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Having just returned home from teaching a survival course in the deserts of Nevada, and given the parts of the U.S.
As with any survival situation, should you find yourself stranded suddenly in the desert, the very first thing is to avoid panic and calmly address your situation. When the time comes to drink, consume a reasonably sufficient amount, as taking in a larger quantity is the only efficient way to rehydrate vital organs.
In deserts where temperatures fluctuate greatly at night, such as the Sahara, the Gobi, the deserts of Peru and Chile, and the Middle East, one can exploit the evening’s low temperatures to produce condensation that can be harnessed as a water source.
Plants, such as various cacti, as well as plant roots, can also be exploited for water, although without the aid of a machete, cacti can be difficult to harvest and often more trouble than worth. Be cognizant of the effort required and resulting water loss of any activity, and carefully gauge whether the gain is worth the precious water lost. Many desert animals build burrows below the sand, allowing them to remain cooler during the day and warmer at night.
Properly dressing for the desert is an integral part of sheltering oneself as well.  Hot climates instantly cause many to reach for shorts and t-shirts, leaving themselves open to extra water loss and the blistering sun and sand. If stranded due to a vehicle crash or failure, one can effectively create a fire by first filling a container with sand.
If forced to self-rescue, the distance you will be able to cover will be directly related to the amount of water available.  A rough estimate, in 120 degree weather and based off an individual traveling only at night, and resting for the entire day, one might reasonably cover 35 miles on 2 liters, in roughly three days before collapse.
Despite the unpleasant aspects of hunger, food is at the very bottom of the priority list in the desert. Flash floods occur when rainfall or water suddenly exceeds the ground’s capacity to absorb it. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. Black rhinos are one African desert animal that has developed the superpower to consume poison. Richard Conniff is the author of House of Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs, Dynasties, and the Story of Life on Earth, and other books. Later, we stopped at one of the big clumps of milk bush that dot the landscape like haystacks in a Monet painting. Makumbi Swenyeho, a wildlife guide at Desert Rhino Camp, where I was staying, snapped open one of the pipe-like stems, which promptly bled a white latex liquid.

But against all odds, black rhinos have adapted to make it one of their staple foods out here in the desert. Gemsbok, big antelopes with a pair of three-foot-long unicorn horns on their foreheads, fled from us up the hillsides, looking like fanciful creatures out of a medieval bestiary. The authors note that deserts are likely to spread as a result of climate change, leading to a loss of plant production, and perhaps also to species extinction.
The result: Gemsbok, like black rhinos, turn to the milk bush for sustenance in the dry season.
TakePart is the digital news and lifestyle magazine from Participant Media, the company behind such acclaimed documentaries as CITIZENFOUR, An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc. Taking tiny sips over an extended time period does not accomplish this, resulting in dehydration.
In Nevada, for example, various species of barrel cactus can provide water as well as various sources of food.  Rain, though exceptionally rare, should also be collected in all possible ways should it suddenly become available.
Therefore, you must learn to ration your sweat by carefully preventing losing any through perspiration.  Find or create a shelter that will allow you to stay in the shade as much as absolutely possible. If you have wreckage or other materials to support the sand, you can follow their lead by building your own burrow.  Always make your shelter as visible as possible to aid search and rescue.
Loose, long sleeved clothing with enough space to create an air pocket to insulate is ideal for cooling, and provides far better sweat management.
Next, pour gasoline or oil in with the sand and light, creating a controlled fire that will burn efficiently.  A spark caused by crossing the negative and positive terminals of a car battery can also provide an effective method for lighting a fire, as does using a mirror or glasses to concentrate the sun’s powerful rays. That time is not likely to increase unless water supply more than doubles, barring exceptions.  In all but the most extreme cases, when rescue is impossible or staying still holds your life in imminent danger, it is best to remain within reach of safety and resources and wait for rescue.
The extreme heat often suppresses appetite, which, in certain regards, can be advantageous to a degree.
In Nevada, for example, various species of barrel cactus like the one featured above can yield edible seeds, flowers, fruit, and meat at various times of the year. They are sometimes accompanied with lightning storms, and can be as brief as a few minutes, or in some parts of the world can linger for weeks or even months at a time. They are particularly dangerous in the desert, as they can often occur far upstream of your actual location, where for all intents and purposes things may seem perfectly calm. The milk bush is actually a succulent, Euphorbia damarana, and it’s found only in this region. It’s poisonous, he said, and effective enough that Bushmen hunters use it on the tips of their arrows.

They also like the haystack shape of the milk bush so much that they sometimes climb aboard and fall asleep.
Those pipe-like branches and the milky white liquid make up as much as 40 percent of their diet.
Use the Rule of Threes to prioritize your plan of action in order of your most crucial resources. This will protect you not only from water loss, but also from the blistering rays of the desert sun.
Anything that can further cover the head, face and neck, such as a swathe of cloth, a bandanna, or a wide brimmed hat is also essential. In desert situations it can actually be detrimental to eat too much, on account of the additional water the body will require to aid in digestion. In the same desert, the outer layer of the Prickly Pear can be skinned off, and the inside roasted and eaten.  Other plants, such as the central stalk of the mescal plant in Mexico, or the desert gourd in the Gobi or Sahara also provide a similar style food source. Sandstorm conditions are often the same conditions ideal for rainstorms, and  consequently flash flooding as well.  Should you find yourself caught in one, cover all parts of yourself, particularly head, face and mouth, and seek shelter immediately, even if your best option is to crouch behind a large rock. They’re depth and intensity can be deceiving and deadly, so always be extremely cautious and aware of desert gullies and stream beds, even if the weather appears fair.
Yet, when I was traveling not long ago in the arid landscape of Namibia, on the southwest coast of Africa, there was wildlife everywhere. That’s remarkable not just because the daytime temperature in the Kunene region where I was visiting can rise to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, but also because a gemsbok can weigh up to about 500 pounds. Take care not to expel precious water and energy, or to leave oneself open to injury from attack. In fact, according to the USGS, more people drown in the desert on account of flash flooding than die of thirst. According to local lore, 11 miners who had been brought into the area to work died just from eating food cooked over a fire built with milk bush branches. But the new study implies that, as the climate changes, other species hoping to avoid extinction may just have to figure out how to eat poison, too.

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