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Are you ready for your next adventure?Get the skills to choose your own way!Book your spot now!
At Perth’s 4WD and Survival Training we deliver one day survival training not only based around 4WD trips, but also suitable for bushwalkers, trail and mountain bike riders.
If you are looking for 4WD training in Perth, Western Wilderness 4WD & Survival Training delivers quality, practical and fun training in a relaxed and safe environment. Stroud completed his certificate in outdoor education, a part-time, seven course program at North Campus.
Students hoping to get an experience like Stroud can take four, three-hour classes before they are taken into the wild at the Moon River Basin near Georgian Bay. Arama said his classes usually have about 15 students, though fewer than half go on to complete the outdoor education certificate. She said her time spent working for Doctors without Borders in Uganda opened her eyes to living away from the comforts of home, where she often said she had no power, no access to roads and was often under fire. Bernard said they plan to take more courses, including winter camping, a course offered seasonally.

Please check the calendar below to find which course offerings are available now and in the coming months. What would you do first if you were lost or stranded in the woods, miles from civilization? This course contains the same elements as the Basic and Advanced course but goes much deeper. You will during this week while living in the wilderness, get to learn interesting skills both through theory and practice about what is important to think about while you are out in the wild. But first you not only have to learn to take control behind the wheel of your four wheel drive (4WD) but also how to survive if the unexpected happens to your four wheel drive (4WD), i.e. These courses are capped at 10 customers to allow for plenty of hands on experience.Western Wilderness also caters for the 4WD customers who want to learn both 4WD and survival training with its two day course which includes an overnight camp. There, they apply their newly acquired skills in a simulated wilderness survival situation, said course instructor David Arama. Carrie Bernard’s obsession with Les Stroud and Survivorman drove her to enrol in the course.

There is a lot more time available for hands-on training and implementation of for example building camps, movement, navigation, fishing, etc. If you prefer, we can also provide one on one training with a course tailored to your specific needs.
What should one do and prioritise to get out alive?You also learn practical skills such as how to always successfully start a fire and other useful skills that comes in handy whether it is regarding a survival situation or just to make life comfortable during an outdoor trip.During this course there is plenty of time for hands-on training on all the different skills. If needed and under special circumstances, overnight stays could also be in our Wilderness Lodge. The course is conducted by experienced and certified instructors and is conducted in English or Swedish.

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