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Set among the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz and Marin, the 1-Day Wilderness Skills clinic is a great way to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the work week and get back to nature!
This class is 100% hands-on and appropriate for all ages, but the pace is geared towards teens and adults (children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult). This class is about getting back to the earth, learning how our ancestors lived in harmony with our planet, and experiencing nature to its fullest. Clinics are held in two locations: the beautiful redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains (south Bay Area) and Marin (north Bay Area).
Wea€™re specialists in animal tracking, nature awareness, wilderness survival, plant uses, primitive skills, Native American culture and earth philosophy. There are many resources available on this site for free download or purchase, as well as information about the many classes we offer in California.
He is dedicated to ensuring that all of his students leave his classes with the comfort level for the outdoors that they expect. We teach a range of both modern and primitive wilderness skills covering the priorities of survival that will provide you the ability to live and be rescued in the wilderness.
What would you do first if you were lost or stranded in the woods, miles from civilization? Whether in a critical survival situation, disaster scenario, or just a weekend camping trip this class will build skills, confidence, leadership abilities, and build a stronger relationship between you and your environment. 2) You will be sent to our online shopping page where you can purchase your Survival Course. Alderleaf Wilderness College offers a variety of wilderness survival training programs, including courses, classes, and presentations. The Alderleaf Wilderness Certification ProgramOur most comprehensive survival training program, covering all aspects of wilderness skills, from herbal medicine to wildlife tracking and outdoor leadership.
Receive a copy of our wilderness survival training mini-guide, Thriving in the Outdoors: The Six Keys to Survival, when you sign up for the free Alderleaf eNewsletter.
To read more about the difference between the Saturday Classes and the Weekend Courses, please visit the "About Us" page. In this class you will learn the basics of, preparing, setting up and using a Hot Bed, for emergence comfort in the wild, and the basics of how to stay warm in a cold environment. In this class, we will go through the thirteen step process to finish a lethal hunting arrow.
In this course at Primal-Knowledge, you will learn how to make strong cordage using natural materials. In this class, we will go through basic flint knapping steps needed to produce a lethal hunting point. Come take a course at Primal-Knowledge and learn how to make fire from nothing, one of the most important primitive skills. In this class, we will explore several alternatives for constructing a hunting bow string of sufficient strength to function with a hunting bow of at least 50 lbs. Kristen Dorsey, shamanic herbalist of Divine Journeys, will lead a class on wild plant identification, use, harvest and preparation. In this course at Primal-Knowledge, you will learn how to make moccasins, comfortable and stylish footwear, from scratch.

Take a course to learn about the natural glue and adhesive substances that you can process from nature using primitive survival skills.
In this course at Primal-Knowledge, you will learn the skills and techniques of primitive fishing . Learn to prepare a variety of foods, in the wild, without the aid of modern cooking utensils. Learn how to construct a winter survival shelter to maintain body heat in snow and cold temperatures. Find answers to your questions about when and where classes take place and what you need to bring.
Survival TipJust like the sun, the moon rises from the east and sets in the west.When the moon is not full and there are two points, like in a crescentmoon, you can use the moon the find your way.
Rob "K12" served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps and has trained and operated in all types of terrain all over the world. 3X5 pocket size cards with survival tips, signaling tips, trap and snare diagrams, fire building tips, navigation tips, and much more printed directly on durable, tear proof, weather proof plastic cards.
We are a school that is dedicated to passing on the knowledge that may enhance your chances of living through a crisis situation. We aim to increase your comfort level for the outdoors by teaching you the ability to interpret everything as a resource for your survival. Email, call, or signal us with any questions you may have about outdoor survival techniques, tips and preparation. There is something here for everybody – come with an open mind and be ready to learn! Click one of the REGISTER links below and you will be taken to our online reservation system where you can view schedules and locations. We train novices, experienced outdoorspeople, professional field biologists, rangers, teachers and school groups.
The site, developed with our students, contains stories, methods and resources to make your tracking intuitive and connected; ita€™s designed for both beginning and experienced trackers. We are a school of wilderness survival that focuses on teaching skills that will help you survive in an unfortunate wilderness or urban scenario. From the mountains of Afghanistan and the desert of Iraq, to the jungle of the Philippines, above the arctic circle in Norway to the woodlands of the United States.
We also provide skills to help you better prepare your home for natural or man-made disasters. Multiple day classes will start at 9am on the first day, 8am on the following days, and end at 4 on the last. The school will also provide additional water for you to refill your water bottles throughout the day. As a wilderness survival school and more, Alderleaf teaches both primitive and modern wilderness skills. Runs Sept-May.Wilderness Survival SeriesParticipate in six exciting back-to-back weekends of in-depth wilderness survival skills training.Wilderness Skills IntensiveSpend five full days immersed in studying outdoor survival skills! The one day classes are generally offered on Saturdays, but may be offered other days of the week.

It will emphasize a "green" wood survival bow, with design strategies and, why some woods make the best bows.
Connect an imaginaryline from the top point to the second point and continue to the ground.
No matter what your background, from the novice camper to the seasoned backpacker, there is something for you in this class. Learning these timeless traditions, such as native shelter building and fire-by-friction, helps to build self-esteem and awareness from knowing YOU CAN SURVIVE!
Exact directions, maps, recommended packing lists, and other details will all be provided during the registration process.
We also facilitate vision quests and provide nature-based leadership and personal development training.
Check it out and then bookmark it as you apply ideas and techniques to your own tracking. We will teach you how to use everyday items in your home and vehicle that will increase your chances of survival should you find yourself in crisis. This class is $75 and incorporates both natural shelters such as the debris hut and lean to shelters as well as tarp shelters and emergency shelters using whatever materials may be on hand.
He is a graduate of "C" level SERE school with a long list of accolades to include consulting for an upcoming survival T.V. You WILL build a shelter, you WILL make fire, you WILL learn about edible plants, see and learn about native style traps, and experience several other indigenous skills. Childcare is not available at this course – it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children so that our instructors can focus on teaching to the group. Fire making techniques include primitive fire by friction, flint and steel, and a variety of other improvised techniques. That willgive you a general sense of direction and you will be able to orientyourself from there. There is cell phone coverage on the property incase you need to keep in touch with civilization.
Included are selection of the best materials for tinder, and basic fire building and maintenance.
K12 received his Wilderness First Aid certification from the Wilderness Medical Institute of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and was a member of King County Search and Rescue.
Developing or honing your wilderness skills will give you the advantage you need to get to safety.
K12 received his Wilderness First Aid certification from the Wilderness Medical Institute of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and was a member of the King County Search and Rescue. Build a bow drill kit to take homeEvening Presentations on Wilderness SurvivalLearn key survival concepts in this two-hour powerpoint slideshow presentation on wilderness survival. In addition to learning valuable outdoor skills, you will leave with a level of confidence for the outdoors that you never thought you had.

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