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Even if your work does not force you to leave the property and the children are homeschooled, they are still not protected from a crisis. For example, children are firmly taught that a stove is hot and not to touch it when they are a toddler, yet they do not fear walking by the stove when they scamper into the kitchen. Infant assaulted with 8 vaccine doses at six months old… collapses into state of brain damage… doctors blame the parents!
The Paul Smiths VIC offers a wide variety of programs throughout the year to educate and inform Adirondack Park residents and visitors about the natural wonders of the Adirondack Mountains. This unofficial site celebrates the beauty of the scenic trails at the Paul Smith's College VIC. Your children have a far greater chance of survival if they possess some basic self-reliance skills and have practiced the emergency disaster plan with the family.

Children, even the youngest ones in the family, must learn what to do if mommy and daddy are not home, are injured, or are killed, during a disaster.
Employ non-nonsense and loving tactics when educating children about emergency situations and their role during such situations.
A checklist or picture book can help relay this message and reinforce the lessons learned during drills.
We will focus on sensory awareness, creative thinking, listening comprehension, empathy development, and having fun.
It is designed to provide detailed material on the plants and wildlife visitors can observe along each of the VIC's fourteen trails.
Teaching children about disaster should begin at a very early age and the information should be presented in a manner which does not scare the child, but still relays the seriousness of the issue.

Winter weather threats can quickly prove deadly for panicked children who suddenly find themselves without an adult around to save the day.
Learn everything from basic survival (shelter construction, fire-by-friction, water collection), to refined and advanced skills such as traps and snares, bow making, stone tools, hide tanning, animal tracking, and more. If little Billy ventures out in the cold to look for help because the power went out, then he could get frostbit in mere minutes if not dressed properly. Our instructors have decades of experience and have appeared in hit TV shows, best-selling novels, international magazines, and have devoted their lives to teaching YOU how to SURVIVE!

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