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If you continue to use this website then we will assume you consent to the use of cookies for this purpose. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With cold weather and snow encroaching on us as well as the disastrous snow seen in the Buffalo, NY area recently, the idea of a winter home emergency kit is looking better and better.
There’s a lot that goes into a winter home emergency kit and while you probably have many of these supplies around in one form or another, having them together and ready for a winter disaster is vital to getting through a disaster in the freezing cold successfully. While not having power in the warmer months is merely an annoyance, being without power for anything more than a day or so in the winter is a very big deal if you live where the winter weather is truly felt. Make sure to have emergency heat available for power outages and that you have enough heat for your entire family and pets. You should already have a food and water plan in place, but for the colder months you need to augment it just a little.
Since there is a real possibility for water to freeze if your emergency heat doesn’t go according to plan, make sure you have a secondary cooking option as well. If disaster strikes and lasts for an extended period of time you’ll need to plan for the situation in which your emergency heat runs out. Make a list of what needs done in a winter emergency and when one strikes just go down the list item by item.
Everything seems to break when it gets cold out, and finding the right tool for the job can be tricky, especially if the power’s out and it’s getting cold. Finally, keep pipe repair kits and patch kits on hand for frozen pipes and other random plumbing issues. This entry was posted in DIY, Tips & Tricks, Emergency Preparedness, Prepping, Survival Skills and tagged winter survival skills, winter emergency kit, winter storm, emergency preparedness on December 8, 2014 by Brian Meyer. Anyone who has ever lived in Seattle or Portland has experienced the winter-snow-shut-down. All you winter-worn cities will scoff at our ineptitude, because after a meager three to four inches, we are all cuddled up inside, watching the flakes fall, the city shut down to a halt. Sign up for Home Hardware emails and get exclusive online savings, sneak peeks at money-saving flyers, email-only promotions and much more. Superex Roadside Assistance is available anywhere in the United States and Canada, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We will gladly accept any unused regularly stocked merchandise for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.
30-Piece Winter Emergency Road Safety and First Aid Tow Kit is specifically designed to beat the most severe elements, that includes getting stuck in the snow.
All vehicles should have such a road side emergency kit containing at least jumper cable and a tow rope or tow strap such as this one.

If you live in an area where it snows frequently then you are probably preparing for winter. If you live in a locale where winters are particularly harsh you probably dread the thought of getting stuck outside.
There are a variety of winter emergency preparedness car kits on the market to meet all of your needs.
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Part of being a prepper is being prepared for just about anything the world can throw at you and while many of our plans are for epic disasters and TEOTWAWKI-level events, smaller seasonal disasters happen far more often, so being prepared for these too only makes sense. Kerosene space heaters and propane heating elements are both great sources of emergency heat.
In cold, dry situations your body needs more water and food so whatever your current plan is, up it by about 25% per person.
While gas stoves will work without electricity, that doesn’t mean gas lines can’t experience issues as well. Even if you don’t normally go outside for extended periods of time when it’s cold you need to make sure you have enough cold weather clothing to stay warm for extended periods of time without external heat. Also, you may need to walk to a store or to a neighbor to lend a hand; both cases require snow gear to get out. If there are trees near your house you should have tarps and nails to secure the tarp with in case a tree gets up close and personal with your roof. These rear their ugly heads in the winter and if you’re stuck at home during an ice storm, you won’t be able to hit the local hardware store, which will probably be closed anyway. As we continue to maintain that we "never get any snow," we have very little resources for preparation when the big one actually hits: few snow plows, very little de-icer, and very little knowledge of how to cope in winter weather. A sturdy, insulated thermos for hot drinks, soups and stews, like this Stanley Vacuum Bottle, $49.50 from Eddie Bauer. The multi-function eton FR160 Red Cross Radio: charge your phone, connect headphones, even generate a solar-powered LED light. Simply return the complete product to us in its clean original packaging accompanied by the original bill of sale. From pulling your snow blower out of storage to turning the heat on in your house there are probably lots of step to preparing for the season.
Unfortunately there are times when you may face a situation that ends with you getting stuck outside; this is especially true for those who drive in the winter. It is important to buy a well stocked kit and to purchase any extra that you may need to accommodate larger families. These are shunned for indoor use today for fear of fumes and carbon monoxide but used correctly are totally safe indoors and if you’re at least in your mid 30s, your parents probably used a kerosene heater in your basement and you turned out just fine, right? A camp stove that runs off propane is a great option in this case, as it could be used inside with ventilation, but more simple stoves and cooking over a fire can be done outside as well.

Not only do you need the traditional lists like food and water expiration, but you need home safety lists as well, like where your water shutoff valves are, and how many need shut off in case of freezing temperatures as well as what needs shut off to stop the electricity from coming into your house to prevent a surge. This means not only wrenches and pliers, but saws and shovels for outdoor issues like downed trees, too.
Plastic sheeting and duct tape can be your best friend in the case that a window is broken and while it may not offer the same insulation as a high efficiency window, it’ll save a lot of wind from coming in and a decent amount of heat from going out.
Brian believes the most important tools you can have when the SHTF are your brain and the ability to keep a level head, no matter what the situation is. So, to all you Northwesterners, until we learn our lesson, I hope you all have your "Four Inches of Snow Emergency Kit" at the ready! Forget the ones you can buy at the drugstore, invest in a Multi-Function LED light, with red flashing emergency LEDs. All merchandise is subject to the manufacturer's warranty & will be repaired or replaced as per the manufacturer's directions.We regret that cut materials and special-order merchandise are not returnable. The quality is as expected: good but the jumper cables in all these types of kits are minimum quality at best. If you have an emergency preparedness kit you may be adding to that as well just incase a blizzard or some other type of disaster strikes this winter.
If your car breaks down, you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or get in a fender bender you will be stuck outside until help arrives. Your kit will likely include: a first aid kit, light sticks, a reflective vest, jumper cables, a flashlight, batteries, tire sealant, and much more. Just be prepared for both options and have the stove tested and ready, and fire wood chopped.
They work but you will be better off investing in a set of high quality heavy gage 12 to 16 feet jumper cables in addition to this kit. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. By adding a winter survival kit to your car you will be better prepared incase you are stuck outside for an extended period of time. You should also have extra blankets in your trunk during the winter to keep yourself and your family warm in case something does happen to your vehicle.
Also always insist that your friends and family wear their coats, hats, and gloves before getting in the car in the winter, it may prove to be just as life saving as a seatbelt.
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