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This differs from bushcraft skills, which use natural materials to live for an extended time in the backcountry.  It also differs from “traditional skills” that employ indigenous tools and techniques to subsist in the wilderness. Modern wilderness survival is about getting your butt out of a situation gone horribly wrong! When it comes to learning survival skills you are your own “guidance counselor.”  So here is my view of what makes a good survival skills education.
The mindsets, mental approaches, and coping strategies used by people who successfully survived wilderness emergencies. You should learn a system of priorities to guide your actions during a wilderness emergency. You should learn how to construct waterproof, windproof, shelters that maintain body temperature in a variety of environments, in a variety of weather conditions.
The latest in trash bag fashion.  The course should let students experiment with new ideas, materials, and techniques.
I prefer format 1 for beginners.  I believe you should learn the skills in an environment that promotes learning.
One format you do not want is what I call “the indoor class outside.”  Holding a lecture outside is not the same as a hands-on class that gives you experience performing important skills. You want a teacher who can organize and present the material so you can understand it.  This can be hard to find. But there are several steps you can take to learn before you buy.  First, speak with the instructor, or the person who runs the survival school.  Is he patient?  Is his description of the class well-organized?

The most valuable classes give students the chance to use skills and get immediate feedback.
What is your most important survival tool?  It is your brain!  It makes all your critical decisions in a survival situation.  With modest resources, your brain can keep you alive through horrendous situations.  So take the time to fill it up with good information!
If you missed one of the meetings, the class notes for completing the merit badge worksheet are available. For the outdoor (fun) part of the merit badge, we are meeting out where Tuskegee Drive turns into a gravel road (just past the disk golf course) at noon on Saturday, April 26th. This exercise simulated getting lost in the woods so scouts showed up dressed and packed for a day hike. On the way up the side of the ridge, we stopped let each scout practice signaling with a mirror. Once we reached the top the scouts built their emergency shelters for the night and then worked on starting fires using three different methods other than matches or a lighter. Flint and steel, magnesium strikers, steel wool and a battery, Fresnel lenses, and a parabolic mirror were all used successfully. Even though we brought an extra gallon of water, we were running low by late afternoon, so a group of scouts took the water filter and found a small creek to filter water. On Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, tore down the shelters and hiked back down to the road. For someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, a Florida woman sure found herself at the right place at the right time.

The unidentified woman was struck by lightning while attending a wilderness survival class Wednesday in Charlemont, Massachusetts. It seems the woman was one of the few students eager to act as a volunteer in class because one of the subjects covered is lightning. Wednesday’s class was supposed to take place outside, but the threat of severe storms moved it indoors. Instructor Sawyer Alberi, sensing a golden opportunity to provide a great lesson, checked over the woman. Sign up to get exclusive access to VIP events, contests, coupons, giveaways, presales and much more!
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