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Even the best amplifiers in the world (and ours is not) can be susceptible to electromagnetic noise. A Faraday cage is a container made of conducting material, such as wire mesh or metal plates, that shields what it encloses from external electric fields. The Faraday cage is named after 1800s scientist Michael Faraday, but to learn how the cage works we start with another famous scientist, Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. If you don'??t understand the math (you will one day), it means the electric field strength declines the further away you are from an electric source. The take-home is that this law gives us the foundation for a mathematical relationship that relates charge and electric fields within a fixed volume of space. Coulomba??s Law demands that the charges in a conductor at equilibrium be as far apart as possible, and thus the net electric charge of a conductor resides entirely on its surface.
Any net electric field inside the conductor would cause charge to move since it is abundant and mobile, but equilibrium demands that the net force within the conductor is equal to zero. Rule 2 tells us that the electric field inside the conductor at equilibrium is zero, and Rule 1 tells us that the charge of the conductor will be found entirely at the surface (boundary). Many Faraday cages, including the one you are building and using, have holes in them for practical purposes (to see inside the cage). Using multiple layers of mesh and overlapping them such that the holes on one level are blocked by wire on another level is another effective way to build a barrier for EMI noise.

Below we will examine the effects of the Faraday cage on various conditions when doing neural recordings with the SpikerBox, along with an easy experiment you can do at home. Note that we also sell pre-made Faraday Cages if you do not want to visit the hardware store.
Create a noisy environment by hooking up a laptop to wall outlet and turning on a soldering iron or other high power appliance. Microwave ovens are examples of Faraday cages, because they are meant to prevent the radiation used to cook the food from escaping into the environment. 1- What do you think a Faraday cage would do to an electromagnetic signal that comes from within the cage? 3 - What do you think would happen if you used large hole chicken wire instead of small hole screen metal mesh for your Faraday Cage? 4 - Why do you think cell phone noise still interferes with the SpikerBox even though the holes in our Faraday Cage are smaller than the 1.4 cm we calculated? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Michael Faraday was an English physicist who's studies in Electromagnetism changed our understanding of electricity. While studying ways to shield against electric discharges, Faraday created what we now refer to as a Faraday Cage.

You've got your killer experiment designed, your preparation and electrode in place, but BLAST! If you are driving on a highway and notice a radio station fading, for example, ita??s because you are getting further away from the big radio transmitter tower. Cages made in this way with fencing or mesh material still have conducting surfaces that generate the necessary barriers for electric fields, but there are types of electromagnetic waves such as radio or microwave that could theoretically enter the holes. Place your SpikerBox by these electronics, and also turn on all fluorescent lights in the room. Instead of a using double alligator cable to clip the reference to your Faraday cage, you can make your probe cable consist of three wires. The props include a large outer room with a skylight, the main base for the cage, and two electrical effects props. Two usual electrodes (reference + recording electrode) + one extra reference with alligator clip that you connect to the metal cookie box. You can thank Nikola Tesla for your electrical noise, but, have no fear, Michael Faraday has come to your rescue!

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