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A major storm system attacking the Seattle area dropped between four to six inches of snow on January 18th, 2012. Good emergency survival kits will also come with some tools, and supplies that could come in very handy. This may be the ultimate emergency kit on the market today.  We like to think that if you are prepared for zombies, that you are prepared for anything. Probably the most common question about Dutch oven cooking is: What do I need to get started? During virtually any emergency, you will need a cooking tool that can bake, boil, fry and saute.
A Dutch oven can be used to boil water, make a stew, bake bread, and cook virtually anything that can be fitted inside. Technically, a “Dutch” oven has a rounded top and  no legs and can be used in a conventional oven on top of a stove, or on an outdoor propane fish cooker of grill.
Today, a camp oven is on my short list of disaster survival kit tools. A Dutch oven can be used to boil water, make a stew, bake bread, and cook virtually anything that can be fitted inside. My wife’s advice to her sister was to go to Walmart, get at least 50 pounds of charcoal and three of the round, 14-inch diameter metal pet food dishes. I’ve been cooking with Dutch ovens at hunting and fishing camps for decades, and on many camping trips and Boy Scout and Girl Scout outings. 1 – 12-inch Lodge brand shallow cast iron oven: I like Lodge cast iron,  because it has a proven quality record, but that’s just personal preference. 3 – shallow metal pans with lipped rims: These are critical, and common dog food pans work very well. 1 – trivet or tripod: This is a wire or metal rack that holds the lid while you stir the contents of the oven or adjust seasonings. Source of heat: Charcoal is easy to use, and and provides an easy method of regulating heat. The lid lifter, trivet, “survival knife,” spatula and spoon all fit inside the oven.  All these items fit into a nylon commercial Dutch oven holder. Leon Pantenburg is a wilderness enthusiast, and doesn't claim to be a survival expert or expertise as a survivalist. As a newspaperman and journalist for three decades, covering search and rescue, sheriff's departments, floods, forest fires and other natural disasters and outdoor emergencies, Leon learned many people died unnecessarily or escaped miraculously from outdoor emergency situations when simple, common sense might have changed the outcome.
Leon now teaches common sense techniques to the average person in order to avert potential disasters. After graduating from Iowa State University, Leon completed a six-month, 2,552-mile solo Mississippi River canoe trip from the headwaters at Lake Itasca, Minn., to the Gulf of Mexico. His wilderness backpacking experience includes extended solos through Yellowstone’s backcountry; hiking the John Muir Trail in California, and numerous shorter trips along the Pacific Crest Trail. Some of Leon's canoe trips include sojourns through the Okefenokee Swamp and National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia, the Big Black River swamp in Mississippi and the Boundary Waters canoe area in northern Minnesota and numerous small river trips in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Since 1991, Leon has been an assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 18 in Bend, and is a scoutmaster wilderness skills trainer for the Boy Scouts’ Fremont District. Leon earned a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, and competed in his last tournament (sparring and form) at age 49.
In a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, like the huge one that just struck Japan, families can be stranded for several days without access to clean water, food and medical supplies. With winter approaching {gasp!}, it’s time to start thinking about being prepared for crazy weather fluctuations. Having a 72 hour kit that is more or less centered around your climate is a pretty smart practice, I think. Bottled waters are a good choice because they are clean and immediately accessible {plan on 1 gallon per person}. I would add photos, social security numbers, birthdates and hair samples for DNA for each member of the family in case of separation during a major natural or man-made disaster that could result in death.

Here in California earthquake country, we remind folks that can openers in emergency kits need to be hand operated. A grim but good reminder that I’ve never seen elsewhere about hair samples in the earlier comments!
If you are making a 72 hour kit you will need 3 gallons of water per person…it is 1 gallon per person per day! Here in Alabama as we approach tornado season, there is a Tax Free Weekend, February 21 -23, for all emergency supplies purchases. I found some britta water filtration bottles (that have a built in filter) at kmart, maybe place candy, protein bars or something inside when packing (for space saving) since you won’t need them until you finish your bottles of water, but if you finish those and still don’t have access to purified water this might be useful! I might add pillows, sleep masks, ear plugs and sleep meds, in case you’re housed in a large shelter and are a light sleeper.
Also as a few people have mentioned, the most important, is to make your plan for an emergency, know it and even practice it.
Side note: Another great DIY fire starting accelerant is to take your dryer lint and mix with a little bit of petroleum jelly. Most kits provide some kind of a flashlight, usually one with batteries that will last for a few hours. The experts say that this is just the first of the storms coming to the Pacific Northwest this season. Whether you are concerned with the coming zombie apocalypse, nuclear winter, meteor strike, or just a really bad storm, this is the kit for you. Here’s what I take to elk camp in October, and what I’d recommend you get as part of your urban and wilderness survival kit! And it should be able to function  with a variety of heat sources, since electricity might be a variable! In the middle of the hurricane preparation discussion, they started talking about recipes and what to cook, using a cast iron Dutch oven! Designed to be heated on top and bottom with campfire coals or charcoal, the camp oven was considered a necessity on the American frontier for at least two centuries. Put the oven, these items and some basic cooking utensils in a square milk crate for storage. Camp Chef makes another good product, and several experienced Dutch oven cooks I know  prefer that brand. Put one pan underneath the oven to protect the coals from dampness and help regulate heat; and another pan is used to store coals. You probably don’t need a tactical or survival knife, (even though, in an emergency, any  knife you have is a “survival knife”) but you will need something that will work for food preparation. He is an enthusiastic Bluegrass mandolin picker and fiddler and two-time finalist in the International Dutch Oven Society’s World Championships.
For a relatively low cost, you can purchase a fully stocked emergency survival kit with enough supplies for a family of four, for three or more days. A Whichever container you choose, it needs to be accessible and easily mobile, in case you need to evacuate your home. A Little packets of cookies and candy can provide treats for the kiddos in a potentially stressful situations.
A A book, pack of playing cards, knitting supplies, or crossword puzzle can help to pass the time and keep your mind off the emergency at hand.
The bandanna is up there in the lists with plastic garbage bags and duct tape when discussing versatility for emergency uses.
This is great for of course sanitizing but it can also be used as an accelerant when trying to start a fire. All of the supplies in the world would not be able to help you if you can not get your family to a safe place and then know how to use the supplies that you do have once you get there. Works like a charm when you can’t find dry tinder while you are out camping and beats buying fire starting sticks or similar products.

Many roads were cut off and some 200,000 homes and businesses lost power.  Puget Sound Energy was quoted on its Facebook page saying "We think it will be 3 to 4 days … maybe longer," before power would be restored to most areas. A multi-function pocket tool, good for cutting, opening cans, pliars for gripping, and many other uses. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected, purchase or assemble an adequate emergency survival kit for you and your family today. Among the urban survival necessities in any natural disaster is a way to cook and purify water by boiling.
That type oven was taken on the Lewis and Clark expedition, was used by travelers on the Oregon trail, and was indispensable in countless cabins, lean-tos and soddies. So, here’s the basic, bare-bones list of Dutch oven survival kit necessities, proven over the years.
The third is a spare that is used to cover the oven and protect it from rain or snow while cooking. Every technique, piece of equipment or skill recommended on this website has been thoroughly tested and researched.
A Sleeping bags work great for a quick stow and go bed–they make emergency heat blankets too that fold up small and cost next to nothing.
A If you live in a place where returning to your house means returning to the destroyed remains {i.e. The bandanna can be used as a signal, a band-aid or gauze, a pre-water filter, a sling, a tourniquet and so many more.
Following the snow and ice, is the inevitable flooding that occurs during a quick melting period.
Many trees were snapped, and uprooted blocking roads, and knocking out power to many homes in the region.  This coupled with continuing moisture, brought about major flooding in coastal areas, and throughout the Willamette valley.
A deluxe kit however, would not only contain these items, but also some type of dynamo flashlight, or even a combo with a radio. Some emergency survival kits, or survival supplies that are available offer meals that heat themselves right in their containing bag. It also exceeds the recommended standard for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and just about every other emergency. A cheap, poorly-made oven won’t work particularly well, and you’ll probably end up replacing it with a quality piece. Add to that the continued heavy rains funneled in by the jet stream and you have quite a mess. Your car is one more place to ensure you have an emergency survival kit adequate for the average number of people that travel in it. Sometimes, I take an aluminum oven on outdoor excursions instead of cast iron to save weight. Usually this will be enough to clean the oven, and all that remains is to scrape out the softened food debris and wipe it dry. They have tons of uses such as ponchos, bedding, rain catchers, shelters or for sanitation.
Both of these items are made from a mylar type material that are designed to reflect your body heat back to you. If flooding occurs or your home water is no longer running  then it would be a good idea to have a filtration pump, to remove contaminates from alternate water sources.
Do not confuse these with your home water filters that typically do not filter for anything other than flavor.

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