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If this does not happen then people will develop further mistrust in the civilian government which is not good if the desire for democracy is to be cherished and strengthened.
The only need of the time is proper management of the relief funds and for this the government assured has that Pakistan will ensure complete transparency in the utilization of funds raised for the flood victims. However, fund accounts to be used for rehabilitation and reconstruction must be made available to all donors for scrutiny. However, we need to develop a strategy of self-reliance rather than keep looking for continued international assistance in this respect. Democracy will fail once again if the civilian administration does not cater to all needs of the citizens.

Such transparency could be assured through the availability of data to be subjected to external auditing. It is alarming to see that other International community has not come forward with full courage.
Therefore, capacity must be build to handle such events and training programs are essential. Incidentally, some of us seem to think that it is the duty of the world to help us in such a calamity. It should be important to note that disasters are non-routine events that require non-routine response.

There is no such duty and we should no take the generosity of the international community for granted. They will need to learn special skills, techniques, and attitudes in dealing with the disasters.
Pakistan needs leaders who can work with people where things happen rather than working with a safe remote control effort.

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