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Wise Company specializes in long-term food storage and dehydrated food—Wise offers healthy, real food that’s prepared in only a matter of minutes by adding a little water.
Try a FREE Sample of their freeze-dried and dehydrated entrees that are ready-made and affordable are perfect for both emergency preparedness, long-term storage and even for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.
At Preparewise website you can saving more money by apply Preparewise Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter Preparewise Coupon which current Preparewise Coupon can save your money up to 15% Off from your current order price plus free shipping. For a list of Food Storage that Preparewise providing for you which you can shop a list of Food Storage by visit Preparewise website and then click at Food Storage button which locate at the top of Preparewise landing page as you can see like sample picture below. After you click at Food Storage button then you will see a list of High Quality Food Storage that separate into many categories such as Meal Package, Gluten Free, Grab & Go, Samples, Breakfasts, Entrees, Freeze Dried Meats, Drink Mixes, Side Dishes, 180 Servings, 360 Servings, 540 Servings, 1080 Servings, 1620 Servings, 2160 Servings, 3240 Servings, 4320 Servings, 6480 Servings and many more for you to order from Preparewise which they have experience in doing these business for over 25 years.
Introducing the new formulation with lower sodium and trans fat, better taste and new packaging! While some people put MegaOne Meal Replacement Shakes into their long term food storage, most seem to be using it on a daily basis as a non-GMO protein, fiber, and nutritional supplement.

Ensure that your family stays healthy and strong by introducing vegetarian, plant-based protein shakes into their diets and lifestyles. Contains endohydrolyicepeptidase blend: Non-animal enzyme blend that significantly improves protein absorption and maximizes amino acid retention.
At Preparewise website you will find their high quality food storage that separate into many categories for example Survival Kits, Drinks and Sides, Freeze Dried Meats, Domestic Filter, First Aid Kit, Emergency Survival Bottle, Emergency QuickPack, Essential Survival Kit, Deluxe Survival Kit, Emergency Package, Essential Family Survival Package, 32 Serving Drink Sample Pack, 90 Serving Assorted Sides Bucket, Serving 100% USDA Freeze Dried Meat Sample Pack, Serving 100% USDA Freeze Dried Chicken Bucket and many more for you to shop from Preparewise website. MegaOne Protein Shakes from Legacy are quickly becoming a daily staple in many people’s homes. With up to a 5+ year shelf life, these vegetarian protein shakes are loaded with 55 organically grown superfoods, high in protein and fiber, provide 21 essential vitamins and minerals and 7 servings of fruits and vegetables in every delicious shake. For anyone looking to increase the nutrition that goes into their bodies, MegaOne vegetarian protein shakes provide incredible health and dietary benefits without sacrificing on taste.  Use MegaOne protein shakes to work towards your diet and weight loss goals, or use them on hikes, backpacking trips, after workouts, boating, or whenever you need a hunger satisfying meal that just requires adding water. Add MegaOne Meal Replacement shakes to your emergency storage to ensure you have plenty of vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables to survive on if disaster comes.

Each vegetarian and diet friendly shake isloaded with protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals and is stored to last for several years. The Mega Sample Pack gives you the option to try each and every incredible flavor: Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Banana, and Cinnamon Swirl. Sample each flavor today to determine your favorites and get moving in the right direction to a healthier you! The Mega Sample Pack contains 1 full pouch of each delicious flavor packed with healthy, non-GMO, and gluten free goodness!

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