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Most with outdoor adventure , belonging to the limits and sub- limits movement , there are a lot of challenging and stimulating .
Country Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Simple Living, Homesteading, survival product reviews, back to basics, alternative medicine, wild foraging.
Two new knives designed by John Arizona Bushman Campbell and made by Scorpion Knives UK will be available very soon. The Survival in the Southwest book series has taken on a bright orange cover scheme along with my logo on the front cover. This is an interview video of me going over my new book The Complete Survival in the Southwest.
Embrace nature, challenge themselves, be able to cultivate personal perseverance , spirit of cooperation between the team and improve the viability of the field , welcomed by young people.
This design is modeled after the Alaskan ULU and I am finding this design to be incredibly versatile. There will be three holes in the handle for attaching paracord as a lanyard to make it easier to remove from the kydex neck sheath.
This Book is a compilation of all 6 of the Survival in the Southwest books together in one huge book.
I have become very busy recently with the release of 2 of the 3 blades in my new Pro Tool Collaboration project.
Outdoor sports increasingly attracting people’s attention , becoming the focus of attention .

This blade is in the process of being manufactured and still has a little time left till I receive the final product.
In time I will be adding more prints to the Fine Art America page and linking it directly from my site. I am trying to get a home studio built not only for them but for my knife photography and product photography as well.
A few of the plant photos I took while doing plant research in the field for a book I am slowly but steadily working on. In addition, due to the unique geographical conditions of our country , has a good majority of natural resources , but also for outdoor sports provides a broad space. If you are interested in holding your place in line please feel free to pre order by clicking the buy it now button below. It has been called the encyclopedia of desert survival.  Click here to check it out or order! I am working on it as time permits as well as the plans of a DVD series to be filmed in the Spring and Summer of 2013.
The goal of the design was to come up with a blade that could be tough for most outdoor tasks and still be legal for EDC in most areas. We are moving into stage1 fire restriction once again meaning there will be no open fires anywhere in my area and possible the entire state. These fire restrictions have become more and more strict and more often in the last few years.

Some of the information in the book is available on my website…but that is a little difficult to pack with you into the filed.
This also has an effect on wilderness training in the sense that even the most basic of classes requires the use of fire. These blades are designed to be used for hunting, trapping, survival, bushcraft, or any other outdoor task. Without the ability to have an open fire there is no use in training students how to properly and safely make, build, and keep a fire. For this reason I have decided to cancel all classes and move to the book format so students can learn at their own pace.
This way there is need for fire permits, special use permits for land, no waivers or insurance, and it is more cost effective to you the student.
I apologize for having to go to this format, I understand that nothing can replace actual field time with an instructor. However when bureaucracies become the general rule this is the only option to keep costs down to make learning affordable for all.

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