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Wilderness Survival Escape Day 2 is a new escape games created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.
Lol, the gas was called acorn.Good thing those berries kept growing back when you ate them, had to go up and down a lot of times. Gas is inside the house left.Key you get from the code box across the river (cut tree with axe in the up, right scene to get there). Join adventure and survival expert, Bill Shugart, for a day of education and fun at the Little River Canyon Center in Fort Payne, AL. Join Angie Shugart, Environmental Educator for One World Adventure and Environmental Education Association of Alabama,  for fun nature and art programs for preschool age children.
Northern Red and Tracker Dan Adventures are excited to announce the opportunity to learn wilderness survival in a small group setting (this class has limited space!) from one of the world?s best survivalists, Tracker Dan Stanchfield. Known to his friends as Tracker Dan due to him learning Native American wilderness survival and tracking at a very early age in the punishing landscape of Western Canada.
As a SEAL Team Lead Climber and Pointman, he continues to be sought after by Special Operations Units around the world for his expertise in fire making, shelter design and construction, and primitive weapon and tool making.
This is a two fold mistake that will cost you your life in a Wilderness Survival Situation.
People who venture into the Wilderness without a map, compass, and GPS are flirting with disaster.
If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. As picture perfect as we all imagine our big day to be, the truth is, there will always be hiccups along the way. Friction fire starting techniques are some of the most primitive and difficult ways to start a fire. Step 1 – Cut a v-shaped notch into your fireboard then place a small notch next to for your spindle to rest in.
Step 2 – A  Place your spindle in the notch on the fire board and begin to roll the spindle in between your palms working your hands down the spindle while keeping a light pressure. The two man friction drill is a little easier than the hand drill as two people are able to generate more friction. Step 1 – You will use the same materials as a hand drill but you will also need a rope, shoe lace or even a thin flexible branch from a small tree can work. Step 2 – Once again, when you see smoke remove the drill and knock the ember from the fire board into your tinder bundle and blow to life.
The fire plow is another primitive fire starting method that uses a fire board and spindle. Step 1 – Notch your fire board and place an indentation next to the notch to place the spindle, sames as a hand drill.
Step 3 – As you begin to see smoke tap your fire board until all of you embers are on your piece of bark. Step 1 – Gather up a tinder pile and begin to focus the magnifying glass by tilting it until you direct the suns light into the smallest beam possible. This method is not nearly as effective as using a magnifying glass but in a true survival situation it does work.
Step 1 – Strike your piece of steal against your flint to generate a spark directly into your tinder bundle.
Using a magnesium stick is hands down the most effective way to start a fire in the wilderness.

Step 1 – Use your knife to shave off a few small pieces of magnesium into your tinder bundle. All the ways to start a fire without a match I taught in this class will work with a little practice and the right tools. One World Adventure Company and outdoor expert, Bill Shugart, will teach hands-on methods of basic survival skills dealing with water, shelter, food, fire and getting found. That expertise gained him access to the world?s premier wilderness school, Tom Brown?s Tracking School, where he became lead survival instructor before leaving to become a Navy SEAL Operator. Because of his extensive tracking, survival and awareness skills he was assigned to a Personal Security Detail protecting Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi. Additionally, SEAL Teams continue to engage him to teach survival and tracking and Escape & Evasion in extreme environments, such as the jungles of Central America.
An instructor with a vast experience in designing and handcrafting edged, traditional and non-traditional weapons, survival techniques, individual and team tactics and combatives used by today's Special Operations Units.
This means that when certain environmental situations present themselves a block of hands on learning will be experienced at that time. Anyone who has spent time in the woods knows that within seconds even the best woodsman can get turned around in thick trees and bushes and begin to walk the wrong way. A bridesmaid might chip her nail, a groomsmen might need a little lint-roller action on his tux and the flower girl might stain her dress. I can still remember the first time we went camping and our father amazed us with his ability to start a fire without matches.
The type of wood you use and tinder when using this process will determine a warm night by the fire or shivering in the cold.
Some good examples include: dry tall grass, cotton tails, cedar tree shavings or dried leaves. Wrap the rope around your drill and have one person apply downward pressure on the drill with a rock or another piece of wood.
A Rub the spindle up and down the groove while applying light pressure until the dusty particles ignite into an ember. A socket is simply a piece of wood with an indentation for the top of the spindle to rotate in.
You will need a sunny day, so you must plan appropriately and start your fire when you may not need it.
This works best if you have a piece of char cloth but if you don’t you will need some very dry and fine tinder.
You will have to repeat this several times until you get a large enough spark to create an ember in your tinder pile.
Take your knife or a rock and strke it down the side of the fire steel to create a spark into your tinder pile.
If you don't need help, this doesn't mean other users and visitors don't and won't need them later! This is not an intense lecture-based format with a strict curriculum but instead follows Tracker Dan's principle of extensive interaction with the surroundings. When you see smoke take your fire board and tap it on to the bark and transfer the ember to the tinder bundle while gently blow into a flame. A I have found a lot of success with cedar with this method due to the fact that cedar creates its own natural tinder from the friction ahead of the spindle.
Just like the magnifying glass, use the bottom of the can to create the smallest beam of light possible directing the suns energy onto your tinder.
As always, when you have a large enough ember blow it into a flame and apply to your kindling.

Some of the sparks will hit the magnesium igniting a 5000 degree inferno which will get your tinder lit.
The skills needed for good leadership are present in all of us, but not all of us are natural leaders.
This program will be OUTSIDE, hands-on, hiking, collecting materials with hands so wear appropriate clothing for a cold winter day in the wilderness. A :) The advantages of a magnesium stick in a true survival situation is it will start dozens of fires, can get wet and only take a few seconds. Help save our forests and use responsibility and make sure to never leave a fire until its fully extinguished.
Our ALPs series is designed to identify, embrace and and strengthen our ALPs participants leadership abilities.
The friction of a spindle into a fireboard will produce a coal when the surface temperature reaches 800 degrees fahrenheit.
The thicker the spindle the less speed you will be able to spin it at which means not enough friction and a cold night. TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment.
Our challenges are experiential in nature and we encourage continued teamwork, realistic goal setting, honest feedback and shared learning in a experiential process which stimulates our creative thinking and problem solving skill sets.
Groups tend to develop a sense of community that wants to be successful at what they are engaged in. Participants find a new sense of confidence in themselves an understanding A and appreciation for others that transfers over to the school and their community. We believe that together, the teachers and students will return to their classrooms and will ultimately be linked together through their shared experience to achieve the common goal of linking adventure through education. A  10:00 am - 2:00 pmHave you ever wondered if you could you make it on your own in the woods? You are the best thing you have."During this four-hour program you will use critical thinking skills and a positive attitude to complete this 'Survival' scenario. You will learn impromptu wilderness medical skills (First-Aid without a kit), look for natural shelter, build a debris shelter, find safe drinking water, find resources for making primitive tools, make a primitive weapon, track wildlife, build a fire, learn back country cooking skills and what leave no trace ethics are, even forecast the weather! All participants acquire real skills and an increased awareness of themselves and their environment.
They also develop a more positive self-image through an authentic sense of personal accomplishment. All students should read or listen to the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and come with small blank page journal and a pen.
Learn the skills that will save your life and or your family or friends.This is a course that you won't want to missDress casual and warm. Learn outdoor survival skills plus how to build a matchless fireBring water - snack & lunch, ID books, magnifying glass if you have them. All programs require proper clothing and rain gear, sturdy footwear, sunscreen, water bottle. TMO Adventures provide an opportunity to realize a group's governing principles, values, ethics and practice core competencies in a safe and supportive environment.
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