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Every year people get lost in the backcountry near where I live in the High Sierras and end up spending one or more unplanned nights outside in the snow and extreme cold.
Build a fire:  Your chances of starting a fire in extreme weather using primitive methods like a fire drill or flint and steel are pretty slim, but if you happen to have matches or a cigarette lighter on hand, by all means build a fire! On a solo trans-Sierra backcountry ski trip, while I was setting up my camp for the night, I made the mistake of not bothering to stop what I was doing in order to swing my feet and regain the circulation in my toes. Hypothermia, and its evil twin, hyperthermia, are both very dangerous life-threatening conditions. Have the victim drink plenty of hot liquids, such as tea, coffee, or simply just hot water. If prior options are not available, have a warm person crawl into a single sleeping bag alongside the hypothermic victim for body heat transfer from the warm body to the hypothermic body. We endorse this dealer as our all-around favorite for purchasing and storing precious metals.
Do NOT give the victim warm liquids to drink!  Quickly warming the body's interior this way results in cold blood from the extremeties shunting toward the recently-dilated blood vessels of the body's core, including the heart.  Do NOT immerse the victim's body in warm water!  For the same reason.
Regarding body-to-body rewarming, I've gotten conflicting advice about skin-to-skin contact. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Pilots train hard for a potential emergency landing, but what happens after they have landed the aircraft? 18 individuals learned and practiced their survival skills at the Surratt Memorial Winter Survival Clinic, with instruction from three acclaimed survival experts.
The first night was spent hearing instructional talks on emergency landings and emergency medical procedures.
Participating in the survival clinic allowed them to practice things such as starting a fire, building a shelter, and signaling for help. A valuable piece of information for anyone involved in any winter survival situation is that low body temperatures can lead to hypothermia, which can leave you unable to think clearly or move well. The clinic's main point is very clear: The only way to give yourself the best chance to survive in an emergency winter situation is to be prepared, with both knowledge and gear. To view the complete set of photos from this year's Winter Survival Clinic, please visit our Flickr website. After successfully completing a difficult ice climb, Hugh and his partner Jeff Batzer decided to continue on to the summit of Mount Washington. It takes a huge amount of energy to dry clothing using just body heat, and wet clothes will not insulate nearly as well as dry clothing.
At the first signs of numbness, you should stop what you are doing and get the blood circulating again, or you will risk frostbite and potentially permanent damage due to freezing your flesh. The father kept the son moving most of each night to keep his feet and hands from freezing, and to help prevent him from succumbing to hypothermia.
Downhill skiers and snowboarders who travel out of bounds inherently dislike the idea of hiking back up the mountain the same way they came down, but this course of action would have saved many a life.
Snow is an excellent insulator, but try to keep yourself from getting wet, both while building your snow shelter and when staying inside the shelter.
Look for standing dead wood, or drier branches sheltered underneath fallen logs that may be drier than the rest of the available wood.

My route had taken me to lower elevations in the warmth of the midday, and the snow had been quite wet, soaking through my old leather ski-mountaineering boots. Most people who died of exposure probably had ample time to recognize the situation, and they may have been able to do something about it had they realized what was going on. NOTE: Simply placing a hypothermic victim inside a sleeping bag by themselves is usually not good enough, since their body will at that point be pretty much shut down and not generating enough body heat on its own to rapidly restore correct body temperature. Stein is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.
Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM "Medicine for the Outdoors," my advice mentioned above applies in all cases except for severe hypothermia, and especially in cases of cardiac arrest due to hypothermia or cold water drowning, in which case ressucitation must occur in a medical facility with gradual warming and advanced resuscitation methods and the patient's only chance for survival is to transport in a cold (not frozen) state to the appropraite medical facilities.
Some say this can cause cold blood from the extremeties to flow to the heart, but others say this is an effective method. These experts included Dave Hoerner (MDT Aeronautics Safety Education Bureau Chief), Rod Alne (Special Forces Survival Instructor and owner of the Peak Inc. Accomplishing these tasks built confidence in how they would handle a real-life emergency winter situation. Never leave your transportation - it is easier for rescuers to locate a vehicle or a plane than a single person who was wandered away from the site.
Don't assume that it's going to happen to someone else and not you - it's the times when you least expect something to happen that you find yourself unprepared. For the feet, brace your arms against something, stand on one leg, and vigorously swing the other leg back and forth, like a ringing bell in a bell tower.
A couple of winters back, a female snowboarder descended out of bounds into the Granite Chief Wilderness. However, when snows are incredibly deep, like they can be in the high mountains, backtracking may not be a viable option. If you must sit or lie down in the snow, a layer of fresh green pine boughs can provide insulation and help minimize getting wet from melting snow with body heat. It was a clear night as I was pitching my tent, and the temperature had dropped to well below zero. When the body’s core temperature rises a few degrees above this, hyperthermia (overheating) occurs, and when it drops a few degrees lower, this condition is described as hypothermia (overcooling). Additionally, Auerbach does stress one should not massage limbs or use vigorous exercises in cases of advanced hypothermia, as this may lead to cardiac arrest.
If you're dealing with a moderately hypothermic person - someone who's barely shivering or coherent, and you literally had no other resource & was in the wilderness, would this be wise?Also, should you take the time to start a fire first, or is it imperative to start the gradual rewarming process immediately? Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In the case of an emergency landing in mountainous terrain during the winter season, it is critical to have the knowledge to survive until rescuers can reach the scene. They were then able to put these new skills to the test and spent the second night in their own survival shelter.
Shelter and fire are often first priorities because exposure to the harsh elements in extreme weather causes your body to lose heat faster than you can produce it. The centrifugal force of the swinging motion will usually restore blood circulation and warm your toes, unless they are already truly frozen and not just cold. She perished from exposure while trying to hike her way out of the wilderness, not realizing that in the direction she chose, it is about a 50-mile snow-covered backcountry trek to reach the nearest all-season road.

Figuring I would soon be inside my sleeping bag, I took time to boil a hot pot of tea on my camp stove, and I did not pay attention to my numb toes. When left uncorrected, either case can rapidly lead to impaired mental and physical performance followed by death.
Also, do not administer warm fluids unless the victim is awake and coherent enough to know what is going on. I ask because I was recently in this situation, but fortunately some people came along who had the right supplies before it got too bad. But the clinic wasn't just for pilots; it was for anyone who needed winter survival skills. If they burn and hurt, that is okay and the painful condition should only last a few minutes, unless the feet had actually suffered frostbite. Make sure you knock the snow off any overhead branches before you start your fire, so they won’t dump snow on your fire as it heats up. He also stresses that hot water bottles and "hot pads" must be insulated with towels or blankets to avoid burning the patient, who may not feel the effects until too late to avoid tissue damage. Stumbling through deep snows in the Great Gulf, at one point Hugh’s feet broke through the snow into a creek and got wet. The easiest technique for restoring feeling and circulation to the hands is similar to the previous technique for the feet.
Frostbite on the skin shows up as a bright white patch of skin, usually surrounded by pinkish colored flesh. When the two climbers did not return to the cabin that night, a search was launched in which one would-be rescuer was killed in an avalanche. It is caused by freezing of the flesh, and actual frost crystals start forming on the skin’s surface.
Just lay down a bunch of branches to keep your drier wood separated from direct contact with the snow. I eventually lost my toenail and a large hunk of blackened flesh peeled off the tip of my big toe, but I did not need any surgery or have to deal with infection problems. After spending three nights outside in -20°F (-29C) conditions, without the protection of either tents or sleeping bags, Hugh and Jeff were finally located and rescued. Alternately, take your gloves or mittens off and stick your bare hands under your jacket and into your arm pits until your hands are warm.
So I consider myself lucky, having learned a valuable lesson that could have been a lot worse. After weeks of fighting to save Hugh’s gangrenous feet, both legs were amputated just below the knee. His climbing partner Jeff also lost his lower left leg, the toes on his right foot, and the fingers on his right hand.

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