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Learn more about me here and how I became a "poker tells" coach to a World Champion and that time I played in a KISS cover band! In fact, many people have had to go through whole ceremonies smiling, just to look good, when in fact they are not enjoying a thing (a swimsuit photo shoot in cold weather comes to mind).
You probably don’t give it much thought, but you can spot a fake smile almost sub-consciously.
When you smile and you mean it, there are two kinds of muscles that are involved in your face. There are, however, other muscles involved in real smiles that are often forgotten by a person wanting to appear happy.
In a Duchenne smile, the orbicularis oculi muscle contracts and forms wrinkles on the outer edge of your eyes (also dubbed crow’s feet). As stated before, one of the key ingredient in a genuine smile is the movement of the¬†orbicularis oculi muscle.

So in the absence of movement in the eyes area, especially if they don’t close, you should suspect the person is not faking it. Take a good look again at Dany Turcotte and George Clooney’s pictures, you can clearly see the wrinkles outside the edge of the eyes.
Another way you can see if a person is fake smiling is if you can see the bottom teeth in her mouth. When we fake smile, we have a tendency to move this muscle outwards, sometimes exposing the bottom teeth. Although smiling is very important in communication, it is also important that you try to be sincere whenever you smile.
Here are two images of genuine and fake smiles, tell me in the comments which one is real, and which one is fake, and why. You might think that in reality the vast majority of your perception (yes, YOUR perception, unless you are an alien or my cat or something) of peoples’ emotions come from mostly subconscious interpretations of body language, to the tune of something like 70%.
Also, for shits and giggles, what if that middle aged lady just received a botox injection a couple days prior to that photograph? I can easily fake a genuine smile with my eyes closed looking with the wrinkle thing showing and m bottom teeth not showing.
This genuine issue US Military Gore-Tex® parka delivers unsurpassed comfort and protection in a broad range of weather conditions. The breathability of the fabric is increased in the Gen II in order to provide more comfort across a broader range of temperatures and weather conditions, thereby enhancing its operational effectiveness.

Here's a little about me:I'm a conversion optimization consultant and host of the Online Marketing for Profits podcast. They do so during job interviews, dinner parties, and every such public occasion in order to look more approachable.
In that sense, knowing when a person is genuinely happy to see you can influence how you deal with a coworker, a client or a business partner. Gore-Tex® fabric maintains its outstanding protection over time, even after exposure to chemicals and oils, such as JP-8, DEET, petroleum and more. This is because when you smile and you mean it, the mouth muscle, the¬†zygomatic major moves upwards. Moreover, some people have large mouth and will expose their teeth even when they smile genuinely.
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