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The undead may be about as common as a misleading Daily Mail headline these days, but Sony Online Entertainment’s impending free-to-play PlayStation 4 escapade H1Z1 is aiming to do something a little different with its post-apocalyptic setting. And fresh from several livestreams, the developer has now released a traditional trailer showing off the title’s exploratory aspects, projectile-based combat, and vehicular action. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.
We don’t want to beat around the bush with this one as we know that some of you reading this have probably waited for far too long and are now trying to desperately increase your chances of survival by googling for the things you need (good job on finding an internet connection by the way!).
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JUMPING, RUNNING, OR CLIMBING TO GET AROUND VARIOUS OBSTACLES IN THE QUICKEST AND MOST EFFICIENT MANNER POSSIBLE. Over the years they’ve infiltrated peaceful towns, ominous mansions, space, and even Nazi Germany. Evidently inspired by the likes of Day-Z, the MMO will find you fighting off rotten foes and scavenging for resources in a persistent world.

It’s not the prettiest release in the world, but any muddy textures should be made up for by the enormous player count. DayZ turned me off, played around with it thought it was fun, but the constant patching and server instability made me drop it fairly quick.Sony has the resources to do it right, I think this game will be huge!!
For the rest of you, your foresight is commendable and will likely serve you well in the future, but regardless of how hopeless your position is we are here to help you, and on that note these are the 25 things you need to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s also absolutely critical that your eyewear have a solid elastic strap because there’s nothing worse than stabbing a zombie in the face after a picture perfect ninja roll only to have his guts explode in your eye because your goggles came off. Although there are numerous options available to you, tanks and monster trucks are probably going to be your best bets. Even if it isn’t though, keep in mind that you are going to be slashing your way through hordes of rotting dead people.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. They can spread their infection like wildfire, survive without their limbs, and they’re always hungry.

The odds are not in humanity’s favor, but if you make the right decisions, you might survive the imminent zombie apocalypse. Shotguns are relatively easy to get your hands on as every Wal-Mart stocks them (if you can’t find a Wal-Mart though, just find a redneck, they’ll probably have several).
Designed to sever spines with a flick of the wrist, zombies shouldnOt be too much of a problem.
Anyone who’s ever seen a zombie movie knows how frustrating it is to always watch people die because they think that driving around town in a bus is a good idea.
Sniper rifles and crossbows can be a bit harder to find but its well worth it if you don’t want to get zombie guts on your clothes. Busses are slow, they can’t go off road, and there are always zombies hiding under the seats.

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