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If you find yourself bored with good old house party bong sessions, how about mass-scale paint wars with hundreds if not thousands of people out of their minds on marijuana-laced beverages? From over-the-top mud wrestling to galactic electronic music gatherings, here are 20 all-time parties and festivals you should make it to at least once in your lifetime. Originally conceived as a marketing effort for mud cosmetics in Boryeong, South Korea, the two-week festival is a major stop on the 'independent travelers looking to get fucked up' trail. Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas recently drew 345,000 people overdosing on bass drops and pool parties over three days in June. Held in Miami, Ultra Music Festival attracts over 330,000 partiers looking to combine warm weather and electronic dance music.
Every August, La Tomatina takes place in the Valencian town of Buñol, where 40 metric tons of tomatoes are thrown in a massive food-fight, giving 20,000 revelers their daily dose of vegetables. Roskilde, one of Europe's largest festivals, attracts artists ranging from synthpop to hip-hop. Copenhagen's Distortion pops up in random locations all over the city during the week of the first Saturday in June. On April 27, Amsterdam is colored orange as people celebrate from the streets to the canals. An all-night beach party on Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand, the Full Moon Party takes place around every full moon.

Originally held in Brazil, Rock in Rio now moves from city to city (2014's festival will be held in Lisbon). A five-day music festival held near Pilton, Somerset, England on the last weekend of June, Glastonbury is one of the world's largest. The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, the largest carnival in the world, takes place yearly before Lent. In late August, Black Rock Desert in Nevada is transformed into an experimental community of self-expression, where burners set up camp and forget about sleep for the next week before burning down the Man at the center of Black Rock City. Every September, over 6 million people head to Munich for the 16-day event known as Oktoberfest.
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It’s not only an interesting reference piece for music lovers, but it can also help companies who want to know which festivals to target. Promotions Now took into consideration a festival’s attendance, the performers, and the general buzz, including how much the media covered it, and how much social media chatter it generated.
Participants down mad amounts of bhang, a cannabis beverage, and then go nuts in the streets with epic "battles" of colored powder and water.

Over 180,000 people who don't want to have hearing when they're older hit the scene to hear hundreds of DJs perform. Over a million revelers party all day and night, closing the city centre to cars and trams. Those brave enough (and willing to get a potential horn to the chest) participate in the running of the bulls during this event. Two million people swell the streets of Rio daily during the festival, drinking and sambaing their way through the city.
Free spirited and fun, she confesses that there have been times, when she loved dogs more than she liked real people. Imagine thousands of potential customers packed in a relatively small area basically once a month across the nation.
Spectators are urged to wear red hats, unless they're really craving high-velocity oranges to the teeth.

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