two panels. I have two Murray panels and I also have two proper Murray interlock kits that have the sliding lever to only allow either the main or the top-left breaker pair to ever be on at the same time. I do have an open building permit on my property still for an addition I've been building and this generator input will be inspected. I've talked to a few electricians and they give different answers as to how to do this with two panels. In this next pic the generator input box feeds one panel, then another breaker in the same panels feeds over to the second panel.
You could use an interlock kit on the main breakers and put a 30A back fed breaker in each panel. I think you can use the panel as a junction box and pass through to the other panel and not need to use that additional breaker. So it is ok to just run the feed from each backfeed breaker into the input box and make them up together essentially just splitting the input?
One electrician I talked to on a job was saying that was not the way to do it and to jump one panel to feed the other. I added another comment in my first post about possibly being able to do the splices in the main breaker box and then feeding over to the other box just as you pictured (2nd pic) but eliminating that additional breaker.

I have that same inlet box and it may be impossible to bring in two feeds and wirenut with pigtails to the inlet. My first concern was that you're using a 30A receptacle, but (comparatively speaking) I see that's a mighty small generator so that's not a big deal. With your setup, if you transfer the whole panel, do you have any indication when the utility power returns? Lakee911 brings up some good points and NEC can be tricky when it comes to stuff like this. Having flexability is my biggest concern, when the power is out and there is nothing to do I have no issues with going outside to reset a breaker on the generator.
There will be 3 fridges and a deepfreeze, but I only care about the deep freeze and one fridge, and a few lights.
I can use a 50amp input box, with 50amp input breakers and 8-3 wire if it would be better?? I do not have a portable generator yet, so the size is not set in stone, just looking at ~$1000 give or take a little. Single 400amp service feed into meterbase on the outside garage wall, this has two feeds coming out of it and each goes into one of the dual 200amp panels directly behind the meter base. Both panels are grounded to the same ground rod, and the neutral has a jumper from the one neutral bar to the other.
I see what you mean, it is a fairly small box to make up x2 10-3's plus a third pigtail going to the rear of the plug and then shoved back in to mount the faceplate.
And I don't believe there are any bonding issues with this type of setup with a portable gen.
I can use a 50amp input box if that better, with 50amp input breakers and 8-3 wire if it would be better?? Both panels are grounded to the same ground rod, and the nuetral has a jumper from the one neutral bar to the other.
When you have two panels, *I* would expect that to be done in the meter enclosure, however, I have read online (and I don't know if its NEC compliant or not) that sometimes it's bonded in both locations and each panel shares the ground rods. Registered nurses (RNs) treat patients, advise patients and provide emotional support to patients and their family members during difficult times.
RNs instruct patients and their families about post-treatment illness or injury management, making nutrition and exercise program recommendations. Some nurses do not directly care for patients, they are still required to maintain an active RN license. Nursing can be dangerous since they work with individuals afflicted with infectious and communicable diseases.
Additional information about nursing programs can be obtained from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). The median annual wage for registered nurses working in the United States is roughly $66,000 - about half of all nurses earned more and half less.
In addition to an annual salary, employers offer nurses other benefits including educational reimbursement, childcare and bonuses. Of all the career fields in the United States, nursing is projected to be one of the most attractive over the next decade.
Due to an aging population, demand for healthcare services as whole is projected to increase for many years to come. If you have not placed your important documents in a bank safe-deposit box, collect them, copy them and take them there. Or, even more humiliatingly, it will end when the character just can't hold it any longer, resulting in Potty Failure. When he goes where Komamura pointed, Iba only finds a dog peeing on a phone pole, much to his horror.
They spend a lot of time brainstorming over how they'll take turns using the toilet without having to see each other with their pants down, only to discover that the only available toilet is a Japanese-style one (The sort that's built directly into the floor) rather then the Western-style one they expecting, rendering all of their previous ideas useless. This backfires as he ends up winning everything, and is surrounded by crowds congratulating him.
To make things worse an ancient space trap was constantly and completely remapping the spaceship at the time.
When the case is solved and Sato freed, the first thing she does upon free is desperately ask for a toilet. His son became angry because he was not chosen to fight in his father's place so he put medicine in Goku's soup that would make him go to the bathroom and force him to withdraw from the match. Goku and Vegeta are blasting things inside Majin Buu, it causes rather violent reactions in his stomach, and he turns a giant rock into a portapotty and proceeds to explode violently, creating a large green cloud and disgusting everyone in the vicinity (especially Mr Satan). She doesn't have very much trouble holding it, but ultimately fails due to a sudden bolt of lightning spooking her.
While Himeno opens the door for them, she assumes Sara's cries were as a result of Kiyotaka trying to take advantage of her. When it comes to the latter part, she is very desperate and squirming by the time she asks the owner and finds out the truth. The problem is that he is actually a boy turned into a girl and has to use the girl's bathroom, even though he has trouble figuring out how to do this. Bogie warned her to pee before the flight, but she insisted that she wouldn't wet her pants. His final line, "Somebody put s*** in my pants!", has since become synonymous with the series. She spots her sister's favorite thermos, and stares at it as her sister and Ryan unknowingly make more and more innuendos involving needing to pee.
When he seeks seclusion, he is prevented from relieving himself by the Nightmare that was following the group.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Getting its "foothold" on the coastal seabed, the wave, which has large kinetic energy, starts to roll and comes up high. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The wire length is only about 24" to each panel, as the inlet box will be on the wall behind the panels, beside the meter base. I do already have the proper interlock kits for my panels, and my local code does allow interlocking kits for generator installs. When the load is grossly oversized compared to what the generator can handle and you’re stuck transferring the entire panel, I think most folks are disappointed in the (their?) ability to manually manage the loads.
I have small six switch panel at home with over current protection on the gen side for each circuit. This would allow a larger portable generator, but is it a concern to have too large of a input breaker with a smaller generator of 20-30amp max output?
This would allow a larger portable generator, but is it concern to too large of a input breaker with a smaller generator of 20-30amp max output? If the downstream breaker (your back fed breaker in the panel) is larger than the upstream breaker (generator breaker), then you're going to trip the upstream breaker. RNs document patients' medical histories and symptoms, help doctors perform diagnostic tests, administer treatment and medications, and follow-up with patients during rehabilitation. Plans could include the monitoring and administration of prescription drugs, setting up and monitoring (IV) lines for fluid, coordinating treatments, patient observation, record keeping, and discussing patient care with doctors.
Ambulatory care nurses provide preventive care and treat patients in physicians' offices or in clinics. Cardiovascular nurses treat patients with coronary heart disease and those who have had heart surgery.
Case managers assure patients with severe injuries and illnesses receive the necessary treatments. Home health and public health nurses travel to meet with patients in their homes, schools, or other public locations. Some schools sponsor accelerated programs for students with bachelor's degrees in other fields. The lowest 10 percent of nurses earn less than $45,000 a year, while the top 10 percent make over $95,000 a year.
The industry has a projected growth rate of 19% through 2022 and there will 500,000 new nurses hired during this time.
The elderly experience many chronic conditions, such as dementia, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity.
He tries to sneak into the women's restroom instead, and we hear screams coming from inside followed by a couple irate women chasing him out.
Relatedly, a character who has to go to the bathroom while asleep will have dreams of such watery imagery.
We hear a gross noise just as a couple of other shinigami across from him peer out of the men's room and wonder what Iba is doing.
They ultimately resort to having the one not using the toilet do a handstand on the back of the other until they finish.

The absurdity of a ship the size of Swordbreaker having only one bathroom is lampshaded and justified by Canal, the Spaceship Girl of Swordbreaker, brattishly proclaiming she "hates bathrooms" and snippily noting that one bathroom wasn't a problem before when it was just her and Kane Blueriver aboard (as a hologram, she doesn't use it, obviously).
In chapter 31, the Big Bad of the arc kidnaps Konoka from a bathroom, and leaves a talking charm behind to make everyone think she's still in there. The irony of the situation is Sato and her suspect were cuffed to a (non-functioning) toilet the entire time. This backfires, however, because Goku did not become sick until the match started, making Goku ask for the match to be stop so he could go the restroom.
When Alto says that he doesn't know what might be living in the jungle so he's going with her, she understandably roars "DAMEEEE ZETTAI!!!
As she's standing on Kaji's shoulders at the time, trying to force open the roof exit, he's quite grateful. Kiyoshi is aware of this and tries to hold it in so he doesn't have to ask for permission to use the restroom. He manages to find a bathroom, but the violent, spasmodic diarrhea from the next stall cut him short. The joke is shortly dropped in rather anticlimactic fashion, though since it's heavily implied that, yes, exactly what you would expect did happen, maybe it's best that they didn't show the obvious "hilarity ensuing" of that.
When a nearby fire hydrant erupts, she can't stand it any longer and literally stops traffic while she runs to the rest room. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Just combine all four wire to the lugs in the input box, then each 10-3 to the respective panel and hooked up like any normal circuit? It seems to me that the first diagram, and like you mention is the same way the meterbase is feeding the panels, just splitting the power.
I didn't know if there was anything in the NEC pointing out dual panel feeds from a single backfeed input. But the house is around 5000sqft (some currently unfinished), and depending on what time of year or temperature it is we may setup camp in a different area of the house. Typically you'll have one place where the grounded conductor (nuetral) is bonded (jumpered) to the grounding conductor (ground). When you put panel B in backup it becomes a subpanel to A and subpanel needs 4W connection, not 3W connection.
Some ambulatory care nurses are involved in telehealth, using telecommunications technology to provide health care. Forensics nurses treat the victims of violent crimes or serious accidents, as well as investigate the circumstances of the crime or accident. Although you can be licensed as a registered nurse with an associate's degree, many organizations are lobbying for all registered nurses to hold bachelor's degrees. Those at the top end of the pay scale are usually registered nurse specialists and practitioners.
The character then runs outside and darts behind a nearby tree to relieve himself, only to find it occupied by a child playing hide-and-seek.
His opponent ignores his plea and beat him up, causing a little to come out, which pissed Goku off.
L comments that she's only claiming to need to use the toilet to get out of her restraints. Mari notices Mirai's discomfort easily and gets her a disposable, paper toilet but Mirai is too embarrassed to use it. The two panels already have the grounds and neutrals jumped together on the side bars between each panel.
I will be getting a large NG unit once I can find a 400amp switch over panel to do what I want.
If you even think you'll need more juice later, make the power inlet as large as you would like and upsize the receptacle, the wire and the backfed breaker. RNs with advanced educational training may perform diagnostic tests and prescribe some medication.
Critical care nurses provide care to patients with serious or life threatening injuries that require close monitoring.
Infection control nurses identify, track, and control infectious disease outbreaks and develop plans to deal with the outbreak. Nursing working in hospitals and nursing homes work many night and weekend hours since these patients require 24-hour care.
Registered nurses with master's degrees will enjoy better job prospects and earning potential. Due to new federal health insurance regulations and guidelines a much larger percentage of people will now have access to health insurance and health care. The character then runs off and ducks into an side street, only to find a young, cardigan sweater-wearing couple strolling down it.
She tries to use a portable toilet however a man cuts in line which causes the man in back of Mirai to get into a fight with him.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.
But it's been 5 years now I've been building on this house and have yet to get anything, so I want to get something now, as it may be a few more years before I spend the money to do the large permanent LP generator. The wire can be larger than the breaker or the inlet, but the inlet needs to be larger or equal to the breaker.
Collect valuable paperwork, including prescription information, in a watertight container; be ready to take it with you.
They finally discover what happened when Yue can't hold it any longer and kicks the door in. And I will keep this small input wired as is once the permanent one goes in to have as a backup still if there is ever a problem with the new one. Crank up your portable generator and chainsaw to test them, and buy extra oil and oil filters, as needed. No sooner has he started unfurling his pants, than he looks up and notices that the bus is filled with a group of gawking nuns who are staring slack-jawed down at him. Subverted immediately afterwards as the bad guys take advantage of them being separate to kidnap Ranka.
Review your plan to prepare your house for any approaching storm, and to evacuate your family in case of an evacuation order.
After a few more failed attempts at hiding and peeing, the character finally ducks into a building, runs down a dark corridor and into a room filled with rows of folding chairs, a podium, and a waste-paper basket. Sighing happily, the character unzips his trousers and starts relieving himself into the waste-paper basket — at which point, the lights go on and a large group of burly police officers start filing into the room. If you own a boat, think about how you would secure it, or where and how you’d relocate it in an emergency. Infusion nurses specialize in administering fluids or medications through injections into patients' veins. Ask yourself: Would they suffice if I had to unload my freezer, and had no power for a week? Long- term care nurses provide health care services to patients in long-term care facilities.
Medical-surgical nurses assist patients scheduled to have surgery or those with other medical diagnoses. If you are interested in obtaining flood insurance, call your agent or check the fema.gov website for a list of participating companies. Perianesthesia nurses provide preoperative and postoperative care to patients receiving anesthesia during and after surgery. Perioperative nurses assist surgeons by handling surgical tools, controlling bleeding, and suturing incisions. As warranted, elevate furniture a few inches, and cover expensive furniture with plastic sheeting.
Be sure that your fire extinguisher is in working order and is sufficient for your home and property. Radiology nurses work with patients being treated or diagnosed with equipment that emits radiation. Transplant nurses care for people who have received organ transplants or are awaiting transplants. Schedule any roof repairs, and to talk with a builder or home improver about installing hurricane straps and clips if you lack them. If you are thinking of buying hurricane shutters, generators or chain saws, this is an excellent time to get that done.

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