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If you have a tent and the proper cold weather sleeping bag, then you are all set, but what happens if you don’t have a tent or a cold weather bag. You can become dehydrated in the winter and not be aware of it, so drink water by sipping throughout the day whether you feel thirsty or not. Remove the outer layer of clothing as you work to put together your shelter so you do not sweat.
Eat just before sleeping because the digestive process will raise your core body temperature. Protein bars, jerked meats, and peanut butter is easily packed and can be eaten without preparations so make sure you have ample food when traveling in cold weather. Wandering around trying to find your way back will cause exhaustion, cause you to sweat more and will increase your chances of injury. The last time I was in Flagstaff to look at the snow (again, I don’t actually TOUCH the stuff!) I watched a party of four vehicles being rescued from the snow. To make yourself visible to rescuers you should turn on the dome light at night when running engine, but be sure to turn it off when you shut off the car.
Exercise from time to time by vigorously moving arms, legs, fingers, and toes to keep blood circulating and to keep warm.
If you are in Arizona and are heading to Flagstaff, I really do recommend the 2009-2010 Flagstaff Snowplay eGuide. Every January, the Hulbert Outdoor Center in Fairlee, Vermont hosts  “Winter Skills Day” which, exactly as it sounds, is a chance to learn outdoor skills that will help you enjoy winter comfortably and safely. All proceeds benefit the Aloha Foundation (which teaches outdoor skills at summer camps and the Hulbert Center), so you know that your money is going to a great cause!
You’ll walk away from this three-hour session with lots of hands-on knowledge, plus gear checklists and  a detailed handout describing how to prepare for your trip. After this course, you should be able to approach your first backyard or roadside winter campout with confidence, knowing that you know how to keep yourself safe and comfortable.
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When I opened the package, there were these two cute, pink zebra-striped boxes with the jars of sprinkles inside. The little sprinkles stuck together a little at first, but that could have been because they had been in the mail box for a while… it gets a little warm in Georgia sometimes. They also have warmers on the site, so if you wanted to get some of these heavenly fragrances, but you don’t have a warmer, they’ve got you covered!

Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching.
You should be able to get a small pot or heat resistant ceramic bowl that won’t crack, put it on top of the wood burning stove and voila! Winter days are short, so once you realize you will be spending the night outside, you need to get started on your shelter. Dig down or simply move snow to create walls to break the wind and use a tarp or poncho for overhead cover by stretching and securing across the snow walls.
Place other rocks near the fire so they absorb the heat and can then help heat the enclosure.
Save your supply so if you have to hike about or hike out of your predicament you have water with you. Protein takes longer to digest, and so the digestive process will create more heat when its protein you are digesting. Your signal fire will be in the open and you will have to create as much smoke as you can, by using pine boughs, leaves and so on, but only after you have a good base built up otherwise you could extinguish the fire.
So, I started planning an article about what you can do to minimize your risk when you’re out enjoying the snow. Each fall you should have the radiator system serviced, or check the antifreeze level yourself with an antifreeze tester. You can assemble all these items in a big plastic container and then you just grab it when you’re leaving. By mid-afternoon, when I was driving out, the ground had thawed into a muddy mess and I got stuck. If you have tire chains but don’t know how to put them on, what good do they do you?! It has this article and others as well as complete details about where to go to play in the snow. They offer two sessions, morning and afternoon, so you can take two different classes in one day. As a group, we’ll be setting up both a “cold” (unheated) winter camp and two camps with wood-stove-heated tipis. This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links!
It reminds me of when mama used to melt almond bark and make candy-coated peanut butter filled Ritz crackers at Christmastime.

He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. Knock the snow off the branches as best you can and create a snow cave under the branches near the trunk of the tree.
You can place the warmed rocks in your sleeping bag or in the thermal blanket or tarp you roll up in. What do I need this stuff for?” Well, you may LIVE in a warm area but do you ever DRIVE to a colder area? Make sure that all your gear is in good working order with fresh batteries, all the parts to the kit, and that the adhesive in the bandages is still good. This is common sense that needs to be followed no matter the season, EVERY time you head to the great outdoors. You can run the motor about ten minutes each hour for heat, but be sure to open the window a little for fresh air to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked by snow or anything else. I typically don’t win, but recently I won some soy wax sprinkles for my wax warmer from Emily at Sprinkles of Faith!! You both can spot that patch of white, which may mean frostbite on the nose or cheeks of each other, inspect the bottoms of each other’s feet, and recognize the signs of hypothermia, so treatment can begin to reverse the potentially deadly condition. Instead we will talk about shelters, the need for water, and the need for food in particular high protein food and how to keep the body from sweating when it’s cold out.
Look for dead branches that could fall on you before settling in, because you may have to find another tree if there are a number of dead branches overhead. You have to monitor your situation carefully and pay attention to details like sweating and leaving a layer off too long so you get chilled.
Replace your windshield-wiper fluid with a wintertime mixture and replace any worn tires, and check the air pressure in the tires. However, situations are never ideal, and so you have to be prepared to survive on your own for hours or possibly days in the cold.

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