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After graduating from high school in 1995 and spending some years undertaking survival skills in hostile environments, John moved to Arizona where he has been practicing desert survival skills and Primitive skills ever since, actively teaching survival since 2004. Weight and balance play a major role in any knife design - too light and heavy tasks become extremely daunting, throw in bad balance and chopping as well as fine work are nearly impossible. Incorporating these things into the Saguaro Survival Knife makes chopping, splitting, and shaving an absolute breeze. To purchase this knife, first choose your currency from the links below and then choose from the available styles and 'Add to Cart'. By ordering from this website you agree to pay directly any local taxes that might be levied on the product(s) you receive. Graduates of JEST Camp receive recognized professional certifications which prepare students to be excellent naturalists, wilderness skills instructors, wildlife trackers, and environmental field technicians.What is a Jungle Survival Certification Course?Jungle Survival Certification is obtained only by people who are committed to learning and improving their wilderness skills. John worked on the design for several years as he wanted a knife that would tackle just about any job that could be thrown at it. All our knives are sent by parcel courier service to get them to you as quickly as possible and each delivery is tracked to ensure it arrives safely. Unfortunately, we have no control over whether this tax is levied or not and so we cannot include this in the price paid on the website. Each of our certificates represents that a solid base of both essential knowledge and practical skills have been learned by our students.

He grew up in Oklahoma in a small town called Holsum Valley and during heavy rains and ice storms he and his family would be trapped for weeks at a time. Being a survival instructor and growing up in a wilderness he knew what kinds of tasks would be demanded of a blade.
The hole in the thumb bump gives an extra lanyard hole to make a secure grip while using the knife as a chopper. The black Fluoralon coating makes the blade perfect for places that have salt air or may come in contact with salt water. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and gardening became a way of life and they would even raise their own food animals for sustainment during these hard times. The exposed tang in the pummel makes a good glass breaker for emergency exits from automobiles or can even be used as an egress knife to exit downed aircraft. My personal belief is that No Way is the Way.Simply stated, “use what works” and throw out survival skills that make no practical sense. The Certificate is signed by the core instructor and is a physical representation of the hard work, study, and experience that has been learned and completed by the student.What types of people attend the Jungle Survival Certification Course?Adults of all ages, experience levels, and walks of life attend the Certification Course. Ever since my youth I have had a calling for the wilderness and a love for the wild places. Most students who take the course do so as part of their career preparation, while others are primarily interested in personal growth and the value of the education learned through the experience.

I believe it is important for every man to pit themselves against mother nature to truly know themselves and that everyone seek to train themselves to be able to survive.
Though I will teach many classes, I do not plan to be the main focus of the school as many founders in the other schools try to be. My skills are more than acceptable in all the fields and I have made it an obsession to train under the best instructors in the world in my own personal training. A license is required for most professions, and for jobs that are subject to state or other government regulations.
It is my pleasure to personally recruit the most talented instructors from across the planet to teach what is their best specialty skill. SOLO trains approximately 10,000 students a year and is the most highly acclaimed wilderness medicine school in the world.
JEST Camp believes that its courses will allow you to hone your skills while gaining recognition through our certification.

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