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So my one-armed couch sat there for years as I tried to coordinate with this upholstery guy who had done a lot of work for a friend of mine’s family.
As hilarious as it was, I  think it was really smart for my dad to make sure that our house always had an emergency plan and that we always put safety first. I’m challenging my west coast friends, especially those of you that live along the San Andreas fault to get prepared. First I traced the inside of the frame, then took a ruler and added a quarter of an inch boarder around the original trace so I could place the cardboard in the frame properly. An exacto knife would have made this so much easier, but my little hands suffered through it with scissors. Make sure to peak at the other side when doing this, to make sure that the shirt is smoothed out. For now I just hung it up in my closet, but I plan to put it on some shelves that I am going to hang in my bedroom soon. In my last post I promised to give you the low-down on some of the new additions in my living room, so here’s one. As fog-dwelling San Franciscans, Kasey and I are huge fans of the California Academy of Science.
One of my favorite events at the museum is the ongoing Nightlife event which the Academy hosts every Thursday night.
Yup, we’ve partnered with Nightlife to put together three (slightly tongue in cheek) San Francisco foodie Earthquake Survival Kits that include several delicious, shelf-stable goodies. INNA jam makes fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit grown within 100 miles of their Emeryville kitchen. Rustic Bakery is a Marin County based company that produces hand baked artisan crackers and breads that use only the best organic grains and seeds. Like any true San Franciscan, I question whether I could survive at all without my locally-produced coffee.
San Francisco-based emmy’s offers delicious artisan pickled vegetables and preserved fruits sourced from local, organic farms.
The Napa, California-based Rancho Gordo produce the most flavorful heirloom beans I’ve ever tried. SnackMasters is a California-based company that produces flavorful, all natural jerky that is hormone free, antibiotic free, and preservative free. On Earth Day 2014, the Bureau of Land Management introduced three vintage-style posters depicting some of the spectacular landscapes of our National Conservation Lands.
The BLM’s National Conservation Lands - also called the National Landscape Conservation System - conserves, protects, and restores nationally-significant landscapes and places that have outstanding cultural, ecological, and scientific values for the benefit of current and future generations. A limited number of vintage posters are available at BLM state offices in both postcard and poster formats. The steel that arrived in San Francisco to build the Golden Gate Bridge was coated in a burnt red and orange shade of primer to protect it from corrosive elements.
The bridge’s original design, produced by chief engineer Joseph Strauss in 1921, was a clunky hybrid of a cantilever and suspension bridge that according to one critic resembled “an upside-down rat trap.” It was functional, but far from elegant.
In the 1930s, a rule of thumb on high-steel bridge construction projects was to expect one fatality for every $1 million in cost.
If you are a blogger, a lover of DIY projects, or just someone like me who needs to pat myself on the back when I do something besides sit on my couch and watch Scandal or The Goodwife, you will understand the HORROR of this story.
He is a lovely gentleman names Jose, who speaks very little English (he speaks Spanish) and has been working out of Azusa for years.
After all of that, I realized the day that Jose delivered my beautiful reupholstered couches, that I FORGOT TO TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE!!!! The long left side of my couch with just the one arm was covered in this fabric and is the original frame that I bought.
But there were some qwerks that I’m just curious if any of you experienced growing up. I thought if I called it sexy I could at least get some of you to read this boring post…lol! Starting a kit can be really daunting at first, but you just have to start somewhere. When it looks right, grab some packing tape and tape down the residual shirt (super ghetto style but it worked for me!). It took me maybe 15 minutes to assemble 20-30 minutes to paint and after an hour of drying it was ready to go.

I first learned about it in a post for Better Homes and Gardens, where Nicole Balch of the blog Making it Lovely made these really beautiful yellow shelves. The amazing museum sits just a few blocks from us in Golden Gate Park and includes a stunning aquarium, a state-of-the-art planetarium, a natural history museum, and a rainforest dome.
The event offers adult-only guests the opportunity to visit the museum in the evening while sipping alcoholic beverages and often while listening to live music that has included acts such as Best Coast, Jens Lekman, and more.
Kasey and I could put down an entire jar in one sitting if we threw our self-control out the window.
Everyone has their favorite coffee roaster in the city, but the Mission District-based Four Barrel is amongst my favorites.
The San Francisco-based chocolate maker that relies on simple, fresh and all natural ingredients. We keep them regularly stocked in our pantry as well, and they’d be a welcome addition to any Earthquake survival kit. He’s addicted to vinyl records, pour over coffee, craft beer, small batch bourbon, and pan roasting pork chops. These lands include over 875 areas (more than 30 million acres) of national monuments, national conservation areas, wilderness areas, and other federally-designated special places. Rogers Nelson emerges with less than three minutes left and sandblasts the faces of the whole room down to buffed ivory with one of the most explosively smooth guitar solos in human history—"explosively smooth" being the kind of internally opposed descriptor that could only be applied to Prince. Coupled with how much fun you can see Prince having and the fact that at the end he throws one of the prettiest Telecasters anyone’s ever laid eyes on into the air and it DISAPPEARS into thin air. War Department initially objected to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge because it feared that Navy ships could be trapped in San Francisco Bay if the span was bombed or collapsed. Consulting architect Irving Morrow found that he preferred the vivid hue of the primer to more conventional paint choices such as carbon black and steel gray.
Strauss agreed to scrap the design, and he later brought rival engineers onto the project to produce a more graceful suspension bridge design.
By those standards, the construction safety record for the $35 million Golden Gate Bridge was impressive: only 11 construction workers died.
Local citizens put their own properties up as collateral to finance construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. A few years ago, I was at a thrift store and I found this mid century modern couch that was exactly the shape of couch I was looking for. I am embarrassed to admit this but I am not one of those people like my boyfriend who communicates easily with people from all over the world, regardless of what language they speak.
If you already have a kit, go check it out and make sure that everything is in working order and that nothing is expired. I decided to get these Vittsjo nesting tables after I saw Kristen from The Hunted Interior give them a makeover. Plan A was to buy those, but when I needed a new coffee table I got sidetracked.  Needless to say, I will most likely be making another Vittsjo investment soon. Her artisan granola is made in small batches using good quality olive oil along with a blend of rolled oats, pecans, almonds, maple syrup, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, dried cranberries and more.
These crackers are great to eat on their own or spread with some of the other goodies from the survival kit. Kasey’s favorite is the Peanut Butter bar and mine is the creamy Olive Oil Sea Salt Bar. No only is it delicious, but their sustainably caught albacore is approved by the Montgomery Bay Aquarium. Please include the word POSTER in the subject line and provide your name, mailing address, and the number and type of poster. That day, nearly 200,000 people walked, ran, tap-danced and roller-skated across what was then the longest suspension bridge in the world. The military eventually gave its approval, but it wanted the bridge to be covered in garish stripes.
The “international orange” color was not only visible in the fog, but it complemented the natural topography of the surrounding hills and contrasted well with the cool blues of the bay and the sky. Despite being in the midst of the Great Depression, voters in the district’s six counties in 1930 approved a $35 million bond issue that required them to put their homes, farms and businesses up as collateral. The only problem was that it looked like it only had one arm because it was just one piece of a sectional.

I wanted to blog about it and tell you about my upholstery experience but it’s just not the same without a before picture! It’s a typical Saturday afternoon and you are doing your chores, all of a sudden you hear someone making a loud alarm sound and yelling  “THIS IS A FIRE DRILL! There are some great resources out there on how to put a kit together but the truth is that there isn’t a one size fit all kit. I decided to call this segment The Daily Project…you know like The Daily Prophet (I know, if you are a Potter fan then that required no explanation and you might even be offended that I spelled it out for you…LOL!). This isn’t just key for your Earthquake survival kit, this is the perfect dessert to accompany any meal. The Navy, concerned about visibility for passing ships in foggy conditions, pressed for black and yellow stripes to be painted on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Morrow ultimately selected the bold primer color, intended to be temporary, to coat the bridge.
I’m going to jump.” Despite the tourist’s attempt to stop him, Wobber threw himself over the side.
The chief engineer made the construction site the first in America to require workers to wear hard hats, and he spent $130,000 on an innovative safety net that was suspended under the bridge deck. The resounding approval by a three-to-one margin reflected the faith of local citizens in the long-term economic benefit of the project. Every time I would talk to Jose I would think, “Oh my gosh I don’t know what you’re saying and I don’t want to look like an idiot or make you look like an idiot just because I didn’t pay attention in my high school Spanish class.
Jose charged me $650 to upholster the old piece and build the new one and with the $50 I paid for it originally, the total price was just $700. I am trying to get back in the swing of things…all while trying to learn Spanish….hehe… XO! All across the board what seems to be most important is making sure you have nonperishable food and water for at minimum of three days, but if you want to take safety 101 from my dad you should have enough food and water for 30 days. As San Francisco’s signature landmark celebrates its anniversary, explore six surprising facts about this modern marvel of engineering. The Army Air Corps pushed for a more festive, if not less gaudy, candy-cane combination of red and white stripes to make the bridge more noticeable from the air. Four seconds later he hit the surface of San Francisco Bay at 75 miles per hour and became the first of more than 1,500 people to commit suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. The net saved the lives of 19 workers, who called themselves the “Halfway to Hell Club.” Ten of the 11 fatalities occurred in a single accident on February 17, 1937, when a 5-ton work platform broke apart from the bridge and fell through the safety net.
Until one day I went to the Ark Thrift store in Pasadena and saw sitting there, another piece of what looked like the sectional that I had bought at a salvation army in Covina years before. Again, I know that sounds super daunting but this isn’t the time to spend a bunch of money putting together gourmet healthy meals, you will just need sustenance. Or tell me this, did your dad ever interrupt your slumber party to tell your friends that they need to move away from the door because they are a fire hazard. Supposedly you can buy a case of 48 Top Ramen for about 10 bucks at Costco (watch out for the salty packets though, those will just make you thirsty). I usually beg David to build furniture for me, but this time he only had to be my assistant!
There are 11 crisis counseling telephones on the bridge that connect to trained suicide prevention counselors, and plans to build a net under the span as a suicide deterrent are being considered. I’ll sound like such a goober!” So I just stand there smiling so hard that my face hurts and nod my head agreeing with every word that’s being said, even if I’m being asked a question…lol. I’ll tell you where I was, I was at home with my family with a stock pile that we had built up all year (1999)! Needless to say, getting my couches done was a ridiculous feet, but eventually I got it together, but sadly it did take a couple years.

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