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Text To Speech Human Sounding Voice Conversion lets you type in your message and have it delivered. Prioritization of Broadcasts Very unique feature allows you to have low priority marketing or contact broadcasts running and if a High Priority event happens, have that broadcast job pre-empt existing dials. It's the time of year when more of us spend time outside.  And for generations, the only way to get an emergency warning outside was to hope you were within ear shot of a siren.
It's a dramatic extension of a national warning system that for decades has relied on radio and television to alert the public to life-threatening hazards. Emergency Alerts are official messages from the government that come automatically to newer-model cell phones.  The jarring tone and distinct cadence of vibrations sets them apart from a regular text message.
That's why FEMA and the FCC recently launched a public service campaign to spread the word about the new cell phone alerts.
The National Weather Service is one of the select list of authorized government agencies that can send Wireless Emergency Alerts through FEMA, which sends the message to your cell phone carrier. Wireless Emergency Alerts can only be triggered by a select list of authorized government originators, like Wisconsin Emergency Management or the National Weather Service. That hasn't been a problem in Southeastern Wisconsin, where the system has gone largely unused.
According to Cronce, they only issue wireless alerts for extreme weather events such as flash floods, blizzards, and tornadoes.  And we haven't had a single tornado in southeastern Wisconsin since the new system came online last summer.

In March, the National Weather Service office in Sullivan accidentally sent out a live tornado warning instead of a test.
On many phones, the new alerts look like partially-transparent text over your phone's background.
For many cell phone users, it was the first time they'd ever heard the new emergency tones. Just two months before that, the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Southeastern Wisconsin. And that's a concern for federal officials who fear users will be turned off by the emergency messages. The alerts do work even if your phone is in silent mode, something many phone owners have discovered the hard way when an alert was issued in the middle of the night. It really does not tell you a lot," said Tod Pritchard, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Wisconsin Emergency Management. The carrier then sends the alert to cell towers in the affected area, which broadcast the message to all WEA-capable phones in that area.
But that warning was issued 24-hours in advance of the storm.  At 4 o'clock in the morning. After all I got a web site from where I can actually get helpful facts concerning my study and knowledge.

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Also I don’t see the need for an alert to be like a siren as most people have their phone on them and respond to the basic alert noises of a text message or such.
I worked a position where I was on-call at night responsible for evacuations and emergency situations and when my phone went off I swore it was the alarm setting on my device letting me know the fire sprinkler system had gone off and that I needed to evacuate a section of the building. Being inconvenienced by a sound that lasts less than ten seconds should be the last thing on the minds of people. On his way out, the man, whose name has not been released, thought he saw the shooter in the parking lot.The man went back into the building and alerted hospital staff, who called police and placed the emergency room on lockdown as a precaution.
Police were unable to locate the man and the lockdown was later lifted.The spokesman said that the rest of the hospital was not affected by the disruption and everything is currently operating as normal.

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