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Os resultados sugerem que o AEAC intra-alveolar, quando associado a cuidados rotineiros, pode contribuir para a hemostasia em pacientes antiocoagulados. The maintenance of anticoagulant therapy has been indicate donce the INR is within the therapeutic levels.
Additional resources for bleeding control like the use of epsilon amino caproic acid (EACA) may be adopted. From 25 tooth extractions, only one patient needed professional intervention to control postoperative bleeding. The results suggest that the use of intra-alveolar EACA, associated with routine post-surgical care, may contribute to hemostasis in patients using anticoagulants. Os dados foram inseridos em banco de dados do SPSS 17.0 (IBM, Chicago, EUA) e analisados de forma descritiva.
Nos demais casos, os valores situaram-se abaixo de 2,0, porém diferentes de 1,0 (valor normal do INR).

Desta forma, tivemos o cuidado em orientar os pacientes a utilizar a mistura para enxaguar a boca, sem bochechar.
Safety of dental implant surgery in patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy prospective case-control study.
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Management of heparin therapy in the high-risk, chronically anticoagulated, oral surgery patient: a review and a proposed nomogram.
Oral surgery in patients on oral anticoagulant therapy: a randomized comparison of different intensity targets.
Evidence to Support an Individualized Approach to Modification of Oral Anticoagulant Therapy for Ambulatory Oral Surgery.

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