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One of the better games in the niche sub-genre of tongue-in-cheek strategy, Nuclear Warlets you unleash a nation's nuclear might at other nations headed by equally sadistic leaders, all witty caricatures of real-life world leaders.
Play options in each turn is mostly limited to three choices: using "propaganda" on an opponent to try to get his or her opponent to defect into your own country, nuking someone, or setting up some nuke-protection facilities if you fear you are the next target. The limited gameplay options in Nuclear War reduce the game to a boring guessing game, especially after you notice that each enemy has a favorite strategy he or she always uses. What saves the game, to some, are the jokes that your enemies crack during the game, and various random events that look like cheap gags but are fun to watch nonetheless.
Shelter mania peaked starting with the Berlin Crisis in 1961 and ended after the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, when the world came as close to nuclear war as it ever had, before or since. A former magazine editor, Susan Roy emerged from the publishing bunkers and last year earned an M.A.
Fifty years from now there will be a similarly mocking story on all the idiots that fell for the Global Warming scam by purchasing "carbon credits" thinking they were saving the world. Considering all of the deaths and damaged the South East United States has experienced due to tornadoes I know that shelters such as these could have saved a lot of lives. Since Abiquiu is fifty miles from nowhere, I can't see how she expected to survive once it was safe to go out.
It would make an interesting story combining elements from the Twilight Zone and the Milagro Bean Field War. I thought I might want that book by Chuck West and only found one available at bookfinders. I remember much talk of fallout shelters back in the early 60s, but never saw any, probably due to our high water table in FL. Contrariamente ai bombardamenti atomici di Hiroshima e Nagasaki, operati sul finire della Seconda Guerra Mondiale in Giappone, di cui abbiamo un’ampia documentazione da cui si evincono gli esorbitanti effetti provocati dagli attacchi nucleari sulla salute umana, le conseguenze provocate dalla devastante esplosione di Chernobyl restano molto incerte, anche se non vi sono dubbi sul loro impatto letale, trasmesso di generazione in generazione, dagli agenti invisibili e senza odore sprigionati dallo scoppio.
La contaminazione e avvenuta sia per esposizione diretta alla nube radioattiva, sia per inalazione dei radionuclidi, in parte espirati e in parte trattenuti nelle vie respiratorie, sia tramite il deposito della radioattivita sul suolo o su altre superifici , sia per ingestione di cibi e bevande contaminate. Il secondo motivo e rappresentato dal fatto che le tiroidi delle persone colpite hanno assorbito grandi quantitativi di iodio radioattivo presente nell’atmosfera, sul suolo e negli alimenti, contraendo un rischio maggiore di sviluppare il tumore alla tiroide, rispetto ad altre popolazioni che vivono in Paesi in cui la carenza di iodio viene compensata da una regolare profilassi con iodio stabile, che hanno quindi avuto minore possibilita di assorbire iodio radioattivo. Caterina LentiNata il 13 Luglio 1984 a Francavilla Fontana (BR), e giornalista pubblicista dal 2015.
Since the end of the Cold War more than 20 years ago, the prospect of nuclear Armageddon has gradually faded from the popular consciousness.
Alex Wellerstein, historian of science at the American Institute of Physics, has designed the Nukemap to show the scale of destruction nuclear weapons can cause. Other shocking results in other parts of the country show how even the Yorkshire Dales and Sheffield could be wiped out with a blast in Manchester and Nottingham and Northampton affected by one in Birmingham.Thankfully, Russian engineers lost their nerve before building the Tsar Bomba. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
One of my all-time favorite documentary TV shows is James Burke's "Connections" series where he connects seemingly minor details throughout history to the giant consequences of today.
Telecommunications exist because the Normans wore stirrups at the Battle of Hastings- a simple advance that caused a revolution in the increasingly expensive science of warfare.
Without the stirrup--we wouldn't have had nuclear war is how the ripple effect of seemingly unrelated events flows.
Fortunately, America still had a Constitution based on the worth of every human individual who had a divine right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". World War 1 the first mechanized war where death was mass-produced by machines powered by portable oil derivatives had made immense profits $$$ for both the Rockefeller and Rothschild Illuminati secret elites, their banks and their spy-sabotage agencies. At the same time Rockefeller was drilling for oil, men were trying to emulate birds to fly but whose bodies are earth-bound heavy and at a slow metabolism for longevity, lacked both the lightness of weight and the proportional high amounts of power to exploit the air's density to fly. The Germans on the other hand, learned to not repeat WW1 and decided to mechanize its military with tracked, armored vehicles supported by ground attack and paratroop-dropping airplanes in concert for blitzkrieg or "lightning war" that infiltrated through and over their peace-loving neighbor's trench lines and unguarded forest terrains so as to collapse the opposing armies from within by encirclement that severs their lines of supply and communications.
In fact, as we began to bomb the Germans they went underground and industrial production of weapons actually INCREASED as we forced the Germans to rally around the Nazis since unconditional surrender was the only other choice.
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and others argue convincingly that Japan was encircled and naval blockaded in 1945 and would have surrendered once Russia declared war on them.
So in 1947, Truman made the--possibly fatal--error and signed the National Security Act creating the subversive and disloyal to WE THE PEOPLE Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the narcissistic incompetent U.S. All men knew that the United States would resort to war only when diplomacy and all other efforts had failed. This was a significant mutation in the dominant cell structure of the life blood and soul of this nation. One can imagine with some interest the position Allen Dulles found himself in, writing for Dewey as he campaigned all over the country and then busily engaging himself in his real labor of love -- the intelligence report. The Dulles clan had to wait another four years before they rode into power with General Eisenhower.
So now we have a Pentagon building filled with incompetent, bickering narcissists bent on proving their one method is all that is needed to win any wars so cough up your dollars, U.S.
The aircraft carrier Mafia Navy, ego bruised by the USAAF "winning" the war with its land-based, nuclear bombers wanted a huge "super carrier" called the USS United States which had a flush deck and no superstructure so large planes needed to carry early heavy atomic bombs could have their right wings extend out over the deck. SecDef Johnson rightly cancelled the flush-deck carrier as a duplication of effort and a bureaucratic attempt by the carrier Mafia to get a piece of the nuclear bombardment budget pie from the USAF who did manned bombers more efficiently from land bases. So the Navy was stuck with carriers with superstructures which they began to supersize anyway with nuclear power as atomic propulsion and weapons technology got smaller and lighter. My first experience with the A-3D was as a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadet at an air show when I was invited up the escape chute and almost pulled its jettison handle! The A-3D bomber was not a fast nor maneuverable plane to dodge anti-aircraft fire for repeat missions in conventional war high explosive (HE) bombing mission and some were lost over Vietnam even doing support roles; the famous B-66 ejection of LTC Iceal Hamblen who knew nuclear secrets resulted in a huge rescue effort immortalized in the book and movie BAT 21 (his call sign).
With now the Pentagon building and bureaucracy in place, the Navy wasting billions on $$$ carriers and throwing away ever increasingly costly planes in decreasing numbers, they spent the Soviet Union into oblivion resulting in the end of the Cold War and DoD mismanaging at least $2.3 TRILLION dollars that couldn't be found in their "cooked books". Airliners--or manifestations thereof--were planned to suicide ram (EgyptAir Flight 990 planted idea in public consciousness a few years earlier) into the World Trade Center towers in New York City to demolish them and have the insurance companies pay for it since removing the asbestos in them would be too costly. Here are some pictures I took from my car driving by the airport--you can't see squat of the planes even if they fly right over you! If an aircraft that was smaller than a 757, had the same swept-back wing design and same number of pylon mounted wing engines, and was painted the same, I know I would have great difficulty telling the difference if the plain was moving low and fast.
This solution, using a Skywarrior as a substitute for an 'induced optical illusion' (like a Las Vegas magic trick) although simple and sensible overall, would be just too incredulous to most Americans who believe the major news media and govt statements. Even when an airliner is parked at the DEPARTURE GATE, the most you will see are black windows or silver windows if the shades are drawn down. Even the pilot-in-command in the left seat has to open and window and stick his arm out to be seen! Why don't we put a blonde-with-big-boobs on the plane and have her make heroic cell phone calls to her hubby as the doomed airliner heads to its destruction?
This morbid painting has a docile beautiful blonde doing nothing as she zooms to her death in a non-existent airliner with humongous windows, did he forget her vanity mirror while he was at it? The plane's controllers were off and did not follow I-385 as directed lest they actually clip some light poles and explode on the grass short of the Pentagon wall. Problematique : Comment les Etats-Unis se sont-ils imposes comme la premiere puissance mondiale ? For instance, Ghanji and Farmer always use Propaganda, while Ronnie, Kookamamie and Khadaffy love nuking.
One would allow you to change the character names, another would allow you to import 16-bit small images to replace the faces that you created using MS Paint and saved to either a BMP or a TIF. Once that crisis was safely resolved, Americans lost their interest in family fallout shelters. This pamphlet is interesting but all the editorial content accompanying it is simply not true. An earth and concrete-reinforced bunker obviously won't survive a direct hit but will make every other scenario totally survivable. People without shelters can prepare with plastic sheeting and duct tape, maybe a portable air filtering device, as for me I'll be down in my shelter, smoking my pipe, reading Phillip K Dick. Nella sala di controllo dei tecnici stanno effettuando un esperimento, spingendo il reattore al di la dei limiti di tolleranza, addirittura disattivando i sistemi automatici di sicurezza, per portare avanti indisturbati la loro sperimentazione, provocando ad un certo punto un’incredibile esplosione, destinata ad entrare nella storia.

Una fuoriuscita nube di materiali radioattivi si poso su vaste aree intorno alla centrale che furono notevolmente contaminate, rendendo necessaria l’evacuazione. Innumerevoli motivazioni politiche ed economiche si intrecciano in questa incredibile catastrofe. But with approximately 23,000 nuclear warheads still thought to be in existence, there is still more than enough nuclear firepower available to basically end life on Earth.Now those interested in finding out how much damage a nuclear strike would cause in their home town can find out, thanks to a new online app. I'm sort of in the middle on all this so I don't see it as having a particular message.'I don't think nuclear weapons will be go any time soon but I hope we don't use them. We should not watch TV for hours and hours at-a-time--lest we be brain-washed--but once in awhile, an honest program can be taken in safely.
Today, I'd like to take you on a similar journey--one that ends with an airplane smacking into the West Side of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001--or maybe not. Rockefeller had monopolized the entire world's production of a liquid hydrocarbon--we call oil that was portable and packed a potent amount of energy to power things. However, they still had these democratic countries filled with troublesome people who believed in morality and decency--even at the expense of personal gain who put the brakes on their goal to subjugate everyone to be their factor work-slaves or soldier-hero-victims.
Oil provided the power answer for two bicycle mechanics Orville and Wilbur Wright to translate their mechanical advantage know-how to make humans cycle their legs to chain-turn wheels for ground mobility to turn propellers even faster so their warping-wing aircraft could fly. The fear card was waved and the war department decided it needed to be in an aircraft bomb-proof building with Occult Illuminati symbolism--so the Pentagon was built. However, the American Illuminati wanted to assert their power and create a nuclear "Cold War" fear card to keep our economy running on a war footing--so the atomic bombs were dropped anyway; and the secret elites saw to it that the Communist Russians soon got the technology to oppose us. ARMY maneuver forces that had saved the day by over-running the Nazi weapons labs in-the-nick-of-time after Russia had first brought the blitzkrieg to a halt with sheer human numbers in the east. If any nation goes on the defensive, then by its very nature it must be -- it is forced to be -- totally dependent upon intelligence. Undoubtedly he saw this report, which he expected to complete just after the election, as the stepping stone to reaching the office of the DCI.
But this very delay may have made things much easier for Allen Dulles when he did become the DCI. The USN miss-run by the carrier Mafia also later on sabotaged its own long-range seaplane high explosives and nuclear bombing in 1960--because it wouldn't ego gratify and soak up costs $$$ like a huge ship target. Any efficiency in aircraft design say by using counter-rotating props like the Brits did with their Fairey Gannett ASW plane went out the window. The evil "James Bonds" at the Nazi-run CIA had conned the Soviets into invading Afghanistan to bleed them with their own "Vietnam" (we already had our own occupation racket war-for-profit, so why not share the wealth?) and had armed and trained Islamic extremists but now needed someone to go spy on. However, once a person thoroughly examines all the research to date by engineers and other scientists and discovers that the govt and media have been caught lying about almost every other angle of the pentagon attack as well at the twin towers attacks, then it becomes easy to believe that using a painted up Skywarrior as a 757 optical illusion is possible after all.
They will obsess over the lurid individual "human interest" aspects of the victims and totally miss the huge political-military aspects. Rothschild Illuminati Clinton-hater, Violence-loving-Zionist-lover Barb Olson and her husband have offered to play along? As the CIT researchers have proven with reliable eyewitnesses, the plane flew NORTH of the CITGO gas station deviating from the "plan". Rockefeller monopolized oil--which made him wealthy so he mechanized Americans into factory worker-slaves and automobile oil dependency--but they refused to yield their human rights afforded them by their pesky Constitution. From time to time you will be given the option to produce some weapons, but what your people produce is more or less random. If you are very unlucky, all four enemies can choose to attack you first, thereby ending the game right after the first turn. If you don't appreciate this kind of dead-pan or political humor, however, you will find Nuclear War just another badly executed "light" game that is full of good ideas, but lacking in gameplay.
Looks like a cool game but unfortunately it seems like my computer is just looking at it and trying to figure out what to do, but then gives up instantly. One pirated version released had Steve Jobs, Steve Woz, Bill Gates, Steve Ballimer, Larry Ellison, and even the late Phil Katz replacing several of the leaders.
Polls showed that Americans rejected shelters because they had no faith that a shelter would protect them.
Not so much for the story, but the beginning and the depiction of the existing social order.
Tonnellate di sostanze radioattive, trasportate dal vento, continuarono a fuoriuscire per 10 giorni e bastarono meno di due settimane per far diventare Chernobyl un problema mondiale. E’ tra essi che, a causa del metabolismo piu veloce di quello degli adulti, il carcinoma alla tiroide si propaga piu velocemente, tanto che solo nel periodo aprile-maggio 1986 sono stati diagnosticati 2000 casi di cancro alla tiroide. The map is just laying out the facts of it, there is no political message from me.'Click here to try out the Nukemap on your home town.
As mine shafts were dug deeper, they became flooded, stimulating scientists like Galileo to investigate vacuums, air pressure and other natural laws to mine deeper silver. The rise of the upstart American Rockefeller Illuminati to rival the Rothschild Illuminati in Europe has yet to the present day been countered by good government working for WE THE PEOPLE instead of THEM--THE SECRET ELITES. WW1 survivors began to "live it up" creating the "Roaring 20s" where lots of alcohol was consumed and national pastimes like sports began to grow.
Once the combination was revealed to the Europeans they improved and simplified flight controls with segments that hinged rather then bending the whole wing and the modern heavier-than-air (HTA) plane was born. Maybe the plan was for the German bomber crews to clearly see the inverted 5-point death star symbol Pentagon building and NOT BOMB IT under orders from their Illuminati masters like I.G.
Instead, Colonel Pash's ALSOS teams captured several thousand tons of their enriched uranium to power our atomic bombs we dropped on Japan--since we had bureaucratically botched our own enrichment efforts by trying to do both uranium and plutonium for a gun and an implosion bomb type. Air Force (USAF) set to Hiroshima anyone who opposes American greed interests with a replay of Hiroshima using bigger and faster bombers.
The heart of war and its only sure way to victory lies in the concept of the "offense", carried out in pursuit of clear national military objectives, under superior leadership both in uniform on the field of battle and in mufti in the White House. A country that is in command of all of its facilities and has the vigor to shape its own destiny does so in accordance with a plan, a great national plan, and with the sense of action that is the very essence of life and liberty. If a man is adequately armed, and he is hiding behind a wall reasonably secure from his adversary, the one thing he needs most is information to tell him where his adversary is, what he is doing, whether he is armed, and even what his intentions are. It is inconceivable to imagine that he worked so hard on a report that would be submitted to Harry Truman as President for a new term.
Dulles wanted to expand the Agency and so stated in his report; yet the years following the 1948 election were years of government austerity.
The Navy, eager to dominant the other services and ride rough shod over the Army with their aircraft carrier Midway Myth BS wanted bigger carriers capable of operating their own nuclear bombers to rival the USAF's land-based ones. Ignorant of military history like the guided missile sinking of the Rohna in 1943, our dumb Navy and marines persist with packing thousands of men in huge surface ship targets. However, with smaller hydrogen bombs available that could be carried by fighter-bombers, A-3Ds were not needed as bombers and served until 1991 as tankers. I live near an airport and I know how hard it is to estimate the size of an aircraft going over my house. If the govt said it was officially a 757, most folks would just accept that if the plain overall looked quite similar to a 757. Ted is the Solicitor-General working for President Bush, everyone will believe his sob story when he goes on CNN. Seeking more pliable victims, the Rockefellers used their cash to create Hitler's National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany which then threatened the world with a "hostile take-over" in WW2 and caused us to build the Pentagon building out of fear of Nazi strategic bombers--themselves derived from the Wright Brother's use of Rockefeller oil. Wish I still had copies of these, but I tossed all my floppies when Vista came out and none of my ancient pirated games would work anymore. Does she have some crystal ball telling exactly what will happen in the event of nuclear war? I tecnici, paradossalmente, violarono tutte le regole di sicurezza, provocando la rottura delle tubazioni di raffreddamento per via della scissione dell’acqua di refrigerazione in idrogeno e ossigeno ad elevate pressioni e temperature.
Con l’esplosione del reattore n°4 di Chernobyl furono liberati isotopi radioattivi per un totale di 11 EBq (un miliardo di miliardi di Bequerel). Tra questi ultimi, la tiroide risulta quello maggiormente esposto a rischio per due motivi: la quantita di Iodio, tra le famiglie di isotopi radioattivi sprigionati, e stata tra le piu elevate ed esso e un elemento assorbito normalmente dalla tiroide, che lo impiega nella formazione degli ormoni tiroidei. Ogni sistema corporeo e influenzato negativamente: sistema cardiovascolare, riproduttivo, neurologico, ormonale, respiratorio, gastrointestinale, muscolo-scheletico e immunitario.

This led to the discovery of electricity and magnetism's relationship and to the development of radio, and deep space telecommunications that may enable contact with galactic civilizations. Armed with tremendous amounts of money selling oil, Rockefeller and his Robber Barons set about to widget-supply all of America and to mechanize society itself to work in their required factories. Anti-trust and labor protection laws got in the way of the Rockefellers turning America into a police slave state, so an experiment was needed to work out the bugs. The unwashed people were having too much fun--these low-lifes were even demanding air travel for themselves as if they had any right at all to the heavens! During WW1, static observation balloons or moving dirigible Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) aircraft and airplanes powered by oil denied the ability of ground troops to walk or bicycle without being detected and a bloody stalemate ensued with trench lines extending from the English Channel all the way to the Swiss Alps. Farben and Ford plants (and surrounding death camps) were not bombed by our B-17s and B-24s when it came our turn. Now as POTUS, he ditched efficient train transportation (in Europe you can hop on a 200 mph train and go anywhere in safety, comfort with just a backpack and a little bit of money) in favor of everyone getting into a dangerous, gasoline-powered car and tediously driving along paved inter-state highways.
Army Air Corps, eh, Force was now the heroes who ended the war with Japan and they damn well wanted their rewards of being their own service. For example, the mythology of the aircraft carrier and marine-landing WW2 war in the Pacific.
The NSA of 1947 would divide--not unite our War Department into an absurd "Department of Defense". Somehow, under the pressures of the great debates during 1947, this tradition and heritage broke down, and in the face of the responsibilities incumbent upon this country in the Nuclear Age and in the face of a growing "Communist menace", the American military posture became one of defense. In that unusual year, 1947, the great pressures upon Congress and the Administration somehow impressed upon the Government of this country the beginnings of a belief in reliance upon a major intelligence structure to be backed up by a powerful Department of Defense. The two Navy aircrew were at their seats and they explained that they did not have ejection seats but would have to slide down the chute (whose small steps I used to get in) and parachute bail-out.
It is hard to tell the actual altitude and what type of plane it is if it is moving at a high rate of speed and is relatively low. Who would normally believe their own govt was so sinister that it would paint up a Skywarrior to resemble a 757 anyhow, unless they knew about the proposed Operation Northwoods?
Ma Chernobyl non e solo il piu grande disastro del mondo, Chernobyl, a distanza di 27 anni, rappresenta uno dei piu lampanti esempi di come la folle tecnologia possa fallire cosi crudelmente nell’arco di pochi minuti, al punto da provocare morti perenni. Con la stessa quantita di iodio radioattivo si sarebbero potuti realizzare 60 miliardi di esami scintigrafici per la diagnosi del cancro alla tiroide.
Questa enorme struttura di contenimento ha provocato un graduale abbassamento del terreno collocato su uno strato argilloso, al punto che, per via del processo di sprofondamento, il sarcofago ha iniziato a cedere in piu parti gia dieci anni dopo l’esplosione, presentando crepe e buchi, con fuoriuscite di polveri, gas radioattivi e acqua. Ancora oggi, i bambini che vivono nelle zone contaminate ed economicamente piu povere, quasi esclusivamente di tipo rurale, continuano a mangiare prodotti localmente ed altamente contaminati. Negli animali si sono verificati significativi tassi di morbilita e mortalita, tumori, immunodeficienze, malformazioni e cambiamenti nel sangue e nel sistema circolatorio. Something had to be done to get everyone back in line, so a stock market crash was instigated to punish the world for its sins and shortly thereafter, Nazi Germany was born via Rothschild illegitimate son Adolf Hitler--who was a double agent for the British Illuminati to bring about a second World War and either conquer the world by military force or ruin Germany trying. War became an industrial meat grinder killing off millions of men and ruining a generation of our best & brightest. A sound military structure would have been built DEEP UNDERGROUND BASES--not visible for attack and impervious to bombs that did come like the German submarine pens in France we never were able to crack with high explosive (HE) bombs all throughout the war. The result is today about 50,000 Americans dying each year in sometimes fiery car crashes as the Rockefellers laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bank as more undesirables burn-to-death and are removed from the gene pool. The egotistical marine corps staged a phony flag-raising ceremony on Iwo Jima that became iconic and demanded their own bureaucracy, too. Ever since then, America has yet to win a war against anyone our equal in military strength.
But certainly there can be no liberty if there is no action, because one is not free to act if frozen in the posture of defense, waiting to counteract the free action of his adversaries, real and imagined. Dulles was not a strong administrator, and he would have had real problems getting all of his plans into operation. So when the Navy asked Douglas aircraft in 1948 to build a jet-powered nuclear bomber for them with swept wings and J57 turbojets slung underneath--just like a baby version of the USAF B-52 they had a huge plane but the only one offered that could operate from carriers with superstructures.
The faster it is going, (eg; a small business jet can go pretty fast) the harder it is to tell anything about the aircraft. If that bomb is dropped, we'll all be blown to bits anyway." So, the Kennedy administration quietly abandoned its endorsement of the family fallout shelter. Dalla centrale fuoriusci una quantita tale di materiale radioattivo paragonabile all’esplosione di 10 bombe atomiche e, nel silenzio delle autorita sovietiche che, nel tentativo di minimizzare la situazione, hanno ritardato gli interventi di emergenza, persero la vita innumerevoli vittime. So as the Rockefellers were funneling their ill-gained oil monies to Hitler via the Wall Street Dulles brothers and others like John McCloy, the German war machine was built to expand German territory so it would not ever again starve from a lack of farmland as it did during WW1--when the British Navy blockaded their sea trade. The Illuminati elite however never bothered to consider how many potential Wright brothers WW1 murdered--all they could see was their bloody profits and the herd being thinned out. Americans are so dependant on oil that we must import over 50% of our demands--and this gives the CIA the excuses needed to go overseas and overthrow elected democratic governments to put dictators in power who will sell or let the Rockefellers come drill the oil cheap and re-sell at high prices in Europe or even in America--to keep us drugged on easy energy for materialistic, widget-buying living that distracts us from questioning and removing the secret elites from power. Never mind that the war with Japan was just a side-show FDR instigated by baiting the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor so German and peace-loving isolationist Americans would fight high-technology Germany before it was too late and they fielded weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
Army under General MacArthur's brilliant island-hopping tri-phibious maneuvers that encircled the Japanese home islands coupled with our own submarine's singularly effective sinking of both the Japanese fleet and their cargo ships which logistically starved their Army on isolated islands into defeat. For the greatest nation in the world suddenly to assume the role of a defensive power is a certain signal of some major change in national character. But he was an expert at getting things done by a special kind of secrecy-shrouded wheeling and dealing. No ejection seats were fitted like the USAF B-66 variants resulting in the nickname: "all 3 dead". The perps knew of the attacks and short-sell stocks to make a "killing" on Wall Street as they "killed" a few token peers in the buildings at around 9am when the buildings were not yet filled. If it is low and fast, it is almost impossible to see numbers or even see how many windows are in the side of the aircraft.
The Navy wanted to get into the nuclear bombing act from their absurd bloated carriers and bought A-3D Skywarriors the size of small commuter airliners in order to carry early large A-bombs. It shifted its attention to its National Fallout Survey, a program of identifying potential shelter space in existing buildings and marking these spaces with the now-iconic "Fallout Shelter" sign — three yellow triangles set inside a black circle on a yellow background.
Instead the egomaniacs want to duel against mirror images of themselves--instead of fortifying the borders so enemies cannot infiltrate and exfiltrate at will--and thus, SMOTHER conflicts. One would hope to discover that this was to be interpreted as a symbol of magnanimity and understanding while the nation was in sole and undisputed possession of the atomic bomb; but events of the past twenty-five years make it difficult to accept that position. This would not have worked during Truman's administration, with Louis Johnson as the Secretary of Defense. The escape slide and bomb-bay of the A-3D could be used to infiltrate recon marines as was done in the 1960s; yet is a capability we've lost with the absurd nearly all-F-18 Stupor Hornet carrier air wings we have now. Finally, winning out against the rival Rothschild Illuminati's communist Soviet Union, the racketeers found themselves in the 1990s out-of-work without a bogeyman to fear the American people into wars-for-profits $$$ and depopulation.
Numerosi studi attestano un aumento dell’incidenza di una grande varieta di malformazioni congenite, nascite di bambini morti, mortalita infantile, aborti spontanei, bimbi nati sottopeso, elevata incidenza della sindrome di Down. Eisenhower called it in his farewell speech, "the Military-Industrial Complex" but before giving it, he crossed out "Congressional" from the term at the last minute.
Surplus A-3Ds were available and in flight condition as weapons test launch aircraft and could be easily painted to resemble an American Airlines plane and either flown into the Pentagon--or over it as pre-placed explosives went off (depends on how cheapskate the DoD perps were) to fool any witnesses. So the actual term is "Military-Industrial-Congressional" to which we must add "think tank" the complex.
The American populace addicted to Rockefeller oil wanted secure and cheap supplies of it, which would give the secret elites the excuse they need to go monopolize and take-over third world countries and thin-the-herd a bit.
However, the consumerist American people are at least somewhat decent who will not kill others just fill up their gas-hog, deathtrap SUVs--so an enemy attack needed to be staged, "A New Pearl Harbor" as the Rockefeller Neocons born from the Nazi philosopher Leo Strauss from the University of Chicago called it.

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