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Do you have the wilderness survival skills to survival a bear attack?Many of us go our entire lives without ever encountering a bear.
Climb a Tree: Grizzlies have straight claws, making them poor climbers, so some experts suggest you shinny up a tree.
Your wilderness survival knife is an invaluable asset in the wilderness so when choosing your knife remember these guidelines: . To know how to make a fire can make all the difference in a survival situation, learn various methods of fire building and maintenance.
As a backcountry traveler, learn how to predict weather and to take appropriate action for not getting into trouble and risk your safety. My hope is that the "Wilderness Survival Skills" website will inspire people to get the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enjoy the wilderness? What you want might be here soon, as sellers worldwide list additional items every day.Check your search entry.
Sprint over rough terrain?  Strip naked and spin in circles?Truth is that it really doesna€™t matter.
A grizzlya€™s bite is so strong that theya€™ve been observed gnawing their way through trees up to 12 inches in diameter to get to their prey.
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All rights in images of books or other publications are reserved by the original copyright holders. We agreed not to venture into the woods and they agreed to be shot at with very large guns if they came into town. One grizzly was recorded snapping off a 4a€? diameter tree in one bite.Black bears on the other hand, being more agile and equipped with curved claws, are very astute climbers. With more than 150 million items, our marketplace almost always brings you happy search results.
Apparently, you should adjust your actions based on whether the bear is accustomed to humans or not. Bear, have we met before?) Ostensibly, one could assume that bears found in the middle of nowhere would be wary of humans, but as you constantly hear of well-meaning biologists trapping a€?citya€? bears and dropping them into remote areas, this may not always be the case. You, probably after having had a few beers, decide to stand your ground (This is my sunfish, dammit!) and advance towards the bear, banging on an aluminum pot and shouting obscenities. Or just because youa€™re enjoying nature from the comfort of a popular campground, doesna€™t mean every animal will be relaxed and groovy. In addition to being immensely strong, grizzlies are deceptively fast; they can sprint upwards of 35 mph, remember. That is assuming of course that your hands arena€™t shaking so badly that you can actually aim that pathetic stream of spiced water into the puny ocular sockets of a charging bear.
Ya feelina€™ lucky, you ursine punk?Make Noise: Wilderness survival skills experts advise hikers, especially those traveling through heavily wooded areas, to make noise in order to avoid surprising a bear, thus provoking an attack.

The problem is that this may actually alert a hungry predator to your whereabouts, especially if there isna€™t much food and the bear doesna€™t know ita€™s supposed to be scared of humans.
To make your camp as unappealing as possible to a bear, Charles Fergus recommends that you prepare and cook your food at least 100 yards downwind of camp.
Afterwards, be sure to wrap leftovers in multiple layers of plastic and suspend them in a tree.
This would work, except that even if you manage to clean, cook and eat your food a mile outside of camp, the smell will still linger on your skin, clothing and in your hair, making you, for all intents and purposes, a large walking, enticingly odoriferous cut of meat. And since black bears are excellent climbers, your suspended food bag becomes nothing but a fully-stocked piA±ata to an enterprising bear. However, this safety-in-numbers technique presumably works only when youa€™re all together, all the time.
No wandering off on your own to fish, explore a trail or to tinkle in the privacy of the woods.
Black bears have been known to meander through a maze of tents containing dozens of sleeping campers.
And in one unfortunate case, dragged a boy scout from his tent off into the woods, never to be seen alive again.

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