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The following map is is a proportional visualization of the total number of nuclear weapons stockpiled by each country of the world (that we know about).
While Russia and The United States stockpile the vast majority of nuclear weapons, any one single nuke could turn our world upside down in an instant. The total area within each bar graph segment is proportionally representative to the number of nuclear weapons possessed by each country. The following is a nuclear weapons country list of the total number of strategic and non-strategic nuclear weapons in their inventory, as best can be determined*. An example of strategic nuclear weapons are those with long range ballistic missiles, a nuclear weapon which is programmed primarily for employment against tactical targets in tactical military operations. Non-strategic nuclear weapons typically refer to short-range weapons, including land-based missiles with a range of about 300 miles and air-and-sea launched weapons with a range of less than 400 miles.
Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists where he provides the public with analysis and background information about the status of nuclear forces and the role of nuclear weapons. Well But, I still wonder how much of the nuclear weapons stockpiles is a smokescreen….
I also wonder, if it is a bit of a smokescreen, and while we all worry about nuclear weapons, there is much more lethal weapons developed in secret, maybe more easily used, etc etc.. When I worked at a large USAF MAC base some years back we would get top secret shipments of nuclear weapons. What you are speaking of is a MIRV , Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle , the Chinese And Russian missiles have these also .
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

I think it if funny that America wants no other country to have nuclear weapons yet the United States is the ONLY country to USE a nuclear weapon during war time. WITHOUT LONG CONVERSATION ABOUT THE EXPECTED ECONOMY COLLAPSE, THERE ARE A FEW ALARMING FACTS. He specializes in using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in his research and is a frequent consultant to and is widely referenced in the news media on the role and status of nuclear weapons. The number of nukes is just a one dimensional number, it shouldn’t be represented as an (two dimensional) area.
We also don’t verifiably know if there might be space based missile systems , lets also not forget submarine based missiles , these can cut down strike time consideratly , just think if an enemy sub parks say 15 miles off off the east coast , a missile can hit DC in less than 5 minutes , and even quicker if a cruise missile is used . I merely stated that we are hypocrites in wanting none to have nuclear bombs yet we have many. The governing of nations was put together as a safeguard against further wars so that as a whole we could defend those non military against military actions. THIS (2015) IS A SHMITA YEAR (YOU’LL HAVE TO GOOGLE FOR THE SHMITA FACTS) SHMITA IS EVERY 7 YEARS ACCORDING TO THE HEBREW CALENDAR.
Our government not only wants total control over us but also wants total control over the whole world! I agree if we had not used them then more American lives would of been lost but in the same token if they would of used them against us things might of been a lot different.
If anything good came form those two nuclear bombs being dropped and all those innocent lives lost NATO was it. It’s usually better to capitalize a word or a sentence if you are wanting to emphasize something, instead of an entire paragraph.

War is a very ugly beast that cannot be tamed and using nuclear bombs in any event is wrong no matter who it is used against as many non military personnel was killed.
If our government doesn’t stop trying to run others countries and telling them what to do it will be the average citizen that will pay the price! I have to agree with some that say a nuclear bomb wont be dropped on us as if we do go to war on a LARGE scale they want our country intact and not blown to hell and back.
We as a nation need to worry about OUR nation and the problems we have HERE in the USA and not worry about sending our troops and using our money to stop wars that have been ongoing since the creation of man. There is a lot of groups out their that go to other countries to “help” the poor and feed the hungry, yet look how many are poor and hungry, no home and no hope HERE in America! We need to stop trying to be king turd on shit mountain and look to ourselves and our OWN people that need food, clothing,shelter and hope.
If we keep pushing countries around there will be a price to pay and I truly believe America will be the FIRST to deploy nuclear weapons as we have shown in our past we will use them if we feel we need to. It says only what we want to hear and plays two people against each other to gain control over both.
Our nation used to be the best in the world but no other country tries to gain control of another but us. We have an alligator attitude and we will one day pay the price for our governments actions and like I said it wont be the rich who pays!

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