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But yesterday, we all decided to head to Flagstaff to celebrate the last weekend of summer before mom heads back to teaching on Tuesday.
Flagstaff is the MUST-VISIT Arizona winter destination for all things snow: sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and snow play. The guide is a 30+ page .pdf download that covers Flagstaff sledding, skiing, snow play and more! Then, we headed out Lake Mary Road to go check on one of our geocaches that had turned up missing.
Since it was getting on towards dusk, we headed to the Mormon Lake Lookout to see if there were any elk standing in the shallow waters of Mormon Lake.
Bruce and I were taking a stroll around the campground that first evening when a lady came race-walking away from the trash can area. He must have been far sighted because he paid no attention to Kim, Lily (who was sitting quietly in her crate) or to me. For the rest of the week that skunk came by every evening, like he was on his way somewhere important and we were in his way. Building memories is important to my family and by golly that skunk sure had a hand in our summer at Pine Grove Campground. If you’ll be out camping or hiking for multiple days, think about bringing two pairs of shoes and then alternating. Now, considering I’m from Arizona, this might not be the best advice for places where it is truly bitter cold. For those of you who DO live where it snows in early winter and then stays snowy all season, what do you recommend? The last time I was in Flagstaff to look at the snow (again, I don’t actually TOUCH the stuff!) I watched a party of four vehicles being rescued from the snow.
To make yourself visible to rescuers you should turn on the dome light at night when running engine, but be sure to turn it off when you shut off the car. Exercise from time to time by vigorously moving arms, legs, fingers, and toes to keep blood circulating and to keep warm. If you are in Arizona and are heading to Flagstaff, I really do recommend the 2009-2010 Flagstaff Snowplay eGuide.
Well, I’m not one to ignore the demands of my users, so the Top 10 Winter Activities eGuide was launched. GPS coordinates, a list of where NOT to go (places where you’re not allowed to go sledding), and updated maps. Car NewsAimed at those searching for the latest automotive news delivered in a timely manner, the news category reports about new car releases and brings exclusive stories from the automotive niche. Car ReviewsReading our latest Car Reviews will treat you with professionally written and well executed car reviews from our experts.
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The winter months can present plenty of potential problems for a driver, so it can pay to be prepared. Returning to your car to find that the windows have frosted over is a fairly common occurrence during the winter months. If your car breaks down in the cold weather, you can forget about using the in-car heater to keep you warm, as this usually recycles heat from the engine.
Most driving manuals recommend that you keep a First Aid kit, a warning triangle and a fire extinguisher during the winter, when the risk of breakdown is higher and the response times of breakdown services are slowed by the weather conditions.
The long dark nights of winter, coupled with adverse weather conditions, mean that visibility is much more likely to be restricted if you break down.
It is well worth keeping a small store of high-energy food and drinks in your car just in case you get stuck for a long time. Between commuting to and from work, running errands, and schlepping the kids around to various activities, the average American spends over 200 hours a year in their cars.
With all that time in your vehicle, the chances of you being stranded in your car due to a breakdown or inclement weather at least once in your lifetime is more likely than not. And with winter now fast approaching, having an emergency kit in your car is doubly important! What you decide to put into your car kit is really based on your needs, skill and desired comfort.
When winter rolls around I add some extra gear that would help me through the rougher weather if I were to become stranded. Items in this category consist of anything that helps with keeping you safe, secure and healthy.
The water component contains all those things that help to store, filter, collect, and purify water. This category contains all those items that you need to create fire, light and energy (including fuel). I have adjysted mine to assume there will be 4 occupants, so you end up needing to increase blankets, hats, gloves etc, but it doesnt take up too much space, also 5 hour hand warmers or those heating back pads are great for keeping core temp up. You should be able to make some changes by making normalized saline solution at 0.9% Na Cl.
Given that the candle is so small (and thus the BTUs are minimal), in all but the most mild temperatures I don’t think it would be very effective. Unless I missed it, I think the core car kit should also contain some sturdy shoes for walking and an old garage jumpsuit for doing utility work if necessary. One tip for storing water in sub zero temperatures is to store your water containers upside down. I live in ND and my mom taught me to carry a can and a candle (like one of the old coffee cans, altho now they are plastic ?? ) That way you can heat CLEAN snow in the can if you really get into a pinch, and the candle works for some warmth. I broke down once in northern Arizona, not the coldest place there is, but it was near zero. Great article, but I had read somewhere (I think a comment on a YouTube video) that fiberglass insulation could be used instead of TP because it wouldn’t burn away and so therefore last longer. The first week of September has finally arrived this year and with that marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall and then Winter.
For must of us in the northern parts of the United States and the world we experience some pretty harsh winters on occasion. Winter travel, especially by passenger cars (mini-vans and some trucks), is serious business. For those who live in eastern Pennsylvania like I do, you may be well aware of the 2007 Winter Storm that shutdown a major interstate (I-78). In Pennsylvania, National Guard vehicles loaded with food, water, baby supplies and fuel delivered help to hundreds of motorists stranded on Interstate 78 Wednesday night and Thursday morning while crews try clear up a 50-mile backup on the icy, hilly highway.
Your kit can be as extensive as you want, but you should include these items which would allow you to survive 12 – 24 hours (and sometimes more, if needed) without the benefit of the car heater.
Winter clothing such as; caps, mittens, heavy wool socks, gloves, coveralls, thermal underwear, etc.
High-energy foods – candy, nuts, raisins, peanut butter, sugar cubes, packaged condensed soups and hot chocolate.
Small sack of sand or kitty litter, which is good for traction, and can double for vehicle fluid leaks.
Basic tool kit, to include pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, duck tape, regular tape and wire.
Axe or saw, excellent for cutting wood for fire or branches to place under stuck tires for traction. Due to living in South Carolina, it is difficult to comprehend the weather that you must endure. In honor of 12-12-12, I thought I’d make a list of 12 important items you need in your winter survival kit. Many of the needed items can be purchased in our Hurricane Kit (believe it or not), as well as our Emergency Winter Kit. This entry was posted in Emergency Prep, Survival and tagged car kit, winter prep, winter survival kit by admin.
This is probably one of the last things anybody thinks about when they think about eating after a collapse. As you are stocking food, water and first aid supplies on your shelves to use after SHTF, you need to do what you can to add loads of baking soda to your shelves as well.
2-A little baking soda and water can remove stains from clothing, furniture and even carpets.
4-Sprinkle a little baking soda in the bottom of your trash can or clothes hamper to eliminate odors. 5-Mix about a quarter cup of baking soda, a teaspoon of dish detergent and a little vinegar to create a foaming bathroom cleaner that is completely safe and non-abrasive.
6-Clean your kitchen or bathroom floor with a mixture of half cup of baking soda and a bucket of warm water. 7-Clean your bbq grill by sprinkling some baking soda onto a wire brush and scrubbing the grate. 8-Remove stains and freshen carpets by sprinkling baking soda over the area and allow to sit for about 15 minutes. 9-Cure rashes and soothe skin irritations by adding half a cup of baking soda to the bathtub. Preppers all have that one thing that they absolutely do not want to be without when it hits the fan. If you haven’t started your prepper garden, you still have time in most areas of the country. A prepper garden will ideally feed your family during harvest season and for months following the harvest. Potatoes are an excellent option and can be a meal in themselves, but it is not wise to can potatoes. Your prepper garden is what will keep your family alive after a disaster upsets the food supply chain. Preppers are experts in varying aspects of preparing to survive some major event that puts the world into chaos.
But are preppers physically prepared to do all of the jobs necessary to actually put that gear and those skills to use? If you get winded walking upstairs or walking to check the mail, you are not going to make it. Here are some things you can do now to help get you in a little better shape and more prepared to handle the physical aspect of survival. You don’t have to be the toughest, strongest or the fastest, but you do want to be able to keep up. If you are interested in stocking up food to use in the event of an emergency, you may have some questions.
No, your dog isn’t going to have a stockpile of food hidden under the porch or buried somewhere. If your dog is the kind that runs or hides when there is a thunderstorm or a door slams, you need to work with him. A dog that barks constantly will not only drive you crazy, it will alert others to your presence. There are some programs you can find online that allow you to input what vegetables you want to grow and a rough diagram of your gardening space. Imagine all of your hard work and the money you invested into stockpiling food is washed away in a matter of hours due to a flood.

If you are in an area where flooding is a possibility, you need to know just how much flood waters you can expect. Placing your food inside 5-gallon buckets sealed with lids is an excellent way to protect it from flood waters.
Flooding can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to destroy everything you have worked to build up. When you are shopping for heirloom seeds, keep in mind you are going to be getting vegetables that are very natural.
Start shopping for your heirloom seeds today so they are ready to put in the ground when planting season arrives.
The original plan was to ride the ski lift at Snowbowl but the monsoons just were having none of it!
All you have to do is provide your email address so I can send you any updates that might occur over the course of the snow season. It is Mac and PC compatible and you can print it all, a selection of pages, or save it to your laptop computer to take with you.
It’s an all-in-one resource for all your snow play needs including maps, pictures, driving directions, GPS coordinates and more. It’s been fully updated with all the current information INCLUDING a brand-new Flagstaff Sledding Area! Unlike The Quiet Zone which was stolen by a bear, the No Cows Here cache had clearly been muggled.
It’s a little early for the rut (elk mating season) but we were hoping to hear an elk bugle. As I was looking out the window willing the clouds to go away I was remembering another time I wanted things my way. One evening Kim and I were washing dishes and putting all the dinner makings back into the trailer.
It was a good thing that the zipper on the dining fly was down or I would have gone through it!
We fished, hiked, geocached, kayaked, ate way too much, but what I really remember about that trip was that pesky skunk. Wear a pair of cotton and a pair of wool socks to increase insulation and take the perspiration way from your feet. So, I started planning an article about what you can do to minimize your risk when you’re out enjoying the snow. Each fall you should have the radiator system serviced, or check the antifreeze level yourself with an antifreeze tester. You can assemble all these items in a big plastic container and then you just grab it when you’re leaving.
By mid-afternoon, when I was driving out, the ground had thawed into a muddy mess and I got stuck. If you have tire chains but don’t know how to put them on, what good do they do you?!
It has this article and others as well as complete details about where to go to play in the snow. Car news are delivered every day and focused on those in need of the newest from the automotive world.
Extensive galleries of the newest cars and interesting reports on vehicles available are complemented with rigorous appraisement expressed in our Pros and Cons section. Reading well executed tech articles leads to the expansion of knowledge in various themes ranging from car engines or base car technology to the newest official car tech reports by the largest car manufacturers in the world. You can read stories about autonomous vehicles, various list articles debunking car intrigues etc. Unless you want to get stuck out in the cold trying to scrape the ice off your windscreen with your fingernails, you should invest in a carton of de-icer and a scraper, and keep them in your car at all times. This means that you’ll have to wrap up warm until help arrives, and if you need to leave the car, you might need some waterproofs as well. Another essential piece of kit is a fully charged mobile phone, which will enable you to call for help in emergencies. If conditions are really bad and you can’t avoid making your journey, then you might want to pack a flask with a hot drink, a shovel to clear snow, a towrope, and a piece of carpet to act as an anti-skid mat. I originally had it in my trunk for an Appleseed event I attended and have kept it in there since then (again, since it takes up hardly any space).
I eventually compromised with my wife only sequester about half of the trunk space these days. It stays below -10c for 6 months or so, and bringing fresh water in every time I drive would be annoying.
These seem to thaw out easier and faster than 1-gallon jugs (this can be done through body heat, the heat of a running car, an emergency car heater, sunlight through the car windows etc). A friend from Canada once told me a small candle lit will help keep the inside of a car warm if your stranded. I think the crank-chargeable flashlights or the ones with the copper coil inside that you shake to charge would be more reliable and sustainable if you travel country roads and want to be able to get noticed for help. I do have the crank-flashlight in my small BOB that sits in my car but never thought of using it as a signalling device. I would love to check it out since I’m always reading about this kind of stuff in my quest for survival knowledge, tips and know how. Using one of the blankets over your head, body heat and the heat from a single candle can prevent freezing. Great for signaling help or finding dropped items in your vehicle or home at night when there is no lighting. All of these items can be old or out-of-style items no longer worn.Also please limit the amount of cotton clothing to store in your winter survival kit as cotton does not wick moisture as well as wool and polypropylene (synthetic wool-like material). Use caution in shoveling snow, as overexertion is not advisable in a survival situation, especially in the winter when perspiration can kill you with outdoor temperatures start to plummet. The kit that you describe is very impressive and hard to imagine the room necessary to store in the vehicle. A shovel – If you want a full-sized shovel, you can have that, but there are also smaller, collapsible shovels that are easy to store and carry but are still strong and will get the job done. Ice scraper – And you’re saying, “No kidding,” but last winter it never occurred to me until I needed it.
Flashlight with extra batteries – You should already have this in your basic emergency car kit, but if you don’t, now is the time to get one (or two). Emergency radio – Again, you should already have this but if you don’t, consider getting one now.
Extra hat, gloves and blankets – If you live someplace that is prone to severe weather, this is essential. Tow chain or rope – Not just because you might need to pull someone out, but you might need someone to pull you out of the snow. Salt, sand or cat litter – Not only can these items be used to give you traction, they will also give your vehicle a bit of extra weight that may help you in slick conditions. Jumper cables – Because you know, just when a big blizzard is about hit and you need to get home, your battery will be dead. Cell phone charger – You don’t want your phone to be dead when you need to call for help or just to let your family know you will be late because the roads are bad. Purchase these items together and you will only need to add a few things of your own to have a complete kit.
As humans, we tend to automatically jump to thinking about where our next meal is coming from. Many preppers have greenhouses so they have a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables all year round. Things like rabbits, pigs, chickens and even goats do not require a great deal of space and are fairly easy to raise.
Hunting will get food on the table, but how often you hunt and how often you actually get something will make a huge difference. Believe it or not, foraging will be one of the easiest and best shots at eating if you don’t have a stockpile of food. Baking soda is an extremely versatile and inexpensive product you can use for cleaning the house, cooking and even cleaning yourself.
It is such a versatile tool and the fact that it is a natural remedy means you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. If you have ever played out those what-if scenarios in your head, you probably have one thing that you must have should you find yourself stranded on a deserted island or the equivalent. Duct tape is the dream gear that many preppers want to have in their bug out bag or emergency survival kit. There are so many different ways you could make duct tape work for you in a survival situation. While you are thinking about the foods you like to eat fresh, also consider adding plants to the garden that you can preserve. They have a ton of food, water and basic supplies that will sustain them for months or longer. When you talk to other experienced preppers or do some research online, it is easy to panic and think you can’t possibly build up a supply of food that will last you for months.
You will sleep better knowing you have a supply of food to sustain your family should there be a disaster or a financial collapse that leaves the budget stretched thin with no room for groceries. They often have a mind of their own and will completely ignore commands to heel or return to where you are. In a post-collapse world, that is probably not going to be a good thing, unless you want to be found.
The promise of warmer weather and long days outside with your family and friends is alluring. If you plan accordingly, you can use every inch of space and get the most out of your garden this year. The programs generate a plan for you that maximizes space and ensures you are planting companion plants together. This can be researched at your local county office or by searching the government site here. It would be a good idea to add another layer of protection by placing the food inside Mylar bags or large plastic bags, place the bags into the buckets and then seal the buckets.
Pay attention to news reports and do what you can to save your emergency supplies, but never risk your life for them.
Heirloom seeds are the only kind that will produce vegetables that you can harvest the seeds from to use next year. They haven’t been crossbred or genetically modified to be disease resistant, have shorter growing times or produce larger than life crops. If you can’t afford to buy all heirloom, start with a few packs and slowly build up your supply.
This summer, the folks have been super busy with home improvement projects so they haven’t gotten out much.
The wet weather caused everything to be VERY washed out and the elk weren’t clear to see at all! I had articles to catch up on, ESP Boss had taxes to do, and The Queen Mother is getting ready for fall, but we all decided to hop into the truck and head for Flagstaff.
There was another family (I’m sure all those girls are future Outdoor Princesses) also scoping out the elk.
The weather is cool, the colors are vibrant in Northern Arizona and the campgrounds are not crowded.

I stopped half way to the trailer, ran back, grabbed the dog in her crate and raced back to the trailer. Remember when buying clothes for cold weather that wool retains most of its insulation properties when wet, while cotton does not. In the men’s clothing section, I bought a pair of very baggy cargo pants that I wear over my long underwear so I can still move around. I always take more than one pair of shoes and when I change my socks, I change my shoes as well.
What do I need this stuff for?” Well, you may LIVE in a warm area but do you ever DRIVE to a colder area? Make sure that all your gear is in good working order with fresh batteries, all the parts to the kit, and that the adhesive in the bandages is still good. This is common sense that needs to be followed no matter the season, EVERY time you head to the great outdoors. You can run the motor about ten minutes each hour for heat, but be sure to open the window a little for fresh air to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked by snow or anything else.
That first year, Leah & I dutifully researched sledding areas and then put it up in Flagstaff. At the very least, you should keep a warm coat, a blanket, and a cagoule or poncho in your boot over the winter months. Before you pack it, check that the batteries in the torch have plenty of charge, as the last thing you want to happen is for your torch to die on you when you need it most. Finally, you should take some jump leads, just in case your battery runs flat while you are out on the road. Place the candle in between your legs and drape the blanket over your head and body while keeping a small portion open near the candle for air. Besides for signalling, I also like flares because they help prevent people running me over if I’m working on a broken-down car and they are excellent fire starters in a pinch. Always remember to crack your window a tish away from the wind and to keep the tailpipe free from snow if you are running the car for heat. I am accustomed to a rather small auto kit that contains a water pouch, food bar, flashlight, emergency poncho and survival blanket, rope, jumper cables, tire seal, shovel, first aid ,etc., no comparison. You never know when a sudden storm will leave you stranded on the side of the road because you can’t see to drive. While we may be able to technically live several days without eating, nobody is really excited about that idea.
Storing nonperishable foods that include a variety of freeze-dried, dried and canned goods will ensure your food supply will last for months or longer. Learning animal husbandry that ensures you have a steady supply of food is a very wise idea.
You will want to brush up on your hunting skills so you know how to do it when your very life depends on it. You can make a big batch and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for that minty fresh feeling.
Buying baking soda in bulk bags or scooping up boxes each time you go to the store is something you will want to commit to.
Maybe you have watched those survival shows where the person was dropped off in the middle of nowhere with just a couple pieces of gear. Unless you have acres and acres of fertile land to use for your garden, you need to use the space you do have wisely. While it is certainly okay to grow enough broccoli to have plenty of fresh, it isn’t a vegetable you can really can. If you have a root cellar, the potatoes you harvest at the end of summer will easily stay fresh until early spring. Home food preservation is an ideal way to stock your pantry without costing a lot of money. They have plans and back up plans that will lead them away from danger and to a place where they can start over. How can you possibly expect to walk 20 miles or more with a heavy pack on your back if walking into the grocery store from one of the far out parking spaces is a lot of work?
Again, hire a trainer or train your dog from a young age that returning when called is important. There are going to be a few dogs that are timid and will not do well in a chaotic situation. You may already be dreaming of the succulent strawberries you will be picking from your garden in a matter of months.
This is important for every gardener, whether you have acres to plant in or just a small patch.
You enter your address and a map pops up to let you know what the likelihood of flooding is in your area. While it is impossible to predict, you can get a general idea by knowing where the flood waters would be coming from.
The food it provides will give your family something to eat today, while the extra produce that is common is preserved and put on the pantry shelves for the future. You will save money in the long run by paying a little more up front and not ever have to worry about buying seeds again.
You will have to learn how to garden without the benefit of these traits, which isn’t all that hard. We pulled into our reserved spot, set up camp, unloaded the kayaks, set up the screened dining fly.
Replace your windshield-wiper fluid with a wintertime mixture and replace any worn tires, and check the air pressure in the tires. Plus, this year, since everybody is strapped for cash, I lowered the price from $6.95 to $4.95! Although most phones have some form of flashlight on them, this should only be considered as a back-up, as it may not be bright enough, and will run down the battery which you may need for making emergency calls. Some use insulation to make their alcohol stoves and wondered if it would be okay for an emergency car heater.
Having a quality, multi-lumen flashlight with a standard, easy to find battery such as the AA is ideal for any kit, not just your automobile winter survival kit.
And you never know how long it will be before you can move again, so staying warm could save your life.
If you are dealing with a serious apocalypse, you will eventually run out of food, which leads us to the next options. Prepping is about stockpiling items you can use to make life a little easier, cleaner and safer for your family after SHTF. You truly only need a few versatile pieces of equipment to help you survive in the wilderness. While it may seem fun to plant this or that just because it seems like the thing to do, think about whether or not it is the best use of garden space along with your time and energy. Preppers can make fire from just about anything and have a great deal of knowledge about how to survive with nothing more than a knife in their pocket. If your family isn’t a fan of tuna or peas, skip them and spend your money on foods they do eat. Homesteaders like to have dogs to help keep an eye on things and serve as an early warning system.
Help the dog be okay with loud booms, like gun shots, by either hiring a trainer or exposing the animal to noises and providing the reassurance that is is okay.
This is to protect your dog from being injured as well as keep you from having to go out on a search and rescue mission and potentially putting yourself in harm’s way. After the berries there will be plenty of fresh vegetables to snack on or throw into a salad.
With the smaller area, you need to make the most of your space so you can grow plenty of food for your family. Gardening today also helps teach you the ins and outs of gardening so you are an expert when the garden is the only thing you have to feed your family. In fact, you will probably have more seeds than you can use, which means you can sell, trade or barter your heirloom seeds for different seeds or other things you need. The investment can pay off once you learn how to harvest, dry and preserve the seeds to sell or trade. The waitress told us that on Saturday, she had a table full of Japanese tourists that had come in JUST for that soup.
You want to fill your shelves with things that can be used for a number of different purposes. There are plenty of other veggies that are great fresh, but not so great for canning or drying. As far as space goes, yes they can take up some serious space in the garden, but you don’t have to grow them in the garden. Others like to have dogs trained as guardians of their people, willing to attack anybody who tries to harm their owners. With a bigger space, you want to be careful you don’t randomly plant here and there and end up wasting water and dealing with more weeds and pests than you can keep up with. The very thought of spending money on new food stores and emergency supplies would be overwhelming.
There is an abundance of water, grass, and you can see for miles so mama can keep track of the herd, her calf, and any potential threats. If he was wanting to carry this in his pack all the time I would say it was a bit much but in a car?
You need food so it is pretty normal to think about what you will eat after some calamity befalls us and people have looted the store shelves. You can probably come up with another 50 right now and in a true survival situation, you could double that number when you are forced to improvise. Do you really need everything in there or can you lighten your load a bit by choosing gear that can be used in many different ways. In fact, growing potatoes in a large garbage can is an excellent way to maximize space and save yourself the problem of weeds and pests. Doing the activities above is going to get you in shape and you will be better prepared to live in a world where modern conveniences are a distant memory.
Spending a lot of money on food that you are storing away could result in financial hardship. No matter what the reason for owning a dog is, you have to ask yourself; is your dog a prepper? If you live in a climate that makes it next to impossible for something like pinto beans or peppers to grow, consider using the space for something you know will grow and be ready for harvest before the weather turns. Never eat food that has been contaminated by flood waters that may harbor all sorts of chemicals, bacteria and viruses. You will dramatically increase your odds of survival if you are physically capable of strenuous activity. Enroll your dog in a training class or do some serious research and learn how to train your dog without a trainer. This allows you to use a portion of the can, seal it up and it will be good for several weeks or longer. The freeze-dried foods have longer shelf lives and will taste just as good in 20 years as they do today.

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