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Unfortunately most employees and their employers do not recognize the need for proper safety training for employees who work outdoors in remote areas in cold weather environments–until the unexpected event or accident happens! If you have a new snowcat or new operators and need training to comply with OSHA, check out our four day Snowcat Basic Operator Certification course. Our Winter Survival Kit includes some of our best snow and ice removing tools and products. The Autogeek Cooler Tote is a multi-purpose insulated bag for food, cold drinks or detailing supplies! Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster is an advanced additive for your windshield washer fluid.
When the next wave of winter weather rolls in, you’ll be ready with Autogeek’s Winter Survival Kit! January 6, 2014 By Jen Last winter, we didn’t put together a winter survival kit though we probably should have.
As soon as we got home that afternoon (even though the afternoon ended up being gorgeous), I started researching winter survival kits for the car. Window Cleaner – I want to note that our window cleaner is an important thing for me because our windshield gets so dirty that it is dangerous to continue driving even just to find a gas station. Useful tips!!!A car breakdown in the dead of winter can be dangerous if help isn’t immediately available. Thank you so much for coming along with me this week as I try out some fun Gifts in a Tin ideas!
Christina is a crafty mommy to three little girls, a wife to one handsome hubby, and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural Alberta, Canada. Hello I just wanted to let you know I mentioned this post in one of my blog posts because I used the coffee lover tin idea last year. Hi, I ordered the tin off of amazon that you recommended and I could hardly fit one mason jar in there, let alone anything else. A specialized survival kit with 38 tools to help get through an emergency during the winter time or in an arctic climate.
OSHA has specific safety training recommendations for employees who work in cold environments in remote areas; are you complying?

We have improved on the normal refresher course to expand and improve your operator skill set.
Autogeek has the best car wax, car care products, and auto detailing supplies to give your vehicle the perfect show winning shine. This amazing windshield washer concentrate cleans windshields without leaving smears or creating glares, and prevents re-icing.
It doubles the cleaning power of regular windshield washer fluid while creating a much slicker washer fluid that is less prone to streaking and smearing. This emergency car kit list includes all the items that is needed to keep warm and safe, one should also not to forgot to add the tools that is needed to dig car out of snow and ice.
We lost one of our vehicles to fire in November so we’ve since added a fire extinguisher to our emergency kit.
Couldn’t find them on Pick Your Plum anymore, and want to try to find something similar. The Lifeline winter gear comes in a quality carry bag; includes safety items for any winter related emergency situation.
This course is designed for employees who must face these conditions as part of their job duties. With the new and improved Snowcat Skills Enhancement & Recertification Course, we even include a bit of night driving and scenario based rescue exercises.
For your safety, use Einszett Anti-frost Washer Fluid to keep your windshield frost-free all winter.
Its formula is highly concentrated which means one 16 ounce bottle of concentrate treats 16 gallons of washer fluid! Remove all kinds of frost, snow and ice from the windshield and windows with the Ice Master Jr's brass blade and thick plastic teeth.
Something I never would have thought to add before but an item I wouldn’t want to be without from now on. I also share fun things on Instagram and my new YouTube channel and I'd love to connect with you there. They learn essential safety skills like the recognition, prevention and treatment of frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold weather injuries.

It is perfect for removing built up road film, snow, ice, dirt and grime to avoid creating a safety hazard in inclement weather conditions. These are in-depth safety skills that are not taught in any basic or advanced first aid type of class anywhere!
What about snowmobile training for your employees who use these unique machines to access remote sites? In preparation for Christmas and simple and fun gift giving, I’ve been putting together some easy gift basket ideas for you.
In addition, the skills necessary to quickly locate or improvise effective shelters to survive an unexpected emergency are taught by instructors who have over 40 years experience in handling these situations. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems Dupray Steam Cleaners Duragloss Car Care Products Eclipse Retractable Windshield Sun Shade 1Z Einszett Car Care Products Eurosport Daytona License Plates and Accessories EZ Detail Motorcycle Brush Finish Kare FLEX Polishers - FREE SHIPPING! Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of this safety training until your company has an accident!
Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Foam Wash Gun with FREE BONUS Foam Cannon HP - Pressure Washer Cannon Four Star Ultimate Car Care Products On Sale! Forever Black™ Bumper & Trim Products Gel Coat Labs Boat Care Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner Glass Science Auto Glass Care Griots Garage Car Care for the Perfectionist Grit Guard GTechniq Exterior Coatings How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing Business Hyde’s Serum Rust Stopper 500 ml. Ice Master Ice Scraper Innovation Factory Snow & Ice Tools Innovative Accessory Products Klasse Sealant Products Kozak® Auto Dry Wash Kreepstool Rolling Utility Seat by 4tek Kurgo Products Kwazar Mercury Pro + Double-Action Spray Bottles Laitner Brush Company Lake Country Buffing Pads Leather Master Leather Care Products Leatherique Leather Care Lexol Leather Care Life Hammer Auto Escape Tools Lloyd Floor Mats Makita Buffers & Polishers Marine 31 - Waxes, Cleaners & Polishes McKee's 37 Waxes, Compounds, Coatings McKee's RV Waxes, Cleaners & Polishes On Sale! Meguiars Car Care Products Menzerna Polishing Compounds Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company Micro-Restore Detergent Microfiber Products MIRKA Sanding Discs Montana Original Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brushes Mothers Polish-Wax-Cleaners Mytee Hot Water Extractors & Professional Detailing Tools Nanoskin Car Care Products Nevr-Dull® Wadding Polish NOCO Genius Battery Chargers FREE BONUS!
RaggTopp Convertible Top Care RejeX by Corrosion Technologies Corporation RUPES Polishers - FREE SHIPPING! Speed Master Wheel Brush Speedy Surface Prep Towel SprayMaster Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32 oz Sprayway Aerosol Auto Detailing Products Stoner Car Care Products Surbuf MicroFingers R Series Buffing Pads Tornador Car Cleaning Tools & Air Foamer TUF SHINE Appearance Products Ultima Car Care On Sale!

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