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If you own a portable TV before this year, it is probably analog and will no longer work – transmission has gone fully digital. Only 57% of people report that they have readiness items set aside in their homes for use for a disaster.
It is imperative you double check all your prescription medications prior to storm arriving. Coastal Reconstruction Group has partnered with Ready.gov, FEMA, Citizen Corps, and the Ad Council to promote National Preparedness Month – September 2010! As an NPM Coalition Member, Coastal has dedicated to be a leader in the field of emergency disaster preparedness through increased awareness and education.
History shows that projects requiring comprehensive plan changes are voted on in the city where the project is planned. If the land use change is in a large city of unincorporated area, some voters could live miles from a project. 6.) The public could end up voting on land use changes that were rejected by county officials. A YouTube video shows the chamber’s legislative counsel discussing support for Amendment 4, but it was filmed in 2008 and refers to a previous Amendment 4.
Members of the Coastal Reconstruction Group team went on a tour in conjunction with the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) Disaster Council to the Florida Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee, and met with some of the Florida State Emergency Response Team of ESF 8. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Individual, family, and community recovery from a disaster is often expensive and can take months or even years.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This page offers guidance on how to gather information, plan and take action, and recover.  Included are links to help with your specific risks, if you are away from home, caring for animals, or if you live in a marine area. This list of general resources covers everything from knowing your rights, emergency kits, what you need to know about safe drinking water, and lots more. This helpful one page checklist  by the American Red Cross provides a handy reference to be sure you are ready with supplies and expectations for recovery.
Find information on the Before, During and After a hurricane.  You will also find information on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.
Find links to real-time hurricane monitoring and 2012 predictions. The outlook is produced in collaboration with hurricane experts from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Hurricane Research Division (HRD). Watch tips and information about how to prepare your home to be without power during a hurricane or tropical storm. Information about individual and organized preparations.  This page includes information on home retrofitting in advance of a hurricane.
Businesses can use FEMA's National Mitigation Framework to improve disaster preparedness planning. For those companies, there is good news: The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently released the National Mitigation Framework, which offers guidelines for lessening the effects of disasters. The first step in any disaster preparedness plan is to identify the threats and hazards that could possibly affect the business. The next step is to analyze the identified threats and hazards and prioritize them by probability of occurrence and their potential impact on the business.

Although the Mitigation Framework is meant to prepare the public for disasters, businesses can also use it -- for free! Community resilience is a critical core capability as it describes how the employees in the business can help reduce potential threats and hazards. Public information and warning is the core capability that defines how the business will learn and share new information about potential threats and hazards. Operational coordination is the final core capability identified in the National Mitigation Framework.
Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time and have catastrophic effects on businesses and communities. There's a growing trend of machine learning in the cloud and security should take advantage of it. Cloud identity management can offer a lot of security benefits, but enterprises need to answer some questions before deployment. In today's threat landscape, proactive risk management is needed to stay on top of a surge of network and security alerts.
Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 are different enough that Microsoft is keeping both on the market as competing products. Desktop administrators need to know that the rules of endpoint management have changed: It's not all about PCs anymore. As states develop different standards for taxing cloud computing services, uncertainties remain for cloud vendors and users alike.
Pete Beach passed a measure that’s like Amendment 4 and it resulted in litigation and economic stagnation. Some opponents say that could lead to a public vote even on projects rejected by elected officials. Fortunately, planning in advance for recovery can help better to cope with these challenges and get back to normal faster. The Atlantic hurricane region includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.
They leave themselves vulnerable to disasters, the effects of which could have less disastrous effects if they had only been prepared. Although FEMA's Mitigation Framework is meant to prepare the public for disasters, businesses can also use it -- for free! Each of these could be applied as a best practice for disaster preparedness for businesses.
Each region of the country has different regional hazards that need to be addressed, such as hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods and earthquakes. Some businesses may be more resilient to certain threats because of their differing environmental requirements.
Formal and informal leaders in any business need to be communicated with and collaborate with others to make the planning successful. This could be achieved by partnering with the local emergency response or law enforcement agencies. The business can now integrate the threat data collected and analyzed in the previous phases into all aspects of operations. It defines the need for maintaining a coordinated operational structure for use both before and during an emergency.

Enterprises can repurpose FEMA's free National Mitigation Framework to develop resilience to these events and lessen their impact. He has more than 20 years of technology experience, primarily focused in healthcare information technology. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.
These threats and hazards also include nonregional events such as terrorism, criminal acts and mass casualty events. A company storing frozen food, for example, would be more susceptible to an extended power outage than a pet store.
Businesses should ideally work with their IT and strategic business partners in building these plans in order to add expertise and options to the planning process. Formal leaders are those with designated leadership positions, while informal leaders may not have official leadership positions but still have a level of authority with coworkers. There could be opportunities for the business to join or create information-sharing groups by geographic area or type of business.
This includes acquiring insurance for natural disasters and catastrophic events, as well as adapting capital projects to consider building locations or construction methods to better survive threats or hazards.
A good example of this would be that the business could use the Incident Command System, which was also developed by FEMA.
There is no excuse for businesses to be caught unprepared due to cost or a lack of expertise in disaster planning. He is an active independent author and presenter in the healthcare information technology and information security fields and is frequently consulted by the media and interviewed on various healthcare information technology and security topics.
It is important to consider the social impacts of the potential threats in the planning as well. Both of these types of leaders should communicate the plans and educate all of their employees. However it is accomplished, it is vital to build these communication channels for up-to-date threat information.
It provides roles and responsibilities so that employees have a firm understanding of the part they play in an emergency. Businesses may not be able to dodge every possible threat or hazard but could dramatically increase the odds that they will remain viable, making the entire community more resilient.
He has been focused on compliance and information security in cloud environments for the past decade with many different implementations in the medical and financial services industries. Critical staff may be more concerned about their families than reporting to work in times of crisis. Any one of them could be the difference between success or failure in effectively managing and reducing the outcomes of an incident. They can be a good source of information about risks to organizational processes and procedures.

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