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Absolute compact dimensions and low weight, great power and total work safety are the qualities, that make them the best answer with near zero operating costs and quick return on investment for all small and large shops in the industry. The maximum operating temperature is 80 degrees centigrade.Due to the specific arrangement of a group of permanent magnets, the magnet field lines act on the magnet pole and the load, or are deflected in the magnet housing so that the poles are not magnetised.
A range of 7 models with lifting capacity from 100 kg to 4000 kg , easy to use and manage, they give huge advantages in increased efficiency and productivity in a great number of uses even with little handling space and short range hoisting or lifting equipment. Power Magnetic 3-Pack magnetic Knee Strap, Wrist Strap As seen on TV, will provide support, stability, and comfort with the power of the magnets.

These products may improve your lifestyle and well being and they are completely adjustable and invisible when worn under clothing.
Ideally suited to lifting iron, steel blocks and steel plates, and have a V-Groove for holding round steel objects, such as pipe.This lifters has the features of strong attraction, small size, light weight, powerful lifting ability, easy and safe to operate for long-periods without power supply. The Magnetic Knee Strap encircles the knee supporting the patella from below which relieves pain and lets you move freely again.
The Magnetic Wrist Wrap is a wrist wrap that grips securely and is completely comfortable and adjustable.

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