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Clearpath Managed Disaster Recovery Services guarantee that your business critical applications are available no matter what happens. Organizations are constantly evolving through growth, down-sizing, new initiatives, and overall technology innovations.
Be a better judge of how to improve the value of your network and enhance your security practices. Such a customized analysis maximizes the productivity, communications and collaboration between your employees, as well as with vendors and partners. Incorporating your technology assessment with an IT plan can yield an environment that is stable, secure and efficient.
For example, phone systems, alarm systems, and computer data networks used to be separate resources, but now have become more unified. IT planning gives you the opportunity to think ahead about your organization's future needs as they relate to your business goals.
Many organizations are content to have a disaster recovery plan that provides for minimal basic services in the event of a disaster because of the expense and complexity involved in providing geo-redundant capabilities across all systems.
Have you thought about true business continuity while the original IT infrastructure is being rebuilt? We provide a Virtual CIO to work with you in a consultative manner to design and deliver an IT solution that complements your business goals and objectives. Our experience saves you time by enabling you to learn from our past mistakes, eliminates frustration, and helps you to achieve your goals - on time and on budget. Vendesco provides integrated, innovative infrastructure-based marketing services and that allow our clients to cross-market consumer products from an array of suppliers following inbound voice, e-mail and web interactions. Vendesco provides integrated, infrastructure-based marketing services that allow our clients to cross-market consumer products from an array of suppliers following inbound voice, e-mail and web interactions. Ok, ok – I understand most of you are saying disaster recovery (DR) is still a critical aspect of running any type of operations. There are really two things forcing us to look at disaster recovery differently across the board. The first time we realized that DR in its traditional meaning will not work was when we setup OpenStack Swift over 5 nodes in 3 geographical spread data centers intended for volumes in Petabytes. As the volume of data goes in one direction – the acceptable down time in general – goes the other direction.
Ask yourself – all that data that I am shooting to a different data center for DR – when did you do a full scale test to see how long it would be to restore 100 TB or more? Medical Professionals Face Unique Challenges Using The CloudMedical Professionals Using The Cloud The presence and value of Cloud tools have seeped into virtually every industry, and the medical profession is certainly no exception. The Internet of Things And The Knowledge RevolutionThe Knowledge Revolution Think about a few things in your life right now. Methodically Plan Your Cloud Design FirstAre You Sure You Are Ready For The Cloud: Design For the last few months, we have been discussing getting ready to go to the cloud. Banking On Recurring Revenue In The CloudRecurring Revenue In The Cloud Many common traditions have held up for centuries (Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?), but the post millennial world of business and technology has perennially followed the idea that traditions are meant to be broken.
The Open Performance Grid: Utopia Comes To TechThe Open Performance Grid “For what greater wealth can there be than cheerfulness, peace of mind, and freedom from anxiety?” So wrote the English author and philosopher Sir Thomas More in his novel, Utopia, almost 500 years ago.
Hoarders And Data Collectors: On The Brink Of UnmanageabilityHoarders and Data Collectors In our physical world, hoarders are deemed “out of control” when they collect too much.
CloudTweaks is recognized as one of the leading influencers in cloud computing, infosec, big data and the internet of things (IoT) information. The key to surviving such an event is a business continuity strategy, a set of policies and procedures for reacting to and recovering from an IT-disabling disaster, and the main component of a business continuity strategy is to create a disaster recovery plan (DRP).
The first step in drafting a disaster recovery plan is conducting a thorough risk analysis of your computer systems. For example, a small Internet company (less than 50 employees) located in California could rate an earthquake threat as medium probability and high impact, while the threat of utility failure due to a power outage could rate high probability and high impact.

The results of Step 1 should be a comprehensive list of possible threats, each with its corresponding solution and cost.
Disaster recovery budgets vary from company to company but they typically run between 2 and 8 percent of the overall IT budget. And by the way, if this looks like your company’s disaster recovery plan, you may want to look more closely at a cloud backup and data recovery solution like ours.
Disaster Recovery - Importance of disaster recovery planning Recent research supports the idea that implementing a more holistic pre-disaster planning approach is more cost-effective in the long run.
Control measures are steps or mechanisms that can reduce or eliminate various threats to your organization. Our mission is to develop superior technology solutions and services that empower and improve the profitability and competitive position of our customers.
We honor this mission every day through innovative development, a close connection and responsibility to our customers, and a strong ethical approach to service and support.
SharePoint workflows are great at streamlining and tracking processes, ensuring their compliance, and automating tasks.
Deploy collaboration sites that connect teams, improve access to information and increase productivity. All Content is Critical; Manage your organization's content, from collaboration to official records, using SharePoint. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
If your current Disaster Recovery plan includes the use of tapes or complex procedures to recover business critical applications, then you’re behind the times.
If you installed one of these recently without making sure it integrated with the others, you know the frustration and expense of having to build and manage separate networks.
The process of planning will help you understand how information flows in your organization and provide a clear set of priorities to on which to focus. Vendesco's Virtual CIOs have decades of experience in assessing and planning IT environments for organizations of all sizes and complexity. Is it not time to go live – live over multiple data centers for all of your critical services?
Our goal is to continue to build our growing information portal by providing the best in-depth articles, interviews, event listings, whitepapers, infographics and much more. List all the possible risks that threaten system up time and evaluate how imminent they are in your particular IT shop. So in this company’s risk analysis, a power outage would be a higher risk than an earthquake and would therefore be a higher priority when you create a disaster recovery plan.
How long can your business afford to be without its computer systems should one of your threats occur? Companies for which system availability is crucial usually are on the higher end of the scale, while companies that can function without it are on the lower end. If, for example, they determine that the company must be up within 48 hours of an incident to stay viable, then you can calculate the amount of time it would take to execute the recovery plan and have the business back up in that time frame. The script will also outline priorities for the recovery: What needs to be recovered first? Eventually you’ll need to perform a component-level restoration of your largest databases to get a realistic assessment of your recovery procedure, but a periodic walk-through of the procedure with the Recovery Team will assure that everyone knows their roles. When it comes to Disaster Recovery, it is important to choose a provider you can trust to get your business back up and operational as soon as possible. Disaster recovery planning protects your IT investment from unforeseen system failures, and provides business continuity.
Leveraging and IT Plan ensures that your installed systems integrate effectively and perform better and at lower costs as the business grows. On the other hand – there are really few customer facing services that do not require 100% uptime and are considered mission critical.

If you are running your services in the cloud – schedule full tests and make sure you contingency plans are up-to-date because when disaster strikes – they are what stands between you and true business disaster.
They could be your phone, your shoes, your watch, your car, your refrigerator, your garage door opener…you get the idea. How would you recover your data and keep the business running after an unforeseen disaster? Anything that can cause a system outage is a threat, from relatively common man made threats like virus attacks and accidental data deletions to more rare natural threats like floods and fires.
The management of our small Internet company, for example, may decide they can supply the budget only for the emergency generators and the company will have to assume the risk of an earthquake. Emerson suggests that you have the recovery systems tested, configured, and retested 24 hours prior to launching them. Test the systems you’re going to use in recovery regularly to validate that all the pieces work. Immedion offers a variety of disaster recovery options tailored to your exact business needs coupled with proven industry experience. We leverage commercial grade data centers, enterprise grade infrastructure and software to securely protect your business critical data, real-time.
As a leading IaaS-provider we know that the person running his first e-commerce offering with zero income feels he or she is losing as bad as the large company that might be losing millions per hour when down.
Sure we have large volumes since many years back but we are fast approaching where the time to get things back – becomes too long for it to be a viable solution. Multiple data centers that allows for live-live service with contained restore points locally in each data center.
Christenson previously founded one of the leading hosting companies in Scandinavia and has spent more than 20 years in the industry. When disasters strike unprepared companies the consequences range from prolonged system downtime and the resulting revenue loss to the companies going out of business completely, yet many IT shops are not prepared to deal with such scenarios. Determine which of your threats are the most likely to occur and prioritize them using a simple system: rank each threat in two important categories, probability and impact.
For example, our small California Internet company could employ an emergency power supply to mitigate its power outage threat and have all its data backed up daily on RAID tapes, which are stored at a remote site in case of an earthquake.
To complement the script, create a checklist or test procedure to verify that everything is back to normal once repairs and data recovery have taken place. Use this checklist to help you compare disaster recovery providers and determine the best solution for your organization. We help your IT department with its Disaster Recovery procedures, ensuring that you can keep critical services running regardless of power outage, hurricane or human error. He went on to create City Network in 2002 and launched City Cloud in 2009 which then was one of the first public clouds in Europe. As applications, hardware, and software are added to your network, they must be brought into the plan. Even in the same data centers – should you truly need to get a few Petabytes copied from one set of hardware to another – it will take some time. With a live-live solution running over two or more data centers you can do maintenance with much less risk of having to take the service down – regardless of the situation. Are you ready to implement a Disaster Recovery strategy, but aren't sure how to start the process.
New threats to business seem to pop up every week and a sound DRP takes all of them into account.
Our Disaster Recovery Subject Matter Experts are here to help guide you through the entire process.

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