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Contrary to the Spring is in the Air post last week, this Winter Survival is how to make it through the last of the winter wrath, without just giving up and moving to the Caribbean (although that is not discouraged).
I purchased these Santana boots earlier in the season and although I was apprehensive at first, have they ever served me well. For the most part, we all make it through winter in black parkas and dark toques, not helping the dreariness of winter much. I briefly spoke about my favourite fur collar scarf that was sadly taken from me while in NYC here.
To get in large amounts of veggies without having to eat handfuls of raw spinach, I whip up a big amount this yummy vegetable soup in my Vitamix weekly. Baby its cold outside, but now’s the time to do all the things you’ve been meaning to all season! Hit up your local ice rink, whether it be indoor or out, and rent a pair of skates if you don’t have them. Buy a pass to whichever cultural centre is closest to you, whether it’s a museum, an art gallery, spa, recreational facility, etc. Before you assume I’m insane for suggesting something so unfathomably uncomfortable, hear me out. Shea butter and Vitamin E are the two beneficial, power ingredients that lock in hydration and treat dry lips and nourish long term. 8 hours of sleep in a jar it’s a concentrated color corrector that cancels out darkness and has a long wearing brightening effect. If you’ve been having a ton of sore throats recently a quick and easy remedy to soothe is to suck on of all things…marshmallows! Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. You and I don’t live inside a Box, however, and have to use every means at our disposal to maintain motivation and fitness when the weather turns cold and wet.
As this winter is forecasted to provide plentiful amounts of precipitation, along with cold temps in the appropriate parts of the country, we present part two of our Winter Survival Guide: Apparel. With the proper gear, not only will you be riding comfortably all winter long, you’ll actually be looking forward to the opportunity to ride on the coldest days of the year.
Building a winter cycling kit with several layers will keep you on the road (or dirt if your trails can handle the wet) even when conditions are at their worst. Stay warmer by wearing fitted apparel, as looser cut garments move around more, letting warm air escape and cold air to replace it.
Winter jerseys run the range from simply thicker versions of your favorite summer jersey, to essentially light weight jackets: fleece-lined, ultra-stretchy, windproof, and waterproof.
When selecting winter jerseys, look for a high collar, full-length zipper, and hems with elastic or grippers to keep cold air out. Even with one of those high-end jackets in your kit, there will be days when the humble rain cape will be the best bet, thanks to its supreme waterproofing (at the expense of breathability) and ability to pack down into a jersey pocket. Winter accessories are absolutely critical to your ability to enjoy riding in cold weather.
Chilly fingers will make shifting and braking actions less fluid, reducing your reaction time in pivotal situations. Frozen toes will also make any ride miserable, so don’t forget to keep your tarsals wrapped up and cozy.
Unfortunately, that well-ventilated helmet that keeps you cool during the summer months only adds to your brain freeze when the temperature drops. A headband’s prime objective is to keep your ears warm, but also blocks wind from hitting your forehead, which helps keep your whole head warm. When winter tries to curl its icy fingers around your body, respond with a thorough and well-planned apparel system. Luke appreciates the climb and its challenges, but is convinced the only reason to pedal faster up the hill is to start your descent sooner. Visit the Art’s learning center to read and watch comprehensive articles and videos on a wide variety of topics including how to select and maintain your new components. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our latest how to’s and product reviews. Sign up for our Strava Club to connect with other riders and gain access to exclusive deals and contests. Are cold temperatures keeping you from your workout? Let us show you how to beat the freeze and stay in shape during those chilly months. A single dish is all you need for our collection of one-pot meals that are far from one-note.
Starting at a new school, whether full-time or just during winter session, can be a difficult transition, but no one ever said you had to go it alone. So if you’d like to learn a little more about the best food or the best study spots on campus, the UMBC Winter Survival Guide is your go-to source for the kind of insider information you won’t find anywhere else.
Everyone knows the best way to survive as a college student is with a good cup of coffee (or 10)! According to the results it’s clear Starbucks takes the cake, ranking as number one with 114 votes. Everyone has their own version of what they consider “comfort food.” For some it’s food that gives you that warm cozy feeling inside. For poll #4, we asked UMBC students to list some of their favorite spots - places they’d take visitors. We've all got that place on campus where we like to spread the books (or laptops or tablets) out and study. Other top results were the dorms or apartments, the library third and fourth floors, the library first floor or LRC, and the library seventh floor, followed by the second floor of the library and the performing arts center, which tied with ten votes. Sometimes the worst thing to have is a cold during finals, midterms, or even just during the semester. There is nothing quite like snuggling up during a cold winter night and watching your favorite holiday movie.

With the recent dumping of snow we received in Toronto, I think everyone is completely fed up with the impossibly long winter we’ve had this season. If you’ve been schlepping through the slush in unlined leather boots and poor accessories all along, it’s time to upgrade. I too fall prey to this dull pattern of an all-black winter uniform, but I picked this bright pink and orange pom pom hat at a market this year and instantly loved it. Earlier in the winter I constantly had pine-smelling ones lit, but now that its way past the holidays, I long for fresher scents. It’s a great excuse to get out an do something when you don’t have to pay admission each time. I devised a winter beauty survival guide to get us all back on track and feeling more hydrated. There is never rain inside The Box, making it possible to flip the same tire over and over, all year long, with no need for all-weather tread or puncture protection during the wet months. When the weather is foul enough to chase even the bravest souls inside, we do have the option of indoor trainer workouts, but still, nothing beats riding en plain air, feeling the (biting) wind, enjoying the (heavily cloud-filtered) sunshine, and hearing the sound of tires (splashing) across the pavement. In order to beat back the wet roads and frigid air of Winter, proper selection of armor, both for yourself and your bike, is imperative.
A good base layer garment has a high warmth to weight ratio, keeping you toasty without introducing much bulk, weight, or restriction. If you go with tights that don’t have a pad or chamois, always wear them over your normal bibs. Besides the above-mentioned benefits of full-coverage insulation, including wind-blocking, you’ll never have to worry about slipping warmers, or keeping track of extra kit after rides. With enough layering, if you don’t mind the added bulkiness you can get away with a windproof vest and long sleeve rain shell. Besides the ubiquitous arm, knee, and leg warmers, shoe covers, socks, headbands, skull caps, and insulated gloves must be part of your kit as well. Fleece-lined knee and arm warmers are preferred, and if it’s cold enough to wear leg warmers, they had better be fleece-lined as well.
The first line of defense is a good wool sock, but care needs to be taken in finding the correct thickness. Besides the constant flow of heat-robbing cold air across your head, your ears are hung out to freeze in the breeze with no insulation to protect them. Many cyclists, especially those with thick manes, will be fine with a lined or windproof headband all winter long.
While he has sampled the joys of long rides on the tarmac, the dirt is where you’ll find him.
Over 30 years later, Art's Cyclery has evolved from a humble local bike shop into an online resource for everything related to cycling. However, some students (51) still think that even though Starbucks tastes better than your average cup of Joe, Au Bon Pan is the place to go to wake up and get your day started. Whether it’s the best place to dine with the shortest lines and awesome food, or cozy corners that nobody would expect to find, our campus has it all. Do you know about the campus cats that are being removed from campus or the free massages and acupuncture at the University Health Center? The results led us with the top two places: Au Bon Pan (37 votes) and Chic-Fil-A (33), and True Grit’s and the Admin Building tied with 21 votes each. Not only is the campus beautiful with its own hidden wonders, like Pig Pen Pond, but UMBC is also right next to Baltimore. The top three results were the Inner Harbor, Ellicott City, and the Performing Arts Building here on campus. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great options around campus, especially at the UMBC dining hall, True Grit’s. My personal favorite is the top floor of the library because it’s quiet and you can get in the zone and focus. However, it’s often hard to remember to take a few moments to enjoy the holiday season when you’re running round the library finishing up last minute papers, and pulling all nighters to study for exams.
Elf topped the list, with classic family favorites like Home Alone, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” rounding out the list. However, as much as we’d all like to make the snow disappear, we must endure it, and so we might as well enjoy it! The winter might be nearing its end (keyword is ‘might’), but that doesn’t mean it won’t be just as bad next year! I wasn’t sure how much wear I’d get out of it, but turns out I’ve worn it (along with some other bright head warmers) almost every day this winter!
I easily throw it over my not-so-stylish parka for an instant chic feel, over a cardigan, or any pea coat.
My favourite is the Dyptique Choisya candle since it smells like actual fresh flowers, and has me almost forgetting the snow falling outside, and thinking its Springtime.
My boyfriend and I purchased season passes to our nearby aquarium this year, mostly for the purpose of getting out of the house in winter to do something while still staying warm. This sheer, light formula absorbs instantly and is proven to moisturize as well as Ahava Mineral Body Lotion at a fraction of the price. I'm also a veteran skin care therapist and gal-in-the-know about the latest tricks and tips to beautify both you and your home! Meanwhile, real people got appetite solutions for all-day cravings and pine nuts in late night snacks.
Hopefully this edition of the Guide helps empower you to get your miles in and resist the disease of corporal softening and swelling so prevalent during the winter season.
You may or may not be hardcore enough to need an insulated, waterproof, fleeced jacket, but if you have a couple base layers, a thermal jersey, and maybe a vest (all of which will get plenty of use), then a light weight rain shell will top that off nicely, keeping you dry without costing much. Fitting snugly and worn against the body, cold-weather base layers are made from fabrics that are designed to trap heat and wick moisture off the skin. This combo provides crucial core warmth but leaves open the possibility for ventilation by removing the warmers.

However, a few manufacturers offer tights that feature a chamois built-in and if this is the case, there’s no need to double up with your regular bib shorts as well. While full- and knicker-length bibs may seem like a luxury, once you experience the ease and joy of a chill-free lower body, even on frigid mornings, it is a purchase you will never regret. These are light enough to be used all year round when needed, and can top off a pile of layers for the colder rides on your schedule. You might as well dip your digits in cold water before you head out if you don’t have some insulated, and preferably windproof, protection on your hands. For these reasons, headbands and skull caps are essential to your winter kit, and both will find their way under your helmet eventually. If you lose heat easily, ride in very cold conditions, or have a very well-ventilated helmet, a skull cap is the way to go. When not on the trail or in the water, Luke likes to drive off into the wild to take his daughter camping in his cherished 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia. So, for Winter Session 2016, we hit the streets and began polling students, online & in-person on various aspects of campus life to make the transition a little easier for freshman, transfers, and visiting students.
Pure La Vida and the Coffee Shoppe in the Administration Building finished with 23 and 14 votes, respectively.
For poll #2 we asked the students to divulge the best kept secrets UMBC students have been hiding.
Although everyone defines comfort food differently, we can all agree on one thing - nothing beats it. Studying is stressful enough without having the sniffles, a constant cough, and a throbbing headache. But as college students, it’s sometimes hard to stay on your A game when trying to make the grade.
Invest now in some Winter Essentials that will not only make you feel better about the current March blizzards, but will also have you prepared come next year! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, and every time I catch a glimpse of my reflection outside, the pop of colour brings a smile to cold face.
Unlike other flimsy scarves that really don’t do much for keeping my neck warm, the full soft fur of this particular scarf is perfect even for the most intense of flurries. We’ve since gone numerous times, even for under an hour when we just want an activity to do on a cold evening.
This is accomplished through fabric construction, type of fabric used, and coverage area of the garment. If it’s cold enough to wear a long sleeve jersey for an entire ride, then a long sleeve base layer will be much more convenient than a sleeveless layer plus arm warmers. The extra coverage of bibs prevents exposed skin, and insulated shorts just don’t exist.
Suiting up with several layers day after day will eventually lessen your enthusiasm for the ride, not to mention the laundry it creates! Convertible jackets are very convenient, as you can start off with a jacket, then zip off the sleeves and stash them in an integrated storage pocket once you’re warmed up. Most situations (and people) will be adequately served with beefed up, windproof, full finger gloves, but for extreme conditions, mittens and waterproofing are necessary. Layering with an appropriate wool sock and some form of shoe cover, will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Skull caps provide coverage from your crown to your earlobes, and keep you warm and toasting matter what the conditions are. Wrap up and get out there, enjoying the well-earned sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day, week and winter.
My personal favorite is Starbucks, because they do a really good job at making coffee not taste like coffee. Did you know that Papa John's takes flex for payment options or that the Coffee Shoppe in the Administration Building serves breakfast? The top floor of the library also happens to be the top choice for the poll #6 where we asked students to tell us their favorite study spots around campus.
And surprisingly some students responded “just don’t,” because, at the end of the day, you have to eat! Food and sleep were amongst the most popular choices, with movies and tv shows on Netflix or Hulu, playing games or an instrument, doing some form of exercise, and an expensive yet personal favorite - shopping - rounding out the list.
Get on your long underwear, snow pants, multiple layers, down-filled parka, balaclava, warmest boots, and pretty much everything you have.
Base layers add temperature range to any apparel piece, though exactly how much temperature range is added depends on the base layer’s thickness and coverage. If you need extra warmth without much more bulk, try combining a tank top-style over a long sleeve base layer. This will save you time compared to layering up with multiple base layers, lighter jerseys, and a wind shell. While many cyclists have never used winter-specific bibs, (a good pair of leg warmers can stretch the usability of regular bibs) they are missing out on a lot of early morning—or mid-day, depending on where you live—ride opportunities.
Shoe covers stretch over either the front half of the foot (called toe covers), or the entire shoe and ankle, like a sock. You’ll look like a snowman, but once you get outside you’ll realize that it’s not so bad when you’re dressed properly. Even though they may cost a bit more, anything that will help motivate you to ride in inhospitable conditions is worth it. Full shoe covers are usually reserved for rainy or very cold conditions, but thin versions are seen on the feet of time trialists to reduce aerodynamic drag. Have you visited Pig Pen Pond or the UMBC’s observatory (which happens to be the largest in MD)?

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