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Makes me mad whena killer uses it as a excuse also, when they should be blaming themselvesentirely for what they did.
If violent cinema causes so much violence, why was there so much violence beforeviolent cinema ever existed? 30 years after the events in Return of the Jedi, the Empire has been defeated but a new force has a foothold in the galaxy, by the name of The First Order, ruled behind the scenes by a master called Snoke.
A curator of her university's collection of antiquities is thrilled when a new artifact arrives: a 2,000-year-old ivory carved astrology board. IMO, some of the horror movies released now that are considered crap (not all, but some), may age pretty well and become cult classics. Yeah, you're spot on there Sarina!In fact, it's often the ones that DON'T hold up so well that end up being favorites of mine. I think if I watched it in any other state than sober, I'd go into shock when Tar Man appears. Instead of my initial plan, I am going to post my favorite horror films by year and the runnerups. 2011WINNERWE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVINThis supsenseful nightmare had more uncomfortable moments on an emotional level than most could take. Now we discover that that the movie Rocky *also* has action figures, created in 2006 by JAKKS Pacific, Inc. The full boxing-the-side-of-beef scene from the 1976 movie doesn’t seem to be online.

But little does she know that the fate of all humanity will soon be decided by this ivory board's deadly forces. Yes there has indeed been lots and lots of crap in this genre (especially over the last few years). Tilda Swinton plays the never-wanted-to-be mother of a truly evil child who manipulates her torture from the day he come out of her.
It is about a junkie who overdoses and then proceeds to float as a spirit around Tokyo, checking in on his sister and other things. It will start with 2011 and go down from there- year by year with the best and #1 of each year as well. Alot of people avoid this movie thinking how can you be entertained inside a box during a film.
Machete- Danny Trejo is awesome in this fun-as-fuck movie based on the Grindhouse fake trailer from the 2007 movie.5. Have I ever written anything that caused one person to hurt another, and if so, how bad-ass would that be? Manson got his Helter Skelter ideas from The Beatles and the Revelations section of the Bible. However, what this movie makes you do is imagine the WORST)(I also must mention THE SCENE in 127 Hours. I don't want to bash the Bible of course, but it has as much violence and perversion to make Marquis de Sade jealous.

From child-killing to genocide, from incest to the orgies of Sodom, from deaths of the first born to the other noxious plagues, the Bible is one of the great chronicles of violence, sex and sin. I personally prefer 120 Days of Sodom but there's always a soft spot in my heart for Lucifer, Baphomet and other Biblical figures. For some reason people think that children shouldn't read Marquis de Sade, Naked Lunch, or Torture Killers volume 2 but think that the Bible is a peaceful, nonviolent, child-appropriate piece of literature. In the first draft of the screenplay the killer is actually called the Zodiac, although in the final film his name is Gemini.
Dirty Harry, the first of the Clint Eastwood reactionary cop series, is also based on the Zodiac.
He wrote letters to newspapers describing an elaborate system he created that would allow him to blow up a school bus. For months all school buses in the area were accompanied by cops as terrified parents worried what to do.
Years after the release of the film, someone killed a 12 year old boy in Japan in the same manner as the murder at the beginning of the film.
The copycat killer was influenced by the actual Zodiac killer, and not the films based on his crimes, but does that really matter?

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