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But from your reply here, I think what you really want to say is 8178 is correct, but the program will print 8177 because of slight error. Hai, in mathematics it should be 0.94 x 8700 is 8178, why when we print the answer is 8177.999999999999091 ?
Because there is a slight error when computer multiplies 0.94 (in binary) with 8700 (in binary), as multiplication in floating points is done in quite complex way. So if we translate each component to integer, the sign have range from 0 to 1, the exponent has range from 0 to 2^11-1 (2047), and the mantissa has range from 0 to 2^52. We call the integer representation of sign with S, the exponent with E, and the mantissa with M. The sign, if it has value of 0, the value will be positive ((-1)^0 = 1), if it has value of 1, the value will be negative ((-1)^1 = -1). The mantissa is the precision value, and 2^(E-1023) is the one who change the binary point. And as you can see, if the value doesnt overflow (Ma * Mb doesn’t exceed 2^52-1, if it does, then we must change the exponent with lost of precision), the precision maintained. So why in the example it’s lost it precision?, because we write in the input as decimal, but in the computerized version it need to be binary point (binary with decimal if you can say), so it translate from decimal to binary point and this where it lost the precision. Yesterday’s post on UMBRAS and occulter technology focuses attention on the characteristics of light, some of them counter-intuitive but well demonstrated. This is a false color image with red, yellow, green and blue representing different infrared wavelengths.
It’s a tricky challenge, and one being studied in many ways, from using square apertures and varying the shape of the occulting object to creating deformable mirrors that reduce scattered light. In any event, the more I think about the recent Terrestrial Planet Finder funding woes, the more I think the situation will result in better science. Abstract: The detection and characterization of extrasolar planets with SPHERE (Spectro Polarimetric High contrast Exoplanet REsearch) is challenging and in particular relies on the ability of a coronagraph to attenuate the diffracted starlight. This paper briefly introduces the concepts of 2 coronagraphs, the Half-Wave Plate Four Quadrant Phase Masks and the Apodized Pupil Lyot Coronagraph, prototyped within the SPHERE consortium by LESIA (Observatory of Paris) and FIZEAU (University of Nice) respectively. Abstract: SPHERE (Spectro Polarimetric High contrast Exoplanet REsearch), the planet finder instrument for the VLT is designed to study relatively bright extrasolar giant planets around young or nearby stars.
SPHERE is a set of three instruments fed by the same AO-system, two of them share the same coronagraph. This paper presents some example of sensitivity analysis and some contrast performance of the instruments as a function of the flux for the main observing mode of SPHERE: the Dual Band Imaging (DBI), equivalent to the Spectral Differential Imaging technique.
CharterIn Centauri Dreams, Paul Gilster looks at peer-reviewed research on deep space exploration, with an eye toward interstellar possibilities.
On CommentsCentauri Dreams publishes selected comments on the articles under discussion here. There are high expectations for the next Intel Extreme Masters Championship, that will occur in March, from the 12th to the 15th. The organization revealed that several improvements will provide a better experience next year, including an increase in visitors and a better distribution of stages (note the 73,000 attendance last year).
Our very own Epsilon eSports team will have to prove that they are on the right track with their strong performances and hopefully be in a position to perform well at this event.
Epsilon began the tournament qualifier with their first game against the Turkish team of Space Soldiers. The second qualifying round put Epsilon eSports against LDLC, providing a great game in this early stage of the qualifiers. The game did not start in the best way for Epsilon, who lost the first map, Inferno, by 9-16. Even with Epsilon out of the qualifiers, we must highlight the good efforts of our talented players, who again upheld our name and showed the growing team spirit within the team. Gameplan has announced a tournament with a prize pool of $2,500, exclusively featuring female CS:GO teams. There were two qualifying rounds that ended with twelve teams securing their place in four groups.
Losing Richard and Fabien will take some adapting but today ScreaM will be able to play more freely compared to Titan, and Uzzziii will bring his huge experience. With the recent turmoil in the french scene, and the departure of 3 of the core members of Titan, this unfortunately unlocked a series of unexpected moves in the French scene. Negotiations regarding the transfer of their contracts with a third party is now settled and we can announce that the transfer of Shox and Kioshima is now complete. Today i announce that I will be departing Epsilon, even if the team had some promising results, a unique opportunity came up with a group I sincerely enjoyed playing with in the past years.
Today marks another important step in professionalizing the esports world, and a victory for esports in general. Hello to you all, Today a new adventure begin for me I am extremely pleased to join EPSILON. Today, a heartbreaking decision was made by both the Epsilon eSports management and the squad to go their separate ways after over half a year together and many trials seen through. A hotly debated decision by Epsilon to pick up a squad that the community believed to be using cheats, we saw the potential that the squad had, and threw our full weight behind them.

Unfortunately, with Epsilon shifting priorities and venturing into new territory, the time has come to leave the CSGO scene for the moment and focus on other avenues. We have had a lot of support playing under the management of Epsilon and we want to give a special thanks to our manager Slick who picked us up when no one else believed in us.
We appreciate everything Epsilon has done for us, we improved greatly under their name and we became a top team while playing for them. The squad will stick together, and with recent addition MODDII completing the line-up, we fully expect the squad to continue being a powerhouse in the CSGO scene. Being placed in what is known as a ‘Group of Death’, you would be excused for believing Epsilon.CSGO would not advance past the group stages. Finding themselves looking from the outside in early on, losing a close match to American side Curse in the first round of the group stages, it was time to turn on the jets. Finding themselves with a day to kill while the remaining groups of the tournament battled it out, Epsilon.CSGO competed In the Swedish Championships, with well-known squads such as Lemondogs and, of course, NiP. Both sides had the afternoon to take a break, to catch their collective breaths, as the following day would provide the sternest of tests for both a very hot Epsilon squad and struggling-but-still-top squad NiP. On the final day of the tournament, Epsilon were immediately faced against tournament favorites Western Wolves. Congratulations to our boys in blue for proudly representing Epsilon and our sponsors with an excellent performance. Launched in February of 2008, Epsilon eSports is a well established organization in the world of online competitive multiplayer games.
Caboose appeared briefly at the end of n+1, running after Tucker to go spy on the Reds' new jeep.
Later, when Church returns to Blue Base he is greeted by Caboose, who informs him that Command is sending a new soldier, although he does not remember who. Afterwards, Church tries to explain to Caboose and Tucker that the world around them, including everyone in it except Church, are fake.
After a call with Command, Tex informs them that because the teams are uneven, they must kill a Red. Caboose is exactly the same as his real world counterpart, being loving and wanting Church's friendship.
This problem was supposed to be the easiest problem in the set, however, there were only about one fourth of the solutions passing the system test. I ran the same image last summer, when Marengo posted it on his own weblog (he had used it to illustrate his team’s work in a presentation at the American Astronomical Society meeting in San Diego).
But external occulters have significant advantages, including elimination of the scattering problem, theoretically better light suppression, and the ability to use them with any properly placed telescope. Terrestrial Planet Finder seemed, not so long ago, to be firming up around an internal coronagraph design that was more costly than competing occulter possibilities and, it seems likely, not capable of the same level of performance, at least when compared to the larger occulter options. This complex system has been modeled with Fourier Optics to investigate the performance of the whole instrument.
For the last nine years, this site has coordinated its efforts with the Tau Zero Foundation, and now serves as the Foundation's news forum. Among the criteria for selection: Comments must be on topic, directly related to the post in question, must use appropriate language and must not be abusive to others. With strong teams in attendance we can’t wait to see who will walk away the first place and the bragging rights. This first game started the event off in the best way possible for Epsilon, who won this first round of sixteen match 2-0. The team was not downhearted though, and showed great commitment to achieve victory in Dust2 by 19-16, in extremely close games played by both teams. The tournament does not have a full set of teams yet but has already announced the twelve invited teams, including Epsilon Ladies. We saw an improved CS:GO scene during the last part of the year, supporting a big battle between nations.
Finland, Sweden, France, and Poland succeeded through the playoffs and were able to attend the LAN finals. We would like to thank the players for their professionalisme and of course their acquirer who will be announced later today. The past few months with Epsilon were fantastic, not only as a team but also with the organisation. Congratulations to the new organisation for acquiring such a team, and handling smoothly the contract transfers. These last 2 months alongside my teammates has been incredible as a first experience with the big boys.
I wish them the best in the EMS qualification and Gfinity, will always be grateful for the opportunity. Please take some time to welcome Joey to Epsilon eSports CS:GO and we wish him and the team the best of luck in upcoming events!

The list of accomplishments by the squad only highlights how proud Epsilon was of not only what the squad achieved, but also what they overcame.
Over the past 7 months, the team not only quieted all doubts about their legitimacy, but also performed to the highest standards that we could have imagined, consistently ranking among the top squads in both online and LAN competition. We wish nothing but the best of luck to Jesper and the rest of the squad, it was a great run! Not only did they advance however, they continued upsetting top squads from around Europe to finish with the silver medal in the main tournament of DreamHack, falling to Ninjas in Pajamas in the final match of the event.
Big prize money and bragging rights were on the line, and Epsilon did not disappoint, dispatching all their foes (including Lemondogs) to plow their way into the finals of the Swedish Championship against All-World squad NiP, who had had an ugly run of luck recently, just barely clawing their way out of the group stages of the main DreamHack Summer Tournament.
As the crowds looked on, NiP found their way back, taking the following two maps and 1st place of the Swedish Championships out of the hands of Epsilon.
With onlookers expecting Western Wolves to advance, Epsilon provided the tournament with its first big upset of the playoffs, quickly dispatching Western Wolves 2-0 and advancing to the semi-finals against LDLC. Surpassing all expectations, Epsilon.CSGO has cemented themselves as a top squad in the CSGO scene. Believing the soldier to be Tex, Church attempts to prepare for her arrival, until Tucker takes Caboose and Church to the beach end of the canyon to teach them how to act around women, where he has Caboose act like a lady during role play. However, Caboose and Tucker don't understand, with Caboose thinking that Church is talking about them having lunch with dinosaurs.
What you see below is via Massimo Marengo (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), who has done such outstanding recent work on untangling the riddle of Epsilon Eridani’s debris disk. We should all be glad that external occulter designs and new missions are now back in the hunt as we try to design the technologies that will give us our first actual images of distant exoplanets.
The comparison with technical specifications allows to validate the technology for manufacturing these coronagraphs. In turns, this end-to-end model was useful to analyze the sensitivity to various parameters (WFE, alignment of the coronagraph, differential aberrations) and to put some specifications on the sub-systems. In the logo above, the leftmost star is Alpha Centauri, a triple system closer than any other star, and a primary target for early interstellar probes.
The distribution of prizes will be based on $1750 for the first placed and $750 for the second. Last year, the tournament ended up being praised by some respected personalities around the competitive scene and, once again, it did not disappoint.
We have alot coming in the pipeline for this end of year 2014, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with our Epsifans!
In the meantime, enjoy some quality laughs with the last video of Epsilon Shox at the Viewsonic Press conference. We would like to place on record our thanks to Mistou for his hard work within the team, and wish him the best of luck for future endeavors.
Our good results at Dreamhack Summer and Valencia did not suffice, we still lacked that awp role which unfortunately i could not do.
Once again expecting Epsilon to fall, and falling behind 1-0, Epsilon rallied in a stunning display over the final two maps to take the match and advance to the finals… once again facing an obviously rejuvenated NiP squad. Suddenly, a grenade is thrown at Blue Team and soon explodes, revealing itself to be a flashbang. Caboose is then seen talking to Tex and the two come over to Church and Tucker, where Tex states that she will stay to fix the tank after Caboose pays her $100.
The idea behind both coronograph and occulter studies is to find ways to reduce or eliminate these distortions. A complete list of pros and cons contrasting internal coronagraphs with external occulters can be found at the UMBRAS site. To its right is Beta Centauri (not a part of the Alpha Centauri system), with Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon Crucis, stars in the Southern Cross, visible at the far right (image: Marco Lorenzi). Poland lost to France but managed to defeat Sweden in the Lower Bracket, heading to the grand final against France. Having clawed their way through the tournament, Epsilon was unable to continue its win streak, falling to their fellow Swedes 2-0 and earning, once again, a 2nd place finish behind tournament champions Ninjas in Pajamas. As the earthquakes increase, Caboose and Tucker enter the now repaired tank and escape the canyon, while Tex and Church stay behind. Diffraction, for example, happens because light is actually bent around an intervening object; using a basic telescope with an occulting disk in its focal plane (a coronagraph), you wind up with a series of concentric rings and a bright spot in the center, all of which need to be suppressed.
Centauri Dreams is emphatically not a soapbox for political or religious views submitted by individuals or organizations. France surprised everyone with the consistent quality of their play against their opponents and ended with just one loss on the BO5 final (3-1).

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